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Fairy Tail members and what kind of pictures they would have on their phone
  • Jellal (not a FT member but idfc): Doesn't have many pictures, but the few pics he does have they're blurry pics of Erza eating and a few nature shots.
  • Erza: Mostly pictures of food (cake). A few selfies w/ friend, and for some reason a LOT of pictures of wedding dresses??
  • Levy: Toooons of quotes from her favorite books. I feel like she'd be the type of person to save favorite fanart pieces too. She'd have pics of her, Gajeel, and Lily too!
  • Gajeel: Quotes about working out probably and song lyrics. Lots of pics of Levy (some nsfw) and Lily.
  • Lucy: Writing advice & screenshots of prompts to keep her inspired for writing. Lots of selfies, and pics of her friends.
  • Natsu: Embarrassing pics of his friends. He is a master at it. The most embarrassing pic will be their contact pic, and he has several friends blackmailed. Other than the cringe-worthy pics, and a few snaps of Happy, he is a MEME KING. He has a meme for every occasion.
  • Juvia: Selfies w/ her in cute clothes, and ideas for crafts (dolls, scarfs, etc) she can make to sell! Lots of pics of romantic vacations that she wants to go on with Gray! Many pics of her friends & many, many more pics of Gray.
  • Gray: Every. Single. Selfie. Juvia. Has. Sent. Him. Doesn't keep that many pics unless it's something he finds cool (like art). Has a few embarrassing pics of Natsu (but nearly as many as Natsu has of him).
  • Wendy: Filled with selfies of her and Chelia and Charlie. Likes to take pictures of clouds, flowers and trees when the wind is blowing. Lots of pink backgrounds and anime screenshots.
  • Cana: Different types of beers where you can find them.
  • Max: Brooms.

Mavis : “I have a plan to save Natsu!”

Lucy ; “does it have something to do with me calling out for him and give him a hug, gray and erza beating him and Wendy calling him ‘big brother’?”

Mavis : “yes.”

The three of them : “…”

Gray : “I’ll go get them.” 

NaLu in the Grand Magic Games Arc. (Analysis.)

Warning. This is probably going to be very long. 

So, I do believe that Natsu DOES INDEED love Lucy and I think the GMG arc shows a lot of his feelings for love. I have WAY more pictures, but I’m to lazy to get them so here is my:


Firstly in this scene when Lucy lost to Flare and she was crying and the audiance was trash talking her because they didn’t realize that Raven Tail cheated no one was ever obligated to go down there and comfort her and tell her everything was going to be alright. But you know what? Natsu went down there anyway and told her that she did amazing. What I think Natsu means by “Thanks to you, I realized we can fight in this world." Of course he’s trying to comfort her, but he’s going to fight for her during the Grand Magic Games. He’s going to show her even though she got screwed over this round, it’s all going to get better because they’re together. Thats why he reassures her by saying ”Lets save the tears for when we win!“ and "Well turn it around from here on out!”

Ahh, Lucy gets fucked over part two. I absolutely LOVED the Naval Battle. Mostly because of all the NaLu but aww well. I think this part is the most significant because it’s a battle, you’re really not suppose to beg for mercy for your own teamate during it. But Natsu did anyway, why? Because Natsu absolutely can not standwatching Lucy get hurt or suffer. Especially for a stupid reason such as Sabertooth hated Fairy Tail’s confidence. So, he just swallows up his pride and begs for Minerva to stop hurting Lucy when the battle is clearly already over. While Lucy was getting beaten to death who kept calling out her name in concern? Natsu. Who was the one who didn’t wait to rush down to where Lucy was when the Ref called the match and he jumped over a wall? Natsu. Who was so pissed at Sabertooth for what they were doing to Lucy that there was a vein sticking out of his head? Natsu. Who loves Lucy? Natsu. 

