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Waste Land (2010)

Vic Muniz makes art out of trash and waste. Not a terribly new concept, I know, but he’s been doing it longer and better than any other contemporary artist alive. Most pieces that use similar wasted materials feel trite or contrived, their political messages either too grossly overt or their art so beautiful that we don’t realize it’s made from garbage (which seems far beyond the point, doesn’t it)? But Muniz’s art is beautiful, wondrous; technically impressive and aesthetically pleasing while never letting us forget about the enormity of our waste. Muniz doesn’t shove our nose in it, but doesn’t shy away from the fact that most people throw stuff away and forget about it. As long as we don’t have to think about where it goes, who cares?

Waste Land chronicles two years of work Muniz did with trash-pickers working in a Brazilian landfill that’s as enormous as a city. At first, I was afraid that the documentary would be nothing but a valentine to the artist and his work, but the second half focuses its focus on the pickers and their stories. The lives stories of these people are truly heartbreaking and fascinating, and I give credit to director Lucy Walker to focus on what’s truly important. None of the pickers think they’re living an ideal life, but they’re all working in the landfill to serve a tremendously important purpose, and their stories are haunting. We have the luxury of forgetting about trash, but for the pickers, they can only dream of forgetting. 

Or can they? Muniz sees them as religious figures sacrificing for the sake of all of us, and the art work he makes reflects that. He also suggests to all of them that they could move on from the landfill and do more with their lives, and several of them feel inspired by the artist just as he’s inspired by them. Some of the third act feels a bit pat, as Muniz sells his paintings for big bucks and then gives many of the originals pack to the pickers, somewhat patting himself on the back for spending time in a place that several people have no choice but to toil in. But the reactions the pickers have to themselves rendered as art is nothing short of heart warming. Waste Land might not be strong enough to get casual viewers to change how they waste, but it’s smart enough to appeal to the emotions in all of us. We care about the people that deal with what we throw away and that might mean we think about what we throw away a little more now.

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DGM: Bookman hc

I have been thinking..
What if the bookman clan litterally IS a clan.. or atleast there is a bloodline..
A random person can not become a bookman, you can only become a bookman if you are atleast blood related to them..

Because I have a hc that Lucia might somehow be related to past!Allen, but she can definitely not be his daughter, because 35-36 years has passed and she is probably around 10 years old and Allen is 15-16.. so she was born in present!Allen’s time..

But she can be a person from the bookman clan. She knows a lot of info, especially for a little girl at her age and the timeline she lives in, and she looks like past!Allen..

And as we all know..
Present!Allen is originally a redhead, past!Allen is a redhead, Lucy might be a redhead, Lavi is a redhead, even present!bookman could have been a redhead and maybe Cross is also related to the bookman clan..
He knows a lot more than he shows..

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Question: What if video games could help cute debilitating and terminal diseases? The Center for Game Science thinks it’s possible. Watch this very cool video from my pal Lucy Walker on the power of group intelligence.

“Kevin Pearce is literally the most competitive person… in the world” - Jack Mitrani. I totally believe that 100%. Kev’s been to hell and back and somehow kept a smile on his face. No words can describe how much I respect him. I’m pretty sure everyone who calls themself a snowboarder has a warm spot in their heart for Kevin. And just saying, I’m pretty sure I’ll sob my eyes out when I see his movie.


I haven’t managed to see the full film yet, but just the trailer makes me tear up.