Lucy Punch

a concept; feminist queer lady sitcom directed by patty jenkins. lana parilla stars as a bisexual bilingual buisness woman sharing an aesthetic af flat w her best pal who is a lesbian played by katie mcgrath. they drink too much wine and are savage together. much political shade is thrown. lana has asides in spanish. alycia debnam carey is the ripped fine stud gym instructor everyone is kind of in love with. secretly a massive dork. tessa thompson is a mechanic who is always covered in grease and oil and idiocy. gugu mbatha raw is the sassy bartender they all confide in. she despairs over them all. cate blanchett guest stars as lana’s boss who wears beautifully tailored suits and turns everyone on. lucy punch is someone’s ridiculous wealthy aunt who occaisionally breezes in and ruins everything. chris hemsworth is there. idk why or what he does but he’s there. maybe he’s lana’s assistant who puppy dogs around after her. all the music is written by hayley kiyoko


The things you find…Hugh Dancy as part of a 2004 round up of “Bright Young Things” for BAFTA. 


Hugh Dancy

Most famous for
Black Hawk Down
Soon to be seen in 
The Sleeping Dictionary
Favourite film
Duck Soup’ – you can’t beat the Marx Brothers.
Best moment 
Filming The Sleeping Dictionary in Borneo. I had the time of my life.
Worst moment
The first time I met Lucy Punch [see right] on set. I was playing Kyle, the Orphan Warrior, in The New Adventures of Robin Hood – a terrible series. The worst moment is perhaps encapsulated in one of my lines: “The orphanage! It’s on fire!" 


EW just released some stills from ASOUE season 2! Here’s the link:



     ↳ esmé gigi genevieve squalor [ a series of unfortunate events ]

orphans were out then, but now they’re in. good evening, i’m esmé gigi genevieve squalor, the city’s sixth most important financial advisor. even though i am unbelievably wealthy you may call me  esmé. i’ll learn your names later. i am very happy you’re here. when all my friends hear that i have three real life orphans they’l be sick with jealousy.

So I was watching St Trinians and Jodie Whittaker is in it? I’m fuckin dead😂😂


Live quote here ‘she doesn’t look like she’s got a pot, in which to piss’


Literally drooling while passed out.


Offering Rupert Everett dressed as a woman some drugs


You think I’m making this up but this whole movie is a fever dream. Lucy Punch is in it. This came out in 2007 Lucy was like 30 here


Side concept: Lucy Punch- immortal


Paloma Faith is in it as an emo this is a scene where Russel fucking Brand is teaching them a class about crime

2007 was mental.

  • Esme: We should start by giving everyone an alpaca.
  • Fernald: You mean alibi?
  • Esme: Yes... alibi.