Some NaLu for the birthday girl shandisworld

I am actually happy with how this came out, since I tried out some new ways of colouring for the first time xD

Anywho, Happy birthday Shandi, my lovely friend whom puts up with my chatter and continues to share her talent with our little fandom. I hope you have a beautiful day! Ah.. and instead of baby Natsu, you got big Natsu’s smile. ;)

Do not use or repost!

Well, I said I will message you, dear snogfairy,  but an ask is not enough long, and I want to more people to know about your awesome Tails & alons fic, so I tought - I would express myself with im the beast at! (as you can see its not the literature, at least in English ;-; 

So this is how I imagined Lucy’s tattoo - I hope you like it c:

Also my the reason of my excitement is that I’m really not into fanfics.  I barely readed some and these are really well written, but until now I only read ones in the same universe, and I found that too.. out of character, making all lovely - dovely, but Tails and Talons was everywhere in my dash and I hate when I’m out of something, so  I chacked it, well done, me,
 This AU was awesome *-* You expressed the characters perfectly, and in this world I totally can see them going like this. The Wendy-Grandine thing was way too awesome to me >w<  It’s really rare, but your work made me smile, made my heart squeeze (literally, only good shoujos and books can do that~) and my heart was so full when you brought whole sentences from the original ;-; 

So thank you for your hard work, and ganbattene! <3
Also happy birthday, I’m so firgjid bc if I were checked it before, I could have greeted you!
/Guys its really worth the 5 hours sleeping/