Figo and Mendes defend Ronaldo after he’s been criticized for attending his birthday party hours after the defeat 4-0 at the Calderon | February 9 & 10, 2015

Mendes also said  "What is inadmissible is that somebody takes advantage of a private affair to release a video. Ronaldo was devastated after the defeat and people spent two hours trying to cheer him up.

It’s very difficult to be Cristiano. In life, there are good times and times when things don’t go as well. The problem is Cristiano has accustomed people badly because 99% of the times he does extremely well. 

He decides games, he does everything. But when he goes through a spell when things don’t go as well, people should stand behind him because we are talking about the best player in the world.

He is a human being. I’m very calm because he is the best professional. Cristiano throughout these years has been an example to everyone and will continue to be. Cristiano will solve the situation as he always does. “