Translations for trailer ( my japanese sucks tho )

The first piece of text says: fairy tail ending arc (take my translations with a grain of salt)

The voice says: a decade or 10 years after the beginning of the series.

Writer Hiro Mashima his own story

Text says with more than 60 million copies

Text says created by Hiro Mashima

Text and voice say: its finally drawing to its end! Its climax! (One of the two)

Text says: executive prodcucer Hiro Mashima

Natsu: I dont care what happens to me! My blood, my flesh, my bones. All of it together!

Lucy says: Natsu stop it!

Natsu says: for my friends!

Lucy: natsu! open your eyes or natsu! Wake up.

Text says: all of this power… Is it (something i cant understand i think it says hope) or destruction.


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