Lucy Walker


May 2017 U.S. Film Releases Directed By Women

May 5
3 Generations dir. Gaby Dellal (LIMITED)

May 12
Paris Can Wait dir. Eleanor Coppola (LIMITED)
Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe dir. Maria Schrader (LIMITED)
The Wedding Plan dir. Rama Burshtein (LIMITED)

May 19
Everything, Everything dir. Stella Meghie (WIDE)
Paint it Black dir. Amber Tamblyn (LIMITED)
Wakefield dir. Robin Swicord (LIMITED)

May 26
Buena Vista Social Club: Adios dir. Lucy Walker (LIMITED)

I had a dream last night where someone I knew (don’t remember who) got to see some scenes that had been filmed for the Lockwood & Co. TV show, and then I saw them. They didn’t seem to have much to do with ghosts, though; they went like this:

Lucy’s mother sent her to a mansion in the country where a bunch of other kids were. I think it was a place for children who misbehaved. Later that night, while she was asleep, Lucy was sent back through time. She woke up and started wandering around, saw a goopy green ghost, and then ran into the people who owned the house in the time she’d been sent back to (a fat man with a dark silvery-maroon velvet bathrobe and a woman with a pink bathrobe who had curlers in her hair). At first, they questioned her presence, but then they accepted it and started figuring out which bedroom should be hers.

While they were outside measuring the building (to see which room would be best for her), she looked out the window and saw George doing his homework on the porch. I don’t remember what happened right after that, but later the couple who owned the mansion had turned into Inspector Barnes, who had adopted Lockwood sometime before Lucy arrived. Then a man (who, I think, was Simon Lovelace from the Bartimaeus Sequence) came to talk to Barnes about “his adopted son, A.J. Lockwood,” and they sent Lockwood, Lucy, and George outside. The three of them decided to go down the hill behind the house and take a walk through the woods, but this crazy guy (possibly inspired by the Walker from the Stoneheart Trilogy, because I finished the second book last night) stopped them and started babbling about a Hershey’s sign, which turned out to be a necklace with a Hershey’s sign on it on the other side of a wire fence.

After that, the crazy man attacked them with a club-like stick, which Lucy eventually stole and defeated him with. Something else might have happened after that, but I’m not sure; maybe I just woke up.


This movie premiered at Sundance in January and I finally saw it at another screening tonight in Park City and it is so good and so scary and so everything. The entire Pearce family is amazing. I’m not sure when/if it’s getting a theatrical release date, but everyone should see it whenever possible (whether or not you care about snowboarding).

DGM: Bookman hc

I have been thinking..
What if the bookman clan litterally IS a clan.. or atleast there is a bloodline..
A random person can not become a bookman, you can only become a bookman if you are atleast blood related to them..

Because I have a hc that Lucia might somehow be related to past!Allen, but she can definitely not be his daughter, because 35-36 years has passed and she is probably around 10 years old and Allen is 15-16.. so she was born in present!Allen’s time..

But she can be a person from the bookman clan. She knows a lot of info, especially for a little girl at her age and the timeline she lives in, and she looks like past!Allen..

And as we all know..
Present!Allen is originally a redhead, past!Allen is a redhead, Lucy might be a redhead, Lavi is a redhead, even present!bookman could have been a redhead and maybe Cross is also related to the bookman clan..
He knows a lot more than he shows..

i am a piece of trash and i know it but god help me if you say something bad about my favorite character i will crawl out of my dumpster and drag your ass to hell myself