Even thought Natsu isn’t even with Lucy in this scene, I think it still holds a lot of meaning. Natsu and Gajeel are about to go against the twin dragon slayers. Of course they’re going to be tough opponents! They should be mentally and physically preparing for the battle, but Natsu is going to take time out of his preparing to go and see how she is doing even though he knows she is ok. Maybe Natsu just needs to see Lucy is okay and safe before he goes into battle to know that she is protected and nothing will hurt her. Maybe Lucy is a calming factor for Lucy, like Lisanna told Lucy on Tenrou Island Natsu does better when his most trusted friends are around. Well Lucy wasn’t going to be around Natsu this time while he was fighting, so maybe he took time to go and see that she would be there mentally instead of physically.

Look how cute my husband is… anyways. Like stated before, Natsu should be preparing for his fierce battle against the twin dragons but instead he’s checking up on Lucy. I mean just look at how gentle his look is to her? Also, who knows how long he has been there? How much time he took out of preparing to go and watch her sleep? Not even mentioning that he was smiling the whole time he was watching her, whether she was asleep or not. Natsu’s usually a very rash, impatient, tempermental person. He’s not patient, he loves to charge into things head on. So, why is he so unbelievebly patient with Lucy? Because he loves her cough cough.

Natsu always makes sure Lucy is taken care of before anything. Whether its him protecting her, or him asking someone else to take care of her. Usually he always asks Happy to take care of Lucy when he isn’t around but since Happy isn’t around he asked Wendy and Carla. It was obvious that they were going to take care of Lucy anyway, so why did Natsu ask them to do something they were already going to do? I think it was to give him some peace of mind when he is out in the battlefield that Lucy is being taken care of and to make sure it was going to happen he needed to vocalize it. Lucy’s safety comes first to Natsu.

I think it is absolutely adorable that no matter what, Natsu ALWAYS puts Lucy’s name before anyone else’s. Of course Natsu wants to fight and win for the guild, but mostly he wants to fight for Lucy. I think we can all agree that Lucy got totally screwed over in the GMG Arc and, depending on how you look at it, Eclipse Arc as well. Natsu knows Lucy feels guilty since she thinks she’s the reason why they’re in last place in the GMG. Natsu however doesn’t think of it like that at all. He wants to reassure Lucy that even when all hope is lost, theres always a reason to keep fighting. Thats why I think Natsu is mostly fighting for Lucy.

Ahh I love this moment! Its the heat of the battle, Sting just came at Natsu with the attack that killed a dragon. Natsu isn’t scared as he counters it though, he just thinks about Lucy. And you know what? He kicks Sting and Rouge’s asses after he thinks of Lucy. I really do think that Lucy is always in the back of Natsu’s mind and she’s a reason why he keeps pushing himself to fight even when all hope seems lost. 

Aww, blushing Natsu is so cute. Honestly a person blushes for two reasons. They’re embarrassed or the person they like more than a friend just complimented them. Well guys, Natsu’s not embarrassed. In this scene Lucy told Natsu that she’s believed in him ever since she’d joined the guild. How is someone suppose to react when they hear that? Just smile and say thank you. No, not Natsu. He stands there dumbfounded, blushing, then smiles while still blushing  and tells her “Thanks, leave it to me!”He’s reassuring her that since he knows that she is with him, he’ll be sure to win because with Lucy, Natsu can do anything. 

After the battle instead of boasting and gloating to the crowd about his one on two victory with the toughest competition in the Games, he immediately wants to go over and tell Lucy about how he did and to indirectly show her that anything is possible when someone you love is with you physically, or in this case mentally. This just goes back to my point about Lucy is Natsu’s first priority and one of the first things he thinks and worries about, besides Igneel and Happy of course. That, and Natsu wants to go show off to Lucy about how awesome he is and did to hopefully get a smile on her face because he knows she likes his goofy side.

I saved the best for last, GiHi. I mean come on guys, do I even have to say that much? Look at his eyes! His smile! Who gives a “friend” a look with this much love in it. He’s relieved that she never doubted him in his battle with Sting and Rouge. That she believed in him enough to not even ask about the battle because she knew he won, because Natsu always wins because Natsu never gives up no matter the cost. And Natsu just fights better when Lucy is around, whether it be mentally for physically. I mean come on guys, do you look at a friend like this? Or do you look at someone you like more than a friend like this? I may be looking to much into it… but aww well, I will go down with NaLu.

