Natsu's and Lucy's Realistic Relationship Post

Okay, so I’ve had this idea in the back of my head for some time now because I couldn’t really decide a good time to talk about it, but you know what?

I really want to talk about this. So here we go.

This is MY edition of the true basis of Nastu’s and Lucy’s relationship and its progression.

Note: This is (what I think) a realistic idea of how the two might actually end up. So there won’t be any exaggerations, it will just be based off of how Mashima has put together their personalities and how I can predict them.

I suppose technically this is a headcannon, but I like to think of it as a theory in the long run, so beware, this will be long.


So we all know how obvious Mashima has made Natsu’s feelings for Lucy. Not even in the romantic sense, anyone can tell that he cares deeply for her.

He didn’t think much of her until she came along at Mt. Hakobe

He thought she was noisy and didn’t even understand why she came along, and then voila

All the sudden this burst of wanting to be with her and her partner just comes out of nowhere.

And from then on, his affection for her only grows larger and more noticeable, and he’s NOT the type of person to shy away from hiding how he truly feels about people

And many more like that ^

He’s always thinking of her, no matter if they’re lounging around in the guild wanting to go off on a mission with her or if they’re entire guild is being destroyed and he’s getting his ass beat, I can promise you-

There’s always that one point where he asks, “Where’s Lucy?“ or ”Happy! Get Lucy somewhere safe!“ or even ”Lucy get back! I’ll handle this!“ 

Because she’s precious to him. He absolutely hates it when she cries,

Over time he’s learned how to comfort her, but there are times when hugging her and soothing her just won’t be enough. And you know what he hates more than her crying?

Her crying when he knows he can’t make it better. The problem can’t be solved in a snap and he hates the idea of Lucy being sad for a long period of time.

So what does he do?

He gets mad.

He cares immensely for her, and it’s not just in the heat of the battle. He likes her for who she is, he teases her and plays with her like some lovesick puppy she always ends up taking care of.

 And whether it seems he doesn’t appreciate it, she still does it anyways

He finds comfort in her, and opposed to many other people, he admires her. HE’S always the one to point out what makes her such an amazing person, whether calling her nice or sweet or even tough and strong, its ALWAYS him.

Which is whyI think Natsu knows he loves her.

Like, truly loves her.

Mashima can joke around all he wants about these two, and despite the fact that he’s DELIBERATELY pointed out that Natsu doesn’t exactly show interest in girls, Lucy to him is an entire different situation. He doesn’t rate girls he sees walking down the street like most boys do, and he’s most certainly no lady chaser like Loke or even Grey.

But he has his moments…

*Insert all 59 scenes of NaLu boob groping here*

 Despite that, Lucy’s looks aren’t what made him fall for her. I don’t think he would care if Lucy looked any different, so long as shes still herself

So yes, I am going to say that he loves her. That he fell for her smile and her pretty face and all the cliches, but what he cares about most is that shes sweet. He admires her kindness and sincerity most of all, because coming from some rowdy, rough-handed guild, seeing that just isn’t natural.

He’s been taught that if you show mercy and kindness, you’re automatically deemed weak. Like Lucy. 

But she doesn’t change herself. That’s why Natsu not only admire’s that trait, but he’s fascinated by it. He’s fascinated, he’s baffled, he loves it.

And he’s accepted it. He knows he loves her more than just his best friend and partner, but what many people think happens is that he “blushes at everything” and he “can’t be around her or else she’ll know”.

That’s not Natsu.

I personally think Natsu wouldn’t mind in the least if Lucy knew he loved her. He can act perfectly normal around her and still love her at the same time, because that’s how he acts. He can still break into her apartment and sling his arm around her while at the guild and complement her simply because that’s what he’s always done.

Since Mount Hakobe.

I’ll remind you again, Natsu might like touching Lucy (whether playing in the pool or resting an arm on her shoulder), but I personally think that is all he needs from her. He doesn’t need to slip his hands under her shirt and kiss her and do all that stuff because he just doesn’t feel he need too. He’s stuck in his little puppy-love mindset where wrestling with her and sleeping next to her are all he needs to satisfy himself.

So, you’re probably asking now, “What about Lucy?

(Or “when is this post over” but I’m almost done, promise)

Lucy’s a whole other story. But before we get there, lets follow up on this “headcannon” of mine.

So we’ve established that Natsu clearly knows his feelings for her, so why doesn’t he tell her? Well, in my little idea for the future, he does. 

