You know I’ve always been a dreamer. Spent my life running ‘round. And it’s so hard to change. Can’t seem to settle down.

But the dreams I’ve seen lately, keep on turning out and burning out, and turning out the same.

So put me on a highway,
And show me a sign,
And take it to the limit one more time.
Eagles-Take It To The Limit (That song plays during “The Limit” trailer of Cars 3)

Guys. Headcannon

So what if Lightning and Cruz took morning drives for warm up and fun and all in Radiator Springs. They’d take a few laps at Willy’s Butte, than they’d go on flat roads outside town under the huge, doming blue sky around all the dusty tan and warm earthy stone. It’d be completely sunny and a bit breezy. Cruz would playfully tease Lightning a bit and race ahead. And in those moments, Lightning would just kinda realize how lucky he got to mentor her. Cruz Ramirez. She was beautiful, talented, smart, and such a great person. She had so much potential for a great racing career-she had a speed and a hunger for the adrenaline. He wanted her to have so much better he ever had. 


OK…what if…Super Smash bros, but strategy RPG and every character as a fire emblem unit!!!

So i start with Mario Emblem!

Mario with fire tome (bacause fire flower) and luigi with wind tome (because Ghost Potrificationize in luigi mansion?) I think they fit mage knight quite well?

/they can be red and green cavalier of the game…