And there you have it! My top ten NaLu moments in the GMG Arc, hopefully this all made sense and remember, THIS IS TOTALLY MY OPINION ON THE WHOLE THING. YOU CAN AGREE OR DISAGREE AS YOU PLEASE. 

Thank you for reading (: 

  • Some idiot: Female anime characters are useless and boring.
  • Me: You are entitled to your opinion but you are also wrong.
Nalu Fanfic: Reassurance Remedy

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Pairing: Nalu
Title: Reassurance Remedy

When Natsu gets sick Lucy tries to help only to uncover a whole lot of pain she didn’t know he was trying to carry by himself.

This is set after the GRAND MAGIC GAMES ARC.

I do not own Fairy Tail all credit to Hiro Mashima.

Anyway, on with the good stuff. Enjoy. 😁

I had been sitting here for over half an hour. The mug of coffee I clutched between my hands was beginning to go cold and the continuous ticking of the clock on the guild wall behind me was beginning to give me a migraine.

The guild was strangely empty for mid morning but considering the number jobs requests we had revived lately I wasn’t surprised that everyone was busy. This was one of the reasons why I couldn’t understand why he was late. Happy had been looking forward to this trip for weeks. Since the Grand Magic Games had ended, Fairy Tail had had job requests flooding in the doors faster then we could complete them. Natsu, Happy and I had been working almost non-stop for two months. For once I didn’t have to fret about having enough money for food and my rent was actually paid in advance.

After all of this we had finally decided it was time for a break and so Natsu had agreed to meet me at the guild at eight o'clock this morning to take Happy fishing. It’s was now pushing quarter to nine and both boys were still a no show. That pink hair loon was going to get a serious pummeling if he had left without me.

Grumbling with discontent I glanced around the guild hall once again, hoping to catch a glimpse of either one of my team mates but with no luck. Even with the lack of members present the guild hall was still bustling. The sound of overlapping conversations filled the air as guild mates engaged in mindless chatter. From my perch in the back corner I could see Juvia and Gray seated next to each other, her head resting on his shoulder as they talked to one another and for once, with no complaints from the ice make mage. I was more than glad to see them slowly working through their ‘issues’. Juvia deserved a little love of her own for all that she freely gave and it was nice to see Gray letting down just a little bit of the wall he had had built around his heart since he was a child. I think the whole near death experience in Crocus had made him think about his priorities and that made me smile lightly to myself.

At that moment I caught a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye and turned to see the very exceed I had been waiting for streaking towards me. I did however notice that his other half was not in toe.

“Lucy!” Happy yelled as he neared me, a look of relief crossing fluffy features as he caught sight of me.

“Hey Happy, what took you so long? You were supposed to meet me here nearly an hour ago.” I scolded as he landed on the table I front of me. I swear I was going to buy that boy an alarm clock for Christmas.

“Lucy you have to come quickly. Natsu’s burning up!” He sounded panicked as if that wasn’t an everyday occurrence.

“Happy,” I began, “he’s a fire wizard. He tends to ‘burn’ occasionally.” I tried not to sound to sarcastic but I swear this cat’s memory gets worse every time I see him.

“That’s not what I meant.” He says sounding mildly exasperated. “I think he’s sick.”

“Sick?” I questioned. As far as I knew Natsu couldn’t get sick. The whole higher than normal body temperature tended to kill most bacteria before it could make him sick. And so aside from vehicles I had never seen him come down with anything more then a sneeze.

“Yes, sick.” Happy continued. “I came to get Wendy to see if she could help him but she’s on a job with Erza. You’re my last hope.”

“Wow. I feel really appreciated.” I mumbled under my breath but I knew that he heard me.

“Please Lucy.” He gave a heavy sigh. “I’m worried about him. He hasn’t been sleeping much and now this.” That was new information to me. As far as I knew Natsu liked his sleep almost as much as he like food.

“Okay, I’ll come have a look at him.” I relented, pushing myself off my seat, abandoning my already forgotten coffee and following Happy out of the guild doors.

