Everyone who knows football will say that they (Lionel Messi, Neymar & Luis Suárez) are one of the best trios in world football. How many goals they scored last season isn’t something normal. Nor is it normal for a team to be able to put together three players of such quality
—  Seydou Keita (former FC Barcelona-player) about MSN.

Luis Suarez: “One always tries to accept praise and the things fans say, but I don’t consider myself the most humble nor one of the best. I just try and do my work the best I can. I’m in the best team in the world and doing things I never imagined doing. You’re in Barcelona and you have Leo and Neymar by your side so you have to be one of the best. I have the privilege to play with those quality players,including [Andres] Iniesta, which was a dream for me to play by his side. Being on the best team in the world fills you with pride, leaves you calm, shows you how hard it is to get here. That’s why you have to enjoy the moment once you’re here at Barcelona.”