Story time: So 24k had concert in my country but I couldn’t go. I was really sad about it and spent all Sunday at home and then I found out that they were like 30 minutes away from my house and I was even sadder. Today I met up with my best friend and we went to the shopping centre to cheer me up. We were about to go home but my friend remembered that she had to buy eyeliner so we went to superpharm and guess who I met? I was so nervous and speechless, my friend told me to take a picture with them but I needed to calm down a little because my heart was beating like crazy. After a while I approached Kisu and asked him for a photo (and said that I love him like 10 times) he took my phone and took two pictures. He said “I love you” in polish and high-fived me like three times (I never gonna wash my hand again). I was so embarassed and run away despite Jinhong who seemed to want to take a picture with me (I am really sorry about it). When I left the shop I saw Jeonguk, Daeil, Hui and Cory sitting nearby but I didn’t want to bother them because it was their free time so I went to sit with my friend. I still can’t believe in what had happend and I am so happy right now. I have a feeling that Kisu knew that I know them because he kept on looking my way. They are so beautiful in real life, more than pictures show. I was thinking ‘how can you look like you are photoshopped in real life?’