It took us nearly fifteen minutes to reach Happy and Natsu’s ‘house’ which was really more of a half collapsed shack in desperate need of some TLC. The exterior stone work was beginning to crumble in places and a weaving ivy plant had taken over most of one side. I wouldn’t have been surprised if those vines were all that was holding the wall together. As we walked up the footpath I couldn’t help but smile, regardless of how dilapidated it may have looked I had to give them credit where credit was due. The footpath wasn’t overgrown with weeds as I would had expected and a lopsided wooden sign was nailed to a post out side reading; Natsu + Happy’s House, in wonky hand painted lettering. It almost looked homely.

The front door creaked as we entered and you could have almost sworn there was no one home except for the incoherent mumbling that was drifting through the house from the only bedroom.

“He’s in here.” Happy stated as I followed him across the stone floor and into the bedroom. It wasn’t decorated and the curtains were merely old bed sheets nailed to the corners of the wooden frame. In the middle of the small room was an even smaller metal framed single bed and laying lazily in the middle of it was Natsu.

Even from the doorway I could tell that he was unwell. A thin sheen of perspiration coated his forehead causing the loose hairs of his fringe to stick to his clammy skin. And he was pale. The milky white of his skin was a stark contrast to his usually tanned complexion. I felt my heart contract as I took in his appearance. He certainly didn’t look heathy.

Going into protective mamma mode I started throwing commands in Happy’s direction and moments later he disappeared from the room in search of some water and a damp cloth. While I waited on the exceed’s return I pulled up the chair from under the window and positioned it by the head of the bed. I hesitated briefly before reaching out a shaking hand to push Natsu’s hair back from his forehead.

Although he was sweating cold, his skin was hot to the touch, more so than usual. In fact I would have expected to burn myself if I held my hand in place too long. Thankfully Happy returned soon after with both the damp cloth and a glass of water. I set the glass on the ground before carefully folding the wash cloth and laying it gently across Natsu’s forehead. At first he mumbled and shifted at the contact but eventually he sighed lightly as if the cool cloth had brought him some relief.

Unsure what to do next I reached out once again to run my fingers through his hair so that none of it was caught under the cloth. It was softer than I had expected abet a little damp with sweat but as he sighed with content once again I decided that I could put up with a little gross in order to make him more comfortable.

For the next half an hour, Happy made trips to and from the kitchen to run cold water over fresh towelettes in the hopes of bringing Natsu’s temperature down. After a while it must have work because as I was running my finger through his hair again between changes his eyes flicked open and he groaned lightly as the light filtering through his make shift curtains hit his eyes.

He blinked a couple of times as if unsure of his surroundings when he turned his head and his eyes landed on me. They widened slightly as if in surprise before he tired to speak only to start a coughing fit instead. I gently paced my hands on he back as I helped him sit up before quickly reaching down to retrieve the glass of water from earlier and guide it into his hands. He lifted it shakily to his lips and drew long deep gulps from its contents. Once the glass was drained he sent it down on the covers of his bed before glancing up at me once again.

I couldn’t speak at I took in his state of disarray. His salmon hair was sticking up on more unusual angles then usual from me running my fingers through it and I couldn’t help but notice how obviously shirtless he was as his broad chest heaved up and down in labored breaths.

“Lucy?” He asked sounding slightly confused but also a little revealed.

“Hey, Happy came and got me from the guild. He said you were sick and so I came to see if I could help.” I explained as Happy himself cuddled himself up against Natsu’s chest, obviously glad that his friend was okay. Natsu seemed to understand my explanation as he nodded slightly to himself whilst cupping his hand around the back of Happy’s blue head and stroking absently between his ears as he cradled him against him. Natsu open and closed his mouth a couple of times before he spoke quietly.

“What day is it?” He asked curiously and when I told him it was Saturday his eyes widened considerably. “I’m so sorry Lucy. We were supposed to meet you at the guild this morning weren’t we? You probably thought we ditched you.”

“Well, for a start I did. You’re just lucky the cat turned up and told me where you were otherwise I would have kicked you well into next week!” I grumbled.

“I don’t doubt that.” He agreed though I was glad to hear that he found even a little scared. “You really shouldn’t be here though. You could get sick too.”

