one piece episode 686 basically

I guess zoro really takes a lot of joy in calling pica a soprano

luffy still questions why there are two assholes still on his bull

law finally shows emotion after 1883 years of being done with everyone’s shit

bartolomeo still can’t find his chill

viola gets all deep


riku becomes the 917373827th person to call luffy strange

extreme bull riding 101 with monkey d luffy

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The crew's reaction to their s/o being asexual? Lately I've been worried and even a bit scared that if I were to be dating someone they wouldn't want to be with me since I'm not comfortable with the idea of having sex.

(Lovely Anon! Don’t you be scared! You are who you are! If someone doesn’t accept that then they don’t deserve you! You deserve someone who loves you for you, okay? I hope you don’t mind that they’re kind of short? They would all have the same reaction, in my opinion)


Monkey D. Luffy: He tilted his head and wondered what that was. After finding out what it meant, he hugged you and smiled, telling you that there was nothing wrong with that and he wanted to be with you no matter what.

“You should know that I’m not interested in that kind of stuff! I won’t leave you for that! I love you and I will always love you, got that?”

Roronoa Zoro: He was a bit surprised at your words but he shook his head and put his hand on top of your head before smirking slightly. 

“Were you really worrying about that? Idiot, I love you for you. Shut up, I’m not blushing. Hey, don’t freak out about this, okay? If you never want to have sex, then that’s fine with me too.”

Nami: She blinked and giggled before hugging you close to her chest and nuzzling her head on you, giving you small kisses.

“Oh, (Y/N)~ You have nothing to worry about! That doesn’t make you any less adorable! Don’t you worry about something like that! I love you too much to leave you for something like that! Don’t you worry about anything!”

Usopp: He blushed darkly at the mention of sex but his body relaxed somewhat after you telling him. He scratched his red cheek, feeling somewhat relieved since in the back of his mind he was a bit insecure of not being able to please you.

“D-Don’t worry, (Y/N)-san! T-That’s not the reason why I asked you to be m-mine! I-I l-l-l-love you s-so m-much so don’t worry!”

Sanji: He would be shocked at first but then he’d smile and hug you close, little hearts forming around him.

“You shouldn’t have been scared to tell me, (Y/N)-swan! I just want you to be happy and comfortable around me, okay? I’ll keep loving you and protecting you with all that I have! This doesn’t change my feelings for you for a second!”

Tony Tony Chopper: He blinked innocently and got fidgety while blushing after a while. He never even thought about that when he got together with you. He hugged your leg and hid his blushing face in your leg.

“T-That’s o-okay… I-I can still h-hug you right? Good because I love you a whole lot so I want to keep hugging you..”

Nico Robin: She was a bit surprise but she smiled immediately after. She brought you to her and hugged you while sighing playfully in your ear.

“You’re too cute, (Y/N)-san. You think that would bother me? Of course I’m not bothered. I didn’t ask you to be mine with that intention. I would never push you into anything you don’t want. So don’t be afraid to tell me anything more in the future.”

Franky: He was very shocked and acted a bit awkwardly. After a while of thinking, he grinned and patted your head.

“That’s a part of who you are and I still think you’re super! I will keep my pervert ways away from you as much as I can. No, this really doesn’t bother me! I promise! Of course I still love you! I’ll always love you no matter what!”

Brook: He stared at you for a while and he saw you getting more and more nervous. He laughed and shook his head.

“I may be a pervert, (Y/N)-san, but I wouldn’t force you into anything that made you uncomfortable. I love you no matter what so, no, this doesn’t bother me. I’ll still ask if I can see your panties though.”

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Can I ask for modern job headcanons for Marco, Ace, Sabo and strawhats ? :>

(I was surprised that I did save HC in my drafts..but omg that was fun)

Marco: Police officer, fire fighter or some kind of driver

Sabo: Teacher

Ace: frontsinger of a band

Luffy: Dog sitter

Nami: Accountant

Robin: Author

Zoro: Leader of a dojo, yakuza or undercover agent

Usopp: storyteller in a childrens hospital

Sanji: Cook or material arts trainer

Franky: That one teacher who’ll make perverted jokes all day long, teacher for sports with less clothes, something really perverted

Chopper: Doctor for animals

Brook: Musician, artist in general

easily one of my fave parts of this arc is luffy carrying law around like a sack of potatoes. really, anything that involves law’s emo ass suffering hilariously is my shit.

given luffy’s methods of gathering family and friends i’ll be amazing if law’s allowed to go back to his own crew.

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how would law, kid, luffy, zoro react when finding out that their s/o has a higher bounty than themselves?

(They are really(!) short I’m sorry but really there is no need to write more x3..hope you don’t mind)

He would probably congratulate his partner but he would think of the problems and dangers his boy/girl would have to faith. His crew would see him during the nights in one of the training rooms where he beats the shit out of the stuff he used for training.

He would be pissed but not admit it. He would bite his lips constantly, stare at the new bounty and drink some alcohol to ease his anger. After some hours he would have calmed down enough to get turned on and disappear with his partner to his room. Private party where he would show him/her that he was still stronger and the dominant part of the relationship.

He’d throw a party for his partner and be proud as heck.

He would neither be angry nor worried. Like Luffy he would be proud but secretly train harder to protect him/her from stupid bounty hunters and marines since he/she would be a little more in danger now.