Lucy Walker

Researchers finally figured out how the famous “Lucy” died. Her fossil was found in 1974, but a recent analysis of her fractures shows that she fell from a tree with her arms outstretched, which suggests that not only were she and her relatives more than just ground-walkers but they’d likely reached an evolutionary point where they were no longer very good tree-climbers. Source

Lucy Walker became the first woman to climb the Matterhorn in the Alps in 1871, wearing petticoats and long skirts

She broke barriers on behalf of other mountain climbers as well. In 1907, in answer to the male-only policy of the prestigious Alpine Club, Walker helped found, and would later preside over, the Ladies Alpine Club. Her encouragement of other female mountain climbers played an important part in breaking some of the taboos that surrounded women in sports.

source: Lucy Walker: Ascending without Limit

“Kevin Pearce is literally the most competitive person… in the world” - Jack Mitrani. I totally believe that 100%. Kev’s been to hell and back and somehow kept a smile on his face. No words can describe how much I respect him. I’m pretty sure everyone who calls themself a snowboarder has a warm spot in their heart for Kevin. And just saying, I’m pretty sure I’ll sob my eyes out when I see his movie.


I haven’t managed to see the full film yet, but just the trailer makes me tear up.


Kev and Dave are so awesome

Director Lucy Walker premiered her documentary The Crash Reel at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.  Walker had some fun on the step and repeat with snowboards Mikkel Bang, Danny Davis, Luke Mitrani, Jack Mitrani and the film’s subject Kevin Pearce before the premiere.

Crash Reel won’t be in theatres until the end of the year, but you can see it tonight on HBO at 9pm EST.

Photo by Robin Marchant