“No, I’ll be fine. I’ve already been sick this winter and I don’t tend to get it twice.” I explain. He looks dubious but dismisses it anyway.

“Do you have anymore water?” He asks carefully. He throat is already starting to sound scratchy again and it’s obviously going to take more than water and cold clothes to break his fever.

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll have something even better then water. Happy why don’t you go back to the guild and wait for Erza and Wendy to return. They were supposed to be back sometime today. Don’t worry, I’ll look after him.” I assure the small cat who looked unsure but eventually nodded his head, said goodbye to Natsu and flew out of the house. As I got up off my seat to leave the room Natsu spoke up again.

“Where are you going?” He asks suddenly sounding panicked.

“Just to the kitchen. I’ll be back in a minute and I’m right next door if you need anything.” I reassure him and for a moment he seems to relax slightly and I take that as my opportunity to leave the room. He’s acting strange and I don’t know why. To be honest it worries me. I’d like to think that he’d tell me if something was bothering him but then again Natsu had never been good at letting himself rely on other people.

I ducked into the kitchen and quickly set a kettle of water to boil over the fire as I prepared the drink. I was glad that I had convicted Happy to fly over to my house and collect some supplies and thankfully he had return with everything I had asked for as well as a small tin of pickles. I had no clue why he would think they would be helpful but I tried not to let my confusion show as I thanked him. He was being so helpful even when I knew that he was worried about his friend.

A few minutes later the kettle whistled and I poured to hot water into the mug and mixed it with the lemon syrup I had already put in the bottom of the mug. Lemon drinks had always been my go to when I was sick and I hoped they would make Natsu feel better as well. After strirring in a spoonful of honey and adding a little bit of cold water to the mug so that it wouldn’t be too hot to drink I returned to Natsu’s bedroom, walking carefully so as not to spill the contents of the mug. He perked up when I entered the room, his eyes getting bigger when he noticed the steaming mug in my hands.

“What that?” He asked as I took my seat beside the bed again and handed him the mug.

“Hot lemon and honey drink.” I answered as he cupped the mug between his palms, carefully inspecting the steaming liquid. “It should help with your throat.”

He blew carefully on the surface of the mug causing small ripples to run across the surface of the liquid. I, however, was mesmerized by the way his lips puckered as he blew and the way his large hands almost engulfed the sides of the mug entirely. Shaking myself out of my thoughts I busied my hand by collecting up all the used cloths and piling them tidily on the floor by the bed and then watching curiously as Natsu brought the mug to his mouth and took a small sip. Again I watched as his lips curled over the rim of the mug and how his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. Thankfully I caught myself before he noticed I was staring and looked down at my hands as I fiddled with the star charm bracelet on my wrist.

“This is so good.” He broke me out of my wayward thoughts as he set the now half empty mug in his lap. “Thanks Lucy.” He beamed at me, his wide toothy grin showing those sharp canines and the perfectly straight rows of pearly whites between them. How I loved his smile and I was more then glad to see it adorning his face once again.

“You’re welcome.” I smiled back. “Now, you should get some sleep.” I said as he finished his drink and I took the empty mug from his hands.

“I don’t want to.” He stated stubbornly.

“So what if you don’t want to. You’re not going to get better without rest and besides, Happy said you haven’t been sleeping much so exhaustion is probably why you got sick in the first place.”

Natsu hesitated again, it almost looked like he was scared to go to sleep but he soon shuffled himself down under the covers once again. He slowly shut his eyes as if prolonging sleep as long as he could before eventually exhaustion took over. I again stood up from my chair and took his mug to the kitchen and rinsed to under the tap deciding to clean it properly later.

After stoking the fire and tying back the main curtains with a piece of string which was attached to the wall, I got to work making myself a sandwich. I was no longer surprised that Natsu and Happy spent so much time at my house, they had barely any food here. However, now that I thought about it, they haven’t stayed at my house in a long time. Although they had been there during the day neither of them had spent the night in at least a month. Although I was glad for the privacy I hate to say that I had gotten used to the dragon slayer sneaking in through my window at night. Natsu was like a life sized hot water bottle and waking up to a cold bed was unsettling after getting used to his constant warmth.

