Boyfriend Calum teaching you how to play the guitar and wrapping his hands around you, resting his chin on your shoulder as you learned 6 simple chords, thinking that you look so beautiful when you’re so concentrated.     

a poem for luke robert hemmings

oh why oh why
i cry i cry
your shoulders thy
so broad oh my
oh why oh why
oh why i cry
your face is hot
your back is too
your voice is nice
what can i do?
what do i do??
i cant do you!
so what to do??!?
just cry and cry
because youre perfect
your hips dont lie
screw that lip ring
and screw you
i would if i could
but no can do
oh why oh why
i cry i cry
lukE heMMIngs
i hate you bye

- a poem by pop-luke-and-drop-it a.k.a me a.k.a justice a.k.a the new shakespeare