And I’ll be honest, it’s not the most romantic way to come out to her. (Backing up the REALISTIC standards of Natsu Dragneel.) 

There won’t be roses or chocolate or fireworks or sex afterwords, but he’ll put it bluntly and simply. Like he always does. He won’t try to kiss her or even look for an answer, but he’ll say it just to let her know and shine her his famous grin.

Then it comes to Lucy. Now lets talk about her for a little while, because you know what I think her response would be?

She would deny him.

And no, she wouldn’t ignore him or quit being partners or anything like that, but she wouldn’t return his feelings. And yes, Natsu would be disappointed, but he wouldn’t be depressed.

I will say now, Lucy is probably more stubborn than Natsu on this. I think deep down she knows she loves him more than a best friend, but she utterly refuses to admit it to even herself. She doesn’t like the fact that she may love him because it confuses her to no end. 


She’s constantly stuck in her fantasy land about her perfect boyfriend. She’s never had one, but she already knows what she wants in her man and his exact mannerisms. So why is she upset she might love Natsu?

She’s looking for a Prince.

She knows what she wants out of her relationship. She wants a mature man, one who doesn’t break in her house and call her fat all the time. She wants to be swept off her feet into a real fairy tale by her knight in shining armor. And who does she fall for instead?

The fire breathing dragon.

So what does she do? She tries to sort it all out. She’s still in a state of denial, but she doesn’t let it ruin what they have. Natsu still acts like Natsu, but now knowing what he truly thinks of her, she can’t help but notice all the signs.

He wouldn’t pressure her into replying to what he said before, and he’s most definitely not angry or upset whatsoever. He doesn’t ask her constantly “Hey! Wanna be boyfriend girlfriend?” or “Hey, can I kiss you?”

Because you know why he’s completely fine with her having no response?

Because she’s smiling.

And I would underline this if I could.

Lucy’s happiness to Natsu means way more to him than his needs to kiss her. As long as she’s happy, he’s happy.He doesn’t feel the need to bring in all this other stuff to her plate, simply because they’re perfect right now, as it is to him. Lucy’s healthy and smiling and shining like a beacon like how she should be and that’s all he needs to be just as happy. He gets his worth from her and so long as he keeps her safe, thats all that matters to him.

And if you thought I meant that Lucy doesn’t love him just as much, you’re wrong. And once again, it’s doesn’t even have to be in the romantic sense. But if you don’t think she loves him even as his best friend, then you’ve been blind this entire show. 

She’s shy and in denial to how she feels, but there are times when she would lowly acknowledge her true feelings for him. And you can see it clearly on her face.

I think it’s times like these when she just knows. She gets that gleam in her eye with that soft look, and never have I seen her like that towards anyone but Natsu. 

I hope you enjoyed this annoyingly long post, and feel free to add any other scenes like this to it. I just wanted to show you all how these two might really be if Mashima were to make them canon.

Feel free to ask questions?

Wherever We Go

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether it be with your love, your friends, family, pets, or Netflix! ^^

I finally got to draw shaggy Natsu, and the other couples! and a more narrative piece >w< Hope you all like it!

If the preview looks pixelated, just click for source!
Please don’t repost without source, thanks so much! ^^ 

This chapter hit me like a freight train. First Lucy want Brandish to promise to save Natsu if she won.

Then Brandish talk about Lucy having zero chance at winning but Lucy gives zero fucks about that and only wants to ensure Natsu’s safety. 

Now Natsu is watching the fight and sees Lucy gets hurt and all he wants do is help her but he can’t which is pretty heartbreaking. 

Next is Lucy getting up from that ferocious attack and declaring that no matter what she has to win because Natsu’s life is on the line even if she has to fight a friend. 

Holy cow Hiro you want to put us on roller coaster of feels as soon as we just got off a roller coaster of feels!!!

I’m not gonna lie though I do love seeing Lucy the one protecting Natsu because it’s always nice to see the Heroine protect the Hero rather than just seeing the Hero protect the Heroine all the time. 

NaLu - Tangled

I finally had time to finish this! This weekend I was camping in the Porcupine mountains, so being a little detached from the internet left me with some art to catch up on this week before school starts again. I’m so happy, I’m still trying to learn to draw decent backgrounds, so I promise to get better with the series!

I’ve seen a couple Fairy Tail / Disney crossovers, and a few with NaLu and Tangled, but I thought this particular scene really captured the fun and sometimes mischievous relationship the two have :3

The next on my list is Miraxus / Hercules. Please stay tuned!