Inside your head

I’m sure you’ve seen this pic enough time already and read all the fanfictions attached to it, so… let’s make another variation in aischenna style! ;D Have fun folks!

Lucy wondered occasionally what was in his mind - but she never expected it to find out right now and right here…

Tightening her hold over his naked shoulders, Lucy tried really hard not to feel embarrassed in this situation. She could feel every part of his body flush against her own, see little things on his tanned skin, freckles on the top of his nose, thin scars along the way of his contoured biceps…
Her heart drummed against her ribcage as she shifted from one uncomfortable position to the other.
“Lussshie?” Happy whined from the side, with his little body curled against Natsu’s right arm as he held her adoptive father. “You’ll squeeze the air out of him with your weight,” he warned and that made Lucy snarl.
She flicked the little exceed on the forehead as a petty revenge before turning away.
“Whaa, so mean!”
Lucy nickered. They had some much better to do than bickering. For one, they needed to save Natsu.

“Enough!” snapped Porlyusica as the healer turned to their direction. “If you want to see him ever alive, you do as I said before!” She thundered from outside of the cave while probably treating the others. Lucy couldn’t hear, but she knew Porlyusica was murmuring something about how she hated humanity.
Her ears caught another voice from beside, and Lucy looked to the side. It was Happy muttering, “Please… open your eyes!” while scratching Natsu’s shoulder desperately with his tiny paws, tears welled up in his doe eyes. He was clutching him as if his life would depend on it.
She needed to bit in her lower lip. “Natsu,” she squeezed it out through the lock of her teeth, her hands laid flat on his pectoral as she let her body entirely on the top of his, the boundaries between them disappearing. She didn’t care how his naked torso felt against hers, didn’t care about how their tights bumped, or how she tangled their legs together.
She wanted to save him – so she needed to give him her warmth.
His body was cold… she could feel it. Cooler than ever before – as she believed. It was even low for a normal human without magic, not to mention that he was a human replica of a fire dragon!
It was unnerving.
Taking a big breath, she slipped upward, creating some kind of friction to gain more heat. Lucy snaked her arms around his broad shoulders carefully, lest hit Happy accidently. She lent her head on the top of his, their forehead touching.
Her eyes widened, and with that instant she snapped her head away.
Happy looked up at her, but after a little shrug he turned back to scratch Natsu’s shoulder, already accustomed to Lucy’s weirdness in the middle of the worst situations.
However which made her jerk was something… impossible. She saw a really detailed picture of Wendy in her mind while her voice rang in her ears. It echoed in her mind as she thought back at her words, “… was told by Anna…
This image disappeared immediately, leaving a confused Lucy on the top of her best friend.
She didn’t understand as she tried desperately not to connect the dots and led it back to her ancestor. Too curious for her own good, she shifted back in her previous position, her and Natsu’s skin rubbing yet again.
Lucy gasped.
To her biggest surprise, it worked. Now being able to see Gajeel’s grumpy face and his untamed, black hair, she needed to realize that this was taking place in Natsu’s mind; might be his feverish dream.
She could feel the cold breeze that flew by, how the snow smashed against her face and it did hurt… and lowered her natural temperature with ease. It seemed more serious than a simple dream as she searched for some clues of magic while invading in Natsu’s mind, going deeper.
Lucy could catch glimpse of black vines surrounding the entire imagined world. His mind was possessed – drawn the realization on her.
The next thing she knew that she was trying to tear the vines out with her own, thundering magic. Her fingers whitened from the force as she was squeezing on Natsu’s shoulder in reality while she was reaching out with her light, but those sickened plants always managed to slip out of her hold.
Her expression morphed as she moved her light around his consciousness, afraid to not bother the actions displayed in front of her soul’s eyes. She needed to be careful not to have the black magic caused more chaos that it already had.
She was fighting and was not about to give up as she was able to catch Gajeel’s words as those were the background voice for her, “It’s all coming for your own heart, dimwit. Quit acting so sho—!”
“No!” she yelled, not even realizing that she scared Happy and made him jump lightly.
It wasn’t coming from his heart! It was those disgusting vines’ doing and had nothing to do with Natsu. He was their victim, a victim of this troubling magic that seemed to seep under his being, undermining his body as he was unaware of the reality.
With more vehemency, she moved her lights faster, imagining it to be her whip, madly reaching out and dividing the main thread into tiny ones, curving and twisting the light in different forms to cage that disgusting magic.
She got it!
It was Natsu’s voice which made her tremble. With holding a firm grip over the black magic, she looked at the scene, not caring about the cruelty of this weather or the hair as it whipped against her face.
“It’s just one thing after another with you guys!” he growled, clearly pissed over something. Never minding the situation, it amused Lucy, and she let her lips quirk up timidly. “I thought you were supposed to tell me about the cause of what’s got me on my death bed or—!”
Death… bed?
She let out a breath, shakily as if afraid that it could hurt him. She slowly opened her eyes, the created world fading from her vision as she was too shocked to use her vocal chords at the moment. Her vision became blurred as she looked down at the sharp features of the man she loved.
It can’t be…
“No… I won’t let that happen!” she muttered, as she tightened her hold over his body, pressing herself even closer to him and feeling her own warmth returning to her body and sharing it with his. Her hot tears rolled down from under her tick eyelashes, landing on his face. “I won’t lose you… yet again!”
She hoped that her voice could reach him… She really hoped that as she lowered herself to the level of his ear as she chanted her mantra, over and over… It was something for Lucy that helped her to believe in him. Heck, their family was famous for never giving up! And she expected him to do as always!
It was a weird scent which hit her nostrils. Almost like something was burning and the sizzling sound beside that, was what made Lucy look down, near Natsu’s body.
Only to see the straws burned, black on one end… She felt his heart rate sped up as his natural temperature got higher by every passing minute.
He was fighting.
She nuzzled closer to him, not even caring even if he was about to combust himself on fire. Knowing that he was doing his best was enough for her. Enough so that she didn’t let him out of her hands.
Ever again.

