Favourite Screen Costumes || Lucrezia’s red festival outfit (Da Vinci’s Demons [2013]: 1x01 - The Hanged Man)

Costumes by: Annie Symons


Lara and I got really excited about that scene. It was nice to work with a woman, it was nice to be in a situation with the wife of the man that Lucrezia was having an affair with. Lucrezia felt so unbelievably guilty. So she’s not a bad person. She doesn’t want to be doing what she’s doing. She wants women to like her, she wants to have female friends, but she can’t. She’s living a very solitary life. And Clarice put her in her place. And it made me sad to think that Lucrezia has her looks, and that’s about it. In that moment, Clarice had style, grace, she had old money, she had a title, she had a husband and she had children. And in that moment, in that room with Clarice, Lucrezia had nothing but her sexuality. And that will go, that will disappear, and then what does she have? - Laura Haddock

At the Florentine Carnival I’m dressed as a phoenix and you see me wear a spectacular gown, but all our costumes are beutiful. To realize them the costume makers took their inspiration from several designers, including Vivienne Westwood, and John Galliano. […] Some of the costumes were handmade, with thousands of gemstones stitched by the tailors. It was an incredible job. Laura Haddock