ALL of my ships are being broken up, killed off or having their series cancelled, WTF IS THIS.

Finchel (Finn and Rachel) - Glee - Broken up

Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) - Glee - Broken up

Decget (Declan and Didge/Bridget) - Neighbours - Didge died

DeRo (Deniz und Roman) - Alles Was Zählt - Roman died

Kevin and Scotty - Brothers & Sisters - Series cancelled

Merthur (Merlin and Arthur) - Arthur died, and the series was cancelled

Ludwin (Lucas en Edwin) - Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden - Edwin died


Imagine you’ve been kidnapped.

You, and the other six of the crown princes and princesses, had been taken on the youngest of you all’s 18th birthday, by a maniacal warlock.
Now he kept you in his personal dungeon.
The first few days were the worst. Cold, dark and terrifying. You huddled quietly with the others, shivering and crying, refusing to eat or drink what the warlock gives you for the first few days. But eventually, Princess Casnea cant help but try it, and she seems okay, so all of you start eating and drinking properly, but it remains otherwise hellish.
The grueling nights soon turned to a sort of anxious monotony of waiting for food and water, and then continuing to lie around, slightly more relaxed, as the warlock doesnt come in again after that.. All of you started to gain a little bit of pudge here and there.
But then, one night, a few months in as far as you can gather from the routines that established ‘days’ for you and your fellow inmates, something happens.
The dread warlock comes in and selects one of you, before feeding time. He selects Prince Ludwin. He drags him to the center of the cell, tears his shirt off, and proceeds to stab him in the stomach just beneath his navel with a stiletto thin blade hidden in the bottom of his staff, before humming some strange words and dumping a white powder on him and leaving.
Ludwin began to bleed, his blood running down in a thin stream under his navel. However, just before it reached his pants, it curved up. It began to inscribe strange patterns in the white dust, marking him in so much red.
His blood dried and his wound seemed to magically seal, and his face became deathly pale. He stood and screamed, becoming rapidly exhausted and leaning weakly against the wall of the dungeon. He panted and gasped, and before his fellow cellmates his nipples began to spurt milk and his chest became ample, his hips grew wider,  and his belly began to bulge and swell from his weak, pallid form. He looked entranced, like he’d seen death themself mark his soul for collection. A high whimper escaped his lips, legs shaking as he dropped to his knees, belly rounding and stretching, growing shinier, sweatier and more strained with every passing minute, until it finally halts at his knees and he passes out against the wall.

Fear rattles all of you.
What is the warlock planning?

(Part 1. Part 2 will be submitted shortly)

fur alyssa (to the babygirl that deals like an artist)

fur elise / ludwin van beethoven

move on / garden city movement

i’m on fire / chromatics

feel it all around / washed out

palo alto / devonte hynes

oblivion / grimes

on & on / snakehips

babylon / sza

grins / charli xcx

after the moment / craft spells

hologram girl / miniature tigers

something about us / daft punk

heroes / david bowie

jessica / major lazer ft. ezra koenig

mind mischief / tame impala

wild / beach house

requiem in D minor / wolfgang amadeus mozart

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