Lucy: “Well, at least, that’s how the war OFFICIALLY started. Y’see, in the First Sinnoh War, also called WWI, East Sinnoh suffered a crushing loss. West Sinnoh, particularly the French speaking communities, wanted the East to pay for the atrocities they committed, and so they pretty much threw all of East Sinnoh in the mud. This would be the spark that lit nationalism later on. Their new leader pushed for a new kind of government. and extensively, a new kind of world.

Unova didn’t really enter the war and we didn’t take part until a naval base was attacked by the Imperial Forces of Kanto. The resulting war caused a huge leap in technology, things like computers, the interstate, and of course military technology became 10 times what it was and than some. 

The outcome of the Second Sinnoh War, ah, also called WWII here in The Republic, caused my country, Unova, to become a major world power on the global scale. The shift in power given to Unova is probably one of the biggest reasons for wars that happened afterwards. In fact, the Almia war that we just got out of, uuuh that’s the one I fought in haha, probably never would have happened if Unova never took part in the second world war. That’s your history lesson for today! I left a LOT of stuff out though but I had to make it quick since I gotta get home.“