Name: Lu Desei

Age: 33

Species: Drell

DOB: October 2, 2152

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 180 lbs

Specialty: Vanguard

Occupation: Former indentured servant for a weapon producer in Nos Astra and part-time bouncer (4 years) | Former freelance bodyguard (3 years) | Former C-SEC officer (6 years) | Former biotic soldier aboard the Destiny Ascension (2 years) | Currently leader of an APEX team with the Initiative

Background: Born in Nos Astra, Ilium, Lu spent most of her childhood and early teenage years on the move before she found herself alone after losing her mother. After many disappointments and with no one to hold her down, Lu joined the Initiative in the hopes of starting her life anew. One of the few drell that came aboard the Nexus, she finds herself facing the reality that she might be one of the few drell in Andromeda if the Keelah Si’Yah, the quarian ark, is not found.

Inna’s purely roleplay related 30 days of OTP challenge!

Day 11; Wearing kigurumis
           Lu Desei & Artemus Ford

Ahhhh yes, I do love myself some sketches.

Lu is the lady drell OC of a friend, Ford is my human dude OC with ridiculously long legs and the desire to cuddle. The moment I found out I had to draw a couple wearing a kigurumi… I knew it was going to be Lu and Ford. >:|

PS. YES, ROSA, THAT’S BOB IN HER LAP. Naturally. And yes, Ford is reaching for her frill. p sure that’s why she looks so displeased.