At St Michaels Academy dance is more than just over glorified gymnastics or a wannabe sport, it’s an art form in it’s truest form. Whether you’re an acrobat or a hip hopper, a tumbler or a ballerina St Michaels will be the hardest training you’ve ever experienced. You’ll be pushed to your limits, trying new styles and being pitted against all the other dancers who think they are even better than you. Will you be able to keep your turns tight, your releve high and your facials perfect or will the stress cause you to crack and run off stage stressed. The only way to know how good you are is to compete against and train with the best in the country, St Michaels is the place for that.

Gavin Morales

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Lucas Triana

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Sean Lew

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Davis Cleveland

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Chandler Canterbury

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Ronan Parke

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Nathan Gamble

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Nick Dobbs

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Asa Butterfield

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Cody Simpson

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Ulrik Munther

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Nathan Sykes

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sophia lucia autumn miller & lucas triana at VIP dance events!

BOOFRP DOES A MASTERLIST OF;; Children FC's with GIF hunts

This masterlist was requested by a lovely Anon. In order to do this masterlist, I took to Google and found the gem that is child-actor-gifs. And with that, I was able to do a masterlist of child FC’s with their ages, GIF hunts and what hair and eye colour they have. Also, this masterlist is in alphabetical order, so i hope that helps. Under the cut are 290 different children FC’s, sorted between boys and girls. Like/Reblog if this helps! 

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Dance This or That: Little Dancer

You can either reblog these with your answer, send numbers to a blog, or make a gifset/photoset with your answer! If you reblog it I’ll be sure to send you a few questions


  1. Jazz or Lyrical?
  2. Jazz or Hip Hop?
  3. Ballet or Hip Hop?
  4. Lyrical or Contemporary?
  5. Jazz or Musical Theatre?
  6. Musical Theatre or Tap?
  7. Ballroom or Acro?
  8. Solo or Groups?
  9. Duets or Trios?
  10. Turns or Tilts?
  11. Leaps or Tumbling?
  12. Technique or Flexibility?
  13. Feet or Legs?
  14. Kar or HoF?


  1. WCSA’s “Bathing Beauties” or “Club’s Bathing Beauties”?
  2. Club’s “Run the World” or “DP’s Run the World”?
  3. DP’s Scream and Shout or DP’s Make the World Move?
  4. Temecula’s “Teenage Dream” or DP’s Jupiter?
  5. Devin Ramirez’s “Beneath Your Beautiful” or Arena Lopez’s “Warrior”?
  6. Ava Sinischalchi’s “Find Me” or Kaylee Quinn’s “Hallelujah”?
  7. Brynklie Brown’s “Home to Me” or Bostyn Brown’s “People”?
  8. Brynn Rumfallo’s “Breathe” or Tate McRae’s “Aftershock”?
  9. Dylynn Jones’ “This is Freedom” or Jenna Valenzuela’s “At Last”?
  10. Talia Seitel’s “Youth” or Jaycee Wilkins’ “Youth”?
  11. Talia Seitel & Tate McRae’s “Nothing More or Nothing Less or Jaycee Wilkins & Tate McRae’s “For Blue Skies”?
  12. Talia Seitel’s “Journey” or Sophia Lucia’s “Turn to Stone”?
  13. DP’s “Single Ladies” or Mather’s “California Gurls”?
  14. Mather’s “Beauty and a Beat” or DP’s “Run the World”?
  15. Murietta’s “Cosmic Love” or Club’s “The Leaving Song”
  16. Mather’s “Firework” or Murietta’s “Kill and Run”?
  17. Emmy Cheung’s “I Believe” or Michelle Cheng’s “On My Own”
  18. Jaycee Wilkins’ “Beautiful Like Me” or Michelle Cheng’s “Never Had a Friend Like Me”?
  19. Michelle Cheng’s “Born to Entertain” or Autumn Miller’s “Hit Me With a Hot Note”?
  20. Sophia’s “Secrets” or Tate McRae’s “Rule the World”?
  21. Madison Cubbage’s “Lay Me Down” or Simone Cameresi’s “Lay Me Down’?
  22. Simrin’s “Bang Bang” or Addison’s “Latch”?
  23. Hayden Hopkins’ “Fjogur Piano” or Addison’s “Latch”?
  24. Brynn Rumfallo’s “Steppin’ Out” or Dylynn Jones’ “I’m Available”?
  25. Vivian Ruiz’s “Marina Gasolina” or Taylor Nunez’s Habanera?
  26. Vivian Ruiz’s “Skin and Bones” or Lauren Shaw’s “Beyond”?
  27. OCPAA’s “Surprise” or the Rage’s “Runway”?
  28. The Rage’s “Runway” or Club’s “Glamorous Life”?
  29. The Rage’s “Boss” or Club’s “Bang Bang”
  30. Cassidey Fralin’s “Bad Girls” or Rihanna Quinn’s “That’s Not My Name”?
  31. Kennie Shen’s “Beautiful” or Coco Quinn’s “Little Bird”?
  32. Emily Madden’s “Let Me Enterain You” or Sophia’s “Let Me Entertain You’?
  33. Grecia Cruz’s “Work” or McKenzie Morales’ “#Professional”?
  34. Mather’s “Me and My Girls” or WSCA’s “Nothing But the Best?


