Luke Jerram

Artist Luke Jerram makes exact glass replicas of harmful viruses, prions and bacteria. Each replica is about 1,000,000 times the size of the actual pathogen From top to bottom, left to right: Swine Flu, E. Coli, T4 Bacteriophage and a Human Papilloma (HPV).


Optical Pavilion

Beneath the arch a viewer can look out through a field of 310 internally polished stainless steel tubes simultaneously, each of which draws the landscape of light through the structure whilst humming at a series of low frequencies. These light pipes act to frame, invert and magnify the landscape around the pavilion enabling the viewer to contemplate an ever changing landscape of light. As the clouds and sun move across the sky throughout the day, the visual experience for the public will dramatically alter minute by minute, hour by hour.

Killer looks: The delicate but deadly viruses exquisitely recreated out of blown glass

A stunning collection of blown glass figurines exquisitely capturing some of the most deadly viruses and bacteria known to man have been made so perfectly that some say they’re too frightening to go near.

Seen blown up to one-million times their original size, these crystal-clear, some almost wriggling replicas of HIV, E Coli and Malaria to name just a few show the haunting diseases rarely seen in such beautiful form.

Titled Glass Microbiology, the art work is the product of U.K. artist Luke Jerram who dreamed up the collection with the intent not to entirely frighten spectators but more of send a message of the virus’ global impact.

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The making of Luke jerram’s glass microbiology sculptures of viruses