I think I just found a Luce Worth song and it makes me real’ happy


Characters/Pairings: Lamont Toucey, Luce Worth

Fandom: Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name!

Rating: PG-13 I guess, self harm mention

Words: 3,117

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As a general rule, Luce doesn’t text. He claims his thumbs feel too big over the buttons and that it’s always easier to just make a call, but Lamont thinks it has more to do with the fact it brings Luce’s attention to his hands. Where there are small scars and nicks from him messing around with scalpels, which would only remind him of his classes he should be doing better in. Or maybe he didn’t want to see the ragged yellowness that was creeping in to his nails from the cigarettes he never seems without nowadays.

Either way, if Lamont’s cell phone chimes or buzzes in his pocket he never expects it to be from Luce, so when it is he worries for half a moment that it’s something bad.

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