10 First Academy Awards Winners:   

1929: Janet Gaynor – Seventh Heaven

1930: Mary Pickford – Coquette

1930: Norma Shearer – The Divorcee

1931: Marie Dressler – Min and Bill

1932: Helen Hayes – The Sin of Madelon Claudet

1934: Katharine Hepburn – Morning Glory

1935: Claudette Colbert – It Happened One Night

1936: Bette Davis – Dangerous

1937: Luise Rainer – The Great Ziegfeld

1938: Luise Rainer – The Good Earth 

…and brought the water with him like a hungry flood, devouring all that wasn’t yet his.

My favorite theme for Gilbert remains water. Prussia, the country born along the Baltic sea.
Vague context here is the battle of Waterloo, Gilbert’s uniform is based on the uniform Blücher is depicted with. The Iron Cross was introduced in 1813 in honor of the late Queen Luise. It was established on her birthday.