Lu Ten

…but I will never see this..

Because in my head, Lu Ten was always someone to look up to when Zuko was younger..some sort of a role model..And he got incredibly proud everytime Lu Ten praised him.

I wonder how many years these two have in difference. But they both are younger here anyway, a few years before Lu Ten died:C

Also I have a really strong impression I like hurting myself and making myself sad…I wish I could draw this better

Remember that time when Iroh was going around Ba Sing Se and he gave people advice and cheered them up and then it turned out that he was going to do a memorial for his son who he wished he could have helped and my heart hurt


Oh my goodness I love character design so much. And one thing that really helps me practice is just straight up, drawing crossovers/AUs. Recently one of my favorite shows, Samurai Jack, came out of its 13 year hiatus and I just caught up with the new episodes and cried over the art style all over again and saying I was inspired to throw my favorite ATLA characters into an AU inspired by it is an understatement. Enjoy some of the sketches I made yesterday!
P.S. I love drawing oni/demon/yokai masks

Characters belong to Bryke

A Name for the Shop

Iroh’s tea shop in Ba Sing Se  was named in honor of his son.

When Lu Ten was seven years old, he told Iroh that he wanted a nickname. Because his mother’s name, Luli, means ‘jasmine’ and his father had earned the nickname ‘the Dragon of the West,’ the boy decided to combine them for his own nickname:

The Jasmine Dragon

runrundoyourstuff  asked:

AU in which Lu Ten is the Avatar?

You did it, you found an AU I absolutely do not have.

1. Lu Ten doesn’t know he’s the Avatar, not until he almost dies in the siege of Ba Sing Se, and goes into the Avatar State.

2. Meanwhile Iroh breaks through the outer wall. As Fire Nation troops flood into the green farmland around the city proper, a young soldier reaches him with word of what happened. Iroh sends a messenger with word that he wishes to negotiate for the return of his son. The Earth Kingdom generals insist they have no idea what he means, and Iroh threatens, and eventually somebody drags the Dai Li in, and Long Feng tells them no flat out, because this is not the kind of opportunity that comes around every day, and there’s no telling what damage a Royal Fire Nation avatar could do.

3. Long Feng, for all his intelligence, is not very good at seeing past the end of his nose, and the next thing he knows is, his city is conquered, and he’s in a prison cell, while his prize is being returned to his father relatively unharmed.

4. Iroh is frankly disturbed when he sends a letter to his father informing him of the good news, and Azulon responds by ordering Lu Ten’s death.

5. Unfortunately for Azulon, the army in the field is loyal to Iroh. It’s a simple matter to force his obviously senile father to abdicate.

okay but an AU where Iroh died during the siege on Ba Sing Se saving Lu Ten and Lu Ten is the one who travels through the spirit world trying to save his dad.

Then he has to go home to an uncle who doesn’t want him and watch his cousin get abused and eventually banished and goes with him.

But his journey with Zuko would be different because they are closer in age but Lu Ten is basically a younger Iroh.

Not only does Zuko have to deal with the confusing wisdom and tea obsession, Lu Ten also seems to flirt with girls everywhere they go which annoys Zuko to no end because he neEDS TO CAPTURE THE AVATAR TO RESTORE HIS HONOR


Some nice mood , lighting, and weather symbolism with it being all bright and vibrant when Lu Ten is still alive before it gets all dark and stormy. 

It’s also a lot colder without Lu Ten too, and the tree has lost all of its leaves. 

It actually kind of reminds me of what they did with “Zuko Alone.” 

this is a little something i call “how to make an avatar the last airbender fan tearbend”