Once I had finally gathered enough food to constitute an acceptable lunch I sat my self down it the lone wooden rocking chair that stood in the middle of the room. I was halfway through my sandwich when I heard noises coming from Natsu’s room. At first I thought that he was just mumbling in his sleep like he had been when Happy and I first arrived. But as I listened again I could make out more sounds of distress than incoherent mumbling.
I set my plate on the ground and quickly shuffled across the living room floor and back into Natsu’s room.

The sight before me broke me heart in two. Natsu was tossing side to side, his legs tangled in his sheets. But the worst part was his face. Obvious tear tracks ran down his flushed cheeks as more spilled from his eyes, which were squeezed tightly shut, his face screwed up in a look of complete terror.

I hurried across the room and sat myself on the edge of his bed, my hands resting in his tense shoulder as I tried to shake him awake with no luck. So I tried another tactic moving my hands to his face so that one was resting on his cheek, brushing away the still spilling tears whilst the other ran lazily through his hair as I remembered how that had calmed him earlier.

“Natsu..Natsu come on, wake up.” I mumbled to him trying to pulled his out of whatever nightmare he was currently living. “Natsu, come on it’s just a dream. Wake up please.” I continued to run my fingers across his checks, pushing the unwanted tears away as I ran the fingers of my other hand against his scalp, tugging gently on his hair. “Natsu, Wake UP!” I cried. My heart was slowly breaking as I watched him suffer.

Finally he awoke with such a start that his sat up all in one fluid movement. In his rush to sit up his face almost collided with my chin and would have if I hadn’t moved out of the way fast enough. He looked around as if reaffirming his location, tears still running steadily down his cheeks as he glanced in my direction.

“Lucy?” He chocked out in disbelief as if he was genuinely surprised to see me there.

“Hey, I’m right here.” I assured him as I reached a palm up to cup his damp cheek. His eyes widened slightly before he threw his arms out in a rush, wrapping them tightly around me and drawing me into his chest. He held me tight against him as if he was afraid that by loosening his grip I would slip away. I sat stock still for a moment, mildly shocked before I too wrapped my arms around him and he fell apart in my grasp. His shuttering sobs were muffled by my shoulder as he buried his face in the crook of my neck, his soft hair tickling the underside of my chin.

I reached one hand up and buried it in his fluffy locks, stroking slowly, trying to sooth his destress.
“Shh, it’s okay.” I mumble in his ear as I lent my check against the side of his head. “I’m here. It’s alright.”
I continued to whisper to him until his cries ceased. Even then he still clung to me, reluctant to let me got. We stayed there for a good twenty minutes before he eventfully pulled back to look into my eyes. His own were red and slightly puffy. I carefully reached my hand up once again to wipe the last of his tears away with the pad if my thumb.

“What happened?” I asked softly.

“Nothing, just a bad dream.” He tried to convince me, glancing away so that I couldn’t see his eyes but I used the hand on his cheek to turn him back towards me.

“Natsu, you can tell me, okay.” I assured him. “Please let me help.” I watched as Natsu took a deep breath, squeezing his eyes tightly shut briefly as if preparing himself.

“You were gone.” He finally said.

“Gone? What do you mean gone?” I asked confused.

“It was just like Crocus.” He started and I could already see where this was going. “Future Rouge, and the beam and Future You tried to save you but she was too late and you got hit.” He paused and took a deep breath as tears began to well in his dark eyes once again. “You collapsed and then you stopped breathing. You died in my arms and there was nothing I could do to save you. And when you died, Future You disappeared and then your body started to fade away until I was just clutching at air.”

“Oh, Natsu.” I sighed sadly as he finished. “No wonder you got sick. You haven’t been sleeping at all have you?” He shook his head slowly, looking up at my through his lashes. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to worry you.” He muttered as if he was a burden to me. “Besides, you seemed to have moved on from every that happened there. I didn’t want to bring up bad memories.”

“Oh, Natsu.” I carefully ran my hand over the top of his hair, brushing it out of his eyes. “If somethings bothering you I want you to tell me. No matter what it is. I hate having to see you like this and if I can I want to help. How long have you been having the dream?”

