Happpy Birthday to this….. this… uhh… I dont even know

This is Liam reacting to the story of a fan that went through bullying and that found his own story relatable:

This is Liam reaction after reading a fan’s sign thanking them for helping her through her issues and how she had find her girlfriend:

This is Liam asking for more rainbow flags:

This is Liam with kids for Comic Relief:

This is Liam crying after he injured himself in concert and couldn’t perform like he used to and fans just screamed so loud for him:

And this is Liam talking about his family and his best friends:

So don’t ever tell me there is a more precious human being in this world!

How to cross the road with AH
  • Gavin: What were you taught as a kid when crossing the road, were you told to look-
  • Michael: Look both ways
  • Ryan: Yeah
  • Gavin: Just look both ways
  • Ryan: What do you mean just look both ways
  • Michael: Well you say look both ways but you're supposed to look right, look left then look back right again
  • Ryan: So look every way
  • Lindsay: My parents were like if you run into the road you're done
  • Gavin: Right, left, right to make sure in the .5 of a second you weren't looking a bus has now arrived.
  • Jeremy: My parents told me if you get hit by a car we'll make another one
  • Gavin: Make another car?