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It seems bout that time to remind folks Lucy Davis is not wearing a fat suit. Lucy Davis is a long time sufferer of eating disorders and as a result had some extreme weight lost and gain. Please know that the picture of her in that red dress is over 10 years old and does not show her as she currently is. Her most recents gigs before Wonder Woman have shown her on the chubbier side of things and i would like to keep any body shaming to a comple stop. Because we already have enough of that with folks still whining about Gal’s body.

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In Light of the Truth

A/N: So i read the chapter today and then a friend and i were talking and then this fun thing popped up and hooooo boy. Angst yo. So much angst. And spoilers. 

Shout out to @hannah-nobody for the kick ass title

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 1581

Rating: T

Part: Oneshot

Natsu felt as if his world was crumbling down around him.

Gray held his forearm against Natsu’s throat, ice sharpened to a deadly blade along the length between his wrist and elbow. Flecks of red were caught in the translucent weapon, a reminder of where they were and what had brought this all to a head.

“How could you fucking be END?” Gray hissed. Natsu held his rival’s -his guildmate’s, his friend’s, his brother’s- desperate glare and watched as it turned cold and distant. The blade pressed deeper into his throat, burning cold sizzling where it touched Natsu’s overheated skin. “Why was it you.”

Natsu’s mouth twisted in a grimace, and he knew that Gray knew he knew. Because the wall the ice mage had been building crumpled and agony and rage swam through Gray’s dark eyes. Natsu stood still with his back pinned to the crumbling brick wall as Lucy finally ripped Gray off of him, screaming at Gray to stop and demanding to know what the hell was wrong with him. Natsu broke his gaze with Gray and looked down, fists shaking as he clenched them too tightly.

He couldn’t. He couldn’t watch as Gray told Lucy and Natsu lost everything he had been fighting so hard to protect. He couldn’t lose his family aga-

“The bastard didn’t tell you. Of course not. Why would a monster think of others.”

Gray spat the words with a venom Natsu had never heard before. He closed his eyes, and dug his nails into his palms. Wetness seeped between his fingers, the copper scent masked by the carnage around them.

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