Here's To The..

Many people in this life
They come and go
Just like the trains
Passing the station

But some people are like cliffs
Standing their ground
Even in the toughest conditions
Through everything

And those I’d like to celebrate
To give them thanks
For the compassion they gave, and toast to
Their good health

Here’s to the families
The place we call home
Sheltering us in storms and
Keeping us safe

Here’s to the loved ones
Loving us despite our flaws
Giving us the strength
To do everything

Here’s to the friends
The ones who keep us up
When you feel like sinking, taking us
On adventures

Here’s to the strangers
The kind ones we meet in the street
The ones we talk to and the ones we’ve
Yet to know

And then there’s you, my love.
The one who lifts me through the skies
And into space, healing my wounds
Saving me.

A toast to all of you
For supporting your loved ones
Your friends, the strangers.
For being you