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Luke Lalonde from Born Ruffians

One of the things we love is music, but creating great music and being stylish is a plus in our eyes. Seeing as we have shown our love for Canadian lead singer Luke Lalonde before, we figured that we would take advantage of the fact that Born Ruffians were touring in Texas.

Backstage at their Red 7 show in Austin, TX, Luke gave us some insight on his favorite musician style icons, one of his favorite accessories, and his most recent job as a model for H&M’s 2013 spring catalogue. 

What do you make sure to pack before you go on tour?

Aside from my underwear and socks, I always pack more than I need. I just make sure that I have a few options for on stage. Just clothes that I can sweat in and get stinky in, [I] just wear those over and over. It’s weird because you want to look nice but you don’t want to ruin all your clothes by sweating in them. Sometimes I just end up wearing what I wore that day. I just grab my favorite shirts, pants, jeans.

Do you have a shirt that you specifically love to wear?

I mean I wear this one a lot - it’s a black short sleeve. This one I’ve been wearing a lot (white and blue vertical stripe) and some floral shirts.

How do you describe your style?

I don’t know - I just wear what I like and buy what I like. I haven’t really been buying a lot of clothes lately at all. If I see someone wearing something that I think is cool, I remember it and try and get things that I think are cool. Maybe like an ‘80s look - early ’80s.

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photograph by Cynthia Gurrola at Red 7

Who are your musician style icons?

I love David Bowie but he was crazy, I couldn’t do what he does. The Strokes - when I was younger I thought they were pretty cool. David Byrne for some reason. He just wears regular clothes but he looks cool and he’s lanky and tall. There are certain rock ‘n’ roll things that are cool but I don’t think I could pull off, like The Clash or like Richard Hell. Richard Hell looks pretty cool all of the time, but that’s more punk rock. Every time I put on a leather jacket I just look like a dork.

Do you have any style regrets?

I remember that it was like a New York magazine or newspaper that did some kind of rock fashion piece and they used us for some reason. We were playing in L.A. and they sent a photographer to snap some photos of us and I intentionally put on a stupid fluorescent shirt and put duct tape on it because I was just like, “This is stupid.” Then I was like, “Oh hey, that was kind of a big deal. I probably should have worn something I liked or was cool.”  

I wore a lot of hand-me-downs when I was young. I’d get my older cousin Jeff’s clothes. He was two years older than me but five times bigger than me. So I’d get all of his clothes and I just wore giant clothes when I was a kid.

When I first got a job I bought cool shoes because I could never get my own shoes. I got like Nike running shoes and I remember that Quicksilver was cool at the time. Getting some board shorts and some Quicksilver stuff.

I’ve always liked clothes and I’ve always liked looking good because it just makes- I feel like if look in the mirror and I feel confident, it just helps me.

What do you think you’ll dress like in twenty years?

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be wearing suits by then. I can’t really wear suits right now because then I’d just be the guy in the suit. That or dress like Daniel [Woodhead] (from opening band Moon King) in 20 years.

What are you wearing?

I’m wearing these jeans. I try to find vintage Levi’s from, I guess, the ‘80s when they were more slim fit. It sounds really pretentious but I found a place in Sydney, Australia that takes Levi’s and tailors them to be slim fitting. So I bought a couple of pairs there but they wore through. Anyway, I found these at Topman and they are exactly like the Levi’s that I wear. This shirt I do not remember where I got it. It’s just like a vintage store shirt; I don’t know what its made out of either. It’s kind of like a weird material, but it’s cool temperature wise. These are Vanishing Elephant shoes that I’ve literally worn a hole through. I wear them on stage. And Uniqlo socks, they are my favorite socks.

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I love your ring, where did you find it?

It was my grandpa’s ring. My mom actually got it for him in the ‘70s, I think, and growing up I just always remember his hands. He only passed away a couple of years ago, but when he died my mom asked me if I wanted any of his clothes or anything. I kind of figured he would have left this to someone else but I was just like, “If I could have anything it would be that ring.” We were pretty close so I got the ring. I wear it every day now.

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How was the experience shooting for H&M?

The experience was really fun, it was pretty weird. I’ve never done any modeling before so it was kind of a weird first thing to do, like a pretty big job. They kind of asked me out of the blue, randomly, to submit a little video of myself answering some questions and then I got the job. They were like, “Hey you got the job. We are flying you to Palm Springs in a week.” So I just went and did it. It was three days of shooting in Palm Springs. They put us up in a really nice hotel. It was honestly very fun; I was scared the whole time. It was recreating festival vibes, so Coachella was the very first thing we shot at Coachella Polo Fields. The second day was supposed to be Glastonbury so I got to wear white pants and jump around in mud. The third day was a pool party. It was six models, including me, the other five had a lot of experience. I had none. I just kind of went with it and hoped that I didn’t look like a dork. I tried to learn from them by watching them and see how they were doing it.

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