  1. Hayden Hopkins or Addison Moffett
  2. Madison Cubbage or Courtney Thurston
  3. Kalani Hilliker or Sarah Reasons
  4. Brynn Rumfallo or Tate McRae
  5. Jaycee Wilkins or Bostyn Brown
  6. Dylynn Jones or Taylor Nunez
  7. Jenna Valenzuela or Emmy Cheung
  8. Coco Quinn or Kendyl Fay
  9. McKenzie Morales or Kyla Laufer
  10. Sophia Lucia or Talia Seitel
  11. Madison Haschak or Tessa Bella deFries
  12. Mia Diaz or Kimmy Kopke
  13. Gavin Morales or Lucas Triana
  14. Taylor Nunez or Vivian Ruiz
  15. Peyton Heitz or Ava Sinishcalchi
  16. Kaylee Quinn or Autumn Miller
  17. Audrey Lee or Sarah Shepard
  18. Autumn Miller or Melia Mariano
  19. Jojo Siwa or Jordyn Jones
  20. Madison O’ Conner or Madison Cubbage
  21. Chloe East or Lexee Smith
  22. Larsen Thompson or Charlize Glass
  23. Haschak sisters or Brown Sisters
  24. Tatiana Savedra or Carlee Schield
  25. Carlee Schield or Bostyn Brown
  26. Makenna Miller or Emma Sutherland
  27. Sophia Frilot or Grecia Cruz
  28. Jessalyn Hall or Jessalyn Ward
  29. Brooke Shaw or Dabria Aguliar
  30. Kaycee Rice or Sierra Neudeck
  31. Kayla Murray or McKenzi Lauritzen
  32. Morales kids or Laufer sisters
  33. The Chois or Marianos
  34. Tillie Glatz or Makenna Miller
  35. Kamryn Beck or Audrey Lee
  36. Brady Farrar or Gavin Morales
  37. Soni Bringas or Lexee Smith?


  1. Angel Armas and Victor Smalley or Alexa Moffett?
  2. Molly Long or Shannon Mather?
  3. Shannon Mather or Travis Wall?
  4. Blake McGrath or Megan McGrath?
  5. Kate Jablonski or Shannon Mather?
  6. Molly Long or Alexa Moffet?
  7. Alexa Moffett or Krista Barker?
  8. Emily Shock or Kate Jablonski?
  9. Eshe Gibbs or Emily Shock?
  10. Travis Wall or Andrew Winghart?
  11. Mark Meismer or Mollee Gray?
  12. Mollee Gray or Molly Long?
  13. TOKOYO or Mark Meismer?
  14. Sonya Tayeh or TOKOYO?
  15. Tiffany Burton Rojas or Molly Long?
  16. Donna Shepard or Megan McGrath?