“Over a month.” He stated. “I couldn’t sleep because every time I did the dream would haunt me and when I woke up you wouldn’t be there. You were gone. There was nothing I could do.” He started to sob again as he pressed the heels of his palms against his eyes and I pulled him towards me again.

“I’m right here.” I assured him. “I’m not going to leave you alone.”

“But you did!” He whimpered. “You died. Your blood was all over my arms and then you were gone and I couldn’t save you.”

“You don’t need to. I’m right here. Look at me.” I said lifting him up so that he was eye level with me. “I’m right here, okay? Do you see me.”

“Yes, but..” He started to protest but I cut him off.

“No! No ‘buts’. I’m right here and I don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.” I said sternly. “I’m not going to leave you alone, okay?” He seemed to accept it this time, nodding quietly against my shoulder as I held him close.

“You promise?” He asks looking up at me. The swirl of emotions in his eyes shows me that he is inches away from believing me, he just needs proof.

“I promise.” I assure him. And finally he smiles. It’s not his usual toothy grin but it warms my heart to see a little bit of happiness return to his face. He reaches his hand up and rests it against my cheek as if to reassure himself one last time that I really am there. He smiles shyly at me before furrowing his eyebrows slightly as if contemplating something.

Moments later he shakes his head as if to affirm something as he looks me in the eyes again. His dark onyx orbs meeting my own wide brown ones. Then with his hand still resting in my cheek he pulls me towards him, pressing his lips against my own. I freeze. Taken totally by surprise and as quick as it started it’s over. He pulled a away his eyes wide.

“I’m so sorry..I. I didn’t mean to..” He stumbles through an apology I really don’t want to listen to as I grab the sides of his face pulling him towards me once more.

This time I am prepared as his warm lips meet mine. A feather light touch as if testing the waters before he takes control, his hand coming around to cup the back of my head as he pulls me against him. And I’m lost. Stranded. Completely consumed. Drowning with no desire to reach the surface.

We both pull away breathing heavily as he rests his forehead against my own.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that.” He mumbles pressing another quick kiss to my swollen lips.

“Well that makes two of us.” I chuckle lightly and he joins in and soon we’re both rolling around on his bed in complete hysterics for no particular reason. Once we eventually catch our breath I sit up as he does as well and push myself off the bed so that I’m standing on the wooden floor boards beside it.

“Where are you going?” He asks. All confidence suddenly gone.

“To finish my lunch.” I tell him. “Besides, you still need to get some rest.”

He looks down at his fingers which are playing with the frayed edge of a blanket. He glances up at me, his eyes full of innocence and hope.

“Will you stay?” He asks quietly.


“Here. With me.” He says.

“Yeah sure, I’ll sit here till you fall asleep.” I tell him, assuming that’s what he ment.

“No. I mean here.” He pats the bed beside him as if to indicate that he want me to sleep there too.

“What? You mean? You want me to…there with..while you..?” I stumble through a sentence even I struggle to understand and he chuckles softly.

“Please. If you’re here with me, maybe the dream won’t come back. And even if it does, you’ll be there when I wake up and I’ll know it wasn’t real.” He sounds so small, so broken. I hesitate for just a moment before I pull my shoes off and climb onto the bed next to him. Pushing back the covers I climb under until I’m sitting next to him in the tiny bed.

He glances at me as if he’s surprised that I agreed before he beams at me. The toothy grin has return abet a little sleepy and I couldn’t be happier. I shuffle down until I’m lying with my head on his pillow and reach my arms out towards him.

“Come here.” I say and he doesn’t even hesitate this time as he leans down and plants a soft kiss on my mouth before snuggling in beside me. He rests his head in the crease between my shoulder and my neck and I tuck his head under my chin, pressing a light kiss to his forehead before pulling the covers up over us both and slowly falling asleep.

At some point during the night, Happy arrives with Wendy, Carla and Erza only to find both Natsu and Lucy sound asleep, curled in each others embrace.

Erza smiled vibrantly at the scene infront of her as Wendy 'aww'ed and Happy stifled a giggled, none of them wanting to wake the sleeping pair.

