Having the first strawberry’s of the year for breakfast and a mention of Zero no Tsukaima, my mind exploded with the best idea evah!

Although not many people eat strawberry’s out of fancy cocktail glasses I was still pretty proud of today’s adventures with my creativity! When most of the time I go down the creative path, it somehow always leads to this..


Type Hype

When you are in Berlin you have definitely to go to the Type Hype Shop. The Shop brings typography to a third dimension. Founded by the two Strichpunkt creatives Kirsten Dietz and Jochen Rädeker they combine individual and custom made products with food culture. A little milk bar next to the shop does live up the old tradition that in germany a letterpress apprentice became milk from the master to avoid plumbism and also as a gift for the hard work.

Type Hype has five different collections. DIN BERLIN, which is a classical one, LUISE with products of enamel in dependance on the old days of the DDR, MADE IN MITTE with lot’s of colourful products and as a homage to the modern Berlin with it’s variety of cultures and people, HAUPTSTADT which explores the famous sight seeing places in Berlin like the Brandenburger Tor and the round TV Tower and at least MADE IN MITTE B/W which is the black and white and monochrome part. All collections are handmade, specials and extra produced for the Shop, designed by the Strichpunkt Team. Over 2000 articles should give your design and typography needs a satisfaction.

For more sightseeing places for typography watch or follow our new site TYPE-SEEING.

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