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Why are you so handsome than Luigi?

Just look and the answers will be revealed. But really it all starts in the mustaches.

While Luigi’s is just a couple of uninspired flaps…

Yours truly is a piece of art! Sophisticated and beautiful!

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psst. what are ur otps.

//cracks knuckles 

oH BOY im guessing you want to know my otps when it comes to paper mario?

besides mario/peach and luigi/daisy….

i like parakarry/bow and kooper/bombette! when i was younger i was like lol what if some of the partners kissed and these two were the result of me shipping w/o even knowing what shipping was! 

and of course koops/koopie koo!! but then i saw some fanart of koops/goombella and koops/vivian and i thought “huh that’s kinda cute!!” I also think that goombella/vivian would be cute too?!

the for obvious reasons bleck/tippi! i also like bleck/natasia and dimentio/mimi and mimi/natasia hahha but as for the pixls, i like fleep/piccolo and dashell/carrie….. maybe berry/dottie/crudge??


This is my strategy when playing Luigi

Late night de-stressing sketch of Luigi I might fix up and finish after I catch up on my work again.

Truth be told, I absolutely love Luigi. He’s probably my most favorite Nintendo character, even more so than Boo and Yoshi, which is saying a lot really. (Also, I honestly caved in when I had the funds at the time and bought his amiibo for the Mario Party 10 game. I don’t own the game itself, but the statue looked super nice, and because I don’t like the one for Smash4 because it’s just a bit too silly/awkward of a pose ah-ha. ;;)

It’s 2 a.m. for me, I shouldn’t be up this late, but I have a lot on my mind. Gonna turn in for now though.

What your Mario Kart main says about u
  • Mario:thinks they're a tru fan
  • Luigi:roots for the underdog
  • Princess Peach:always ready to K I L L
  • Yoshi:sins a lot
  • Toad:hates everyone
  • Bowser:trying their best
  • Donkey Kong:not trustworthy
  • Wario:alone on this earth
  • Koopa Troopa:rlly passionate about turtles
  • Waluigi:lonely
  • Princess Daisy:words cannot describe the horror
  • DK Jr:trying their best v2
  • Baby Mario:smoll
  • Baby Luigi:small
  • Baby Peach:queen
  • Baby Daisy:sINS
  • Bowser Jr:attention hog
  • Diddy Kong:shouldn't be left alone
  • Koopa Paratroopa:wing fetish
  • Toadette:cutie
  • Birdo:hella cutie
  • Dry Bones:thinks about the skeleton war a lot, or innuendos
  • Petey Piranha:don't trust anyone who even considers Petey
  • King Boo:doesn't understand
  • Shy Guy:thinks they're cute shit
  • Dry Bowser:thinks they're cool shit
  • Funky Kong:GONNA GIVE IT TO YA
  • Rosalina:either a great person or a creepy guy there is no in between
  • Metal Mario:thinks everyone is less then them
  • Mii:cannot be explained. Leave them be
  • Lakitu:nerd
  • Wiggler:angry at the world and everyone in it
  • Honey Queen:??????? DO NOT LET NEAR U
  • Any of the Koopalings:knows backstory and motives for all these characters
  • Baby Rosalina:trustworthy
  • Pink Gold Peach:wants to watch the world BURN
  • Tanooki Mari:prides themselves on buying dlc
  • Cat Peach:RLLY likes cats, or Peach, or both
  • Isabelle:too precious, too pure for this harsh world