As quietly as she could, Wendy took Lucy’s old seat in the chair beside the bed and got to work healing Natsu as best she could. Although, as his illness was mainly due to exhaustion she knew that sleep was going to do him more good than her magic, however, she still did all she could before Erza re-tucked the blankets around Natsu and Lucy and the group left for the night. Happy decided to stay the night at Wendy and Carla’s though that may have more for his benefit than his partners’.

By the next morning Natsu’s fever had broken and by Monday he was back to his usual self. Lucy was overjoyed when she returned to the guild to find that Gray had finally relented and agreed to take Juvia on a date.

Not to be out done by the 'Ice Princess’, Natsu insisted on doing the same for Lucy. Not that she minded at all.

“So how long do you think it’ll be before he actually catches anything?” I asked Natsu as we sat on the bank of he and Happy’s 'Secret Fishing Hole’. It was now the weekend following Natsu’s illness and thankfully quick recovery. To thank Happy for being so helpful I suggested we make up for the trip he missed and take him fishing this weekend. The only problem with that was that by taking another week off from going out on jobs I was officially broke once again.

“We could be here all day.” Natsu replies with a laugh. “Happy may love fish, but he sucks at catching them.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Typical.

The weather was warm and the light breeze tickled my bare toes as we bathed in the sunlight. It was a perfect day and nothing could ruin it for me.

“Achoo!” A sudden tickle came up my nose followed by an almighty sneeze.

“What was that?” Natsu asked with a laugh.

“I dunno, maybe I’m getting Hay Fever.” But that was weird cause I’d never had Hay Fever before so why would it start now? I glanced out at the lake again watching as the breeze sent ripples across the glassy surface reminding me of Natsu and his lemon drink.

“ACHOO!” I went again. This is ridiculous. And that was when it hit me. My eyes widened in realization and I suppose Natsu realized at the same time because moments later he was rolling around in the grass in fits of laughter. His shoulders were shaking and his stomach was heaving as he lost all control.

“This isn’t funny!” I yelled at him.

“Of course it is!” He replied still laughing. “What was it you said? 'I don’t get sick twice’”

“Shut up.” I grumbled and he managed to control himself enough to sit up again.

“Ohh, don’t worry Luce. I’ll look after you this time.” He assured me.

“Fine, but this is still your fault.” I relent. I hate fighting with him even over small things so it was just easier to give up.

“I take full credit.” He said proudly.

“Getting your girlfriend sick is not something to be proud of.” I reminded him as if he didn’t know that already.

“I know, but you love me anyway.” He mumble leaning over to press a playful kiss to my lips.

“Unfortunately.” I grumbled lightly leaning back against his shoulder.

“I love you.” He mumbled nuzzling into my neck know that it tickled. “I looove you.”

“Okay fine, I love you too.” I said whilst trying to hold in a giggle.

“Good. Because that’s not allowed to change.” Natsu stated as he put his arms out behind him for support, letting me lean back against his chest. He was ridiculously comfortable.

“You’re really cheesy you know that?”

“You love it.”

“Don’t start that again!” I warned giving him a light elbow in the stomach and he collapsed against the dirt as if I’d shot him.

“Ohh the pain! It burns!” He mocks. “Lucy, save me. I can see the light!”

“You’re an idiot.” I laugh. He looks like he’s about to say something when Happy’s excited yells come from further down the shore.

“I got one! I got one!” He yells excitedly completely forgetting to reel it in. “Natsu look I…it got away.”

I turn around to glance at Natsu who shrugs his shoulders as if to say, I told you so. I laugh lightly under my breath as I watch Happy recast his line mumbling to himself about catching a bigger one next time. However for all we knew next time could be hours away. Content to just relax in the sun I lent back against Natsu once again and he brushed his lips against my temple. I smiled silently to myself and focused my gaze out across the lake again.

“ACHOO!” And that was all it took for Natsu to loose his composure all over again.


Hey Guys,
So this is the first FanFiction I have ever written so some feedback would be awesome. Anyway, I hope you liked it.
Cheers for reading 😊👍🏼

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