It’s astounding how insulted people feel if you don’t smile back at them while you make their drink. The comfort of silence to an embittered barista is supremely discomfiting to most everyone else. The unsmiling silence of a female barista is the most discomfiting of all. What did I do wrong, you can see them thinking. Why is she not being gentle? Why is she not being whimsical?
—  From “Service with a Smile,” by the Rumblr’s own Lucy Schiller
The times I most loved San Francisco were those times in which I couldn’t talk about it – rushing around corners on my bicycle so that sights and noises turned algae-colored and silent, the moments in the morning before opening the tiny café, walking through the thickly dark park at night as the incoming fogbank pulled over the moon. Or when my tonsils had just been cut out of my throat.

The Last City I Loved: San Francisco, by The Rumblr’s own Lucy Schiller!

Our newest Rumblr editor, Lucy Schiller, who joined Claire and my illustrious ranks this past week, has a lovely piece in Thought Catalog about trying to make things work in new homes and old ones. (She is Rumbling today, say hello!)

When it falls, the snow doesn’t seem like the kind of snow that fell in high school, it’s fatter and slower. My room is now a weird lavender color and full of my mother’s academic treatises on the history of dirty jokes. I’m not sure how or when to leave. There are no hills to bicycle down, just red brick streets stretching like dingy tongues out into farmland.