If you can, please see the new Ghostbusters in theaters. We have to show production companies that movies with female protagonists are important and successful, especially when the movies aren’t rom-coms. This is really, really important if we want any positive change toward equal gender representation in the movie industry.

Ghostbusters Restaurant Headcanons
  • holtzmann doesn’t really like reading the menus to pick food, so she only looks at the pictures in the menus and picks from that
  • if there aren’t pictures, she looks at what people are having around her and will point it out
  • this drives erin absolutely crazy because “you don’t even know how much you’re missing out on!”
  • erin is the person that everyone has to wait for to order because she always gets it down to two different things that she can’t pick between
  • patty will walk her through the pros and cons of each choice, but it always ends with abby going “OH MY GOD JUST PICK ONE”
  • whenever the waiters ask kevin if he wants a lemon in his water, he asks for it on the side and then leaves it untouched for the rest of the meal
  • eventually abby notices the trend and asks him why he does this, to which he responds “i didn’t want the lemon” and abby goes “why don’t you just say you don’t want the lemon?” and kevin answers “well i don’t want to go and hurt the lemon’s feelings. i’m not a jerk”
  • erin and holtzmann always sit on the same side of the booth so erin can play with holtzmann’s hands under the table
  • holtzmann and patty play tic tac toe on napkins and it gets very serious very quickly
  • one time after patty beats holtz in tic tac toe, holtz throws a piece of toast at patty (ref to x) and they start a food fight in the middle of a waffle house
  • they don’t go to waffle houses anymore
  • patty is always the one to grab extra napkins because she knows who she’s eating with
  • one time holtzmann convinces kevin that if they join all of their lemons together, they can make lemonade with the sugar packets and his cup of water. he uses salt packets instead of sugar but doesn’t notice the difference
  • they always get kevin a kid’s menu to color on, but holtz typically has it halfway through the meal and has doodled on it too (she typically doodles erin)
  • they hang all of the completed coloring pages up in the lab

my bullet journal supplies

So I’m still kind of new to the world of bullet journaling, but I love it so far, mainly because it gives me more of an excuse to get cool pens and other stationery stuff! I tend to be a savvy shopper, so basically everything I have is very affordable, but still good! The most expensive things I bought were the mildliners, but even then they weren’t too much. I won’t spend any more than 4 euros on a roll of washi tape, and I tend to favor Amazon.com and HEMA (which is a store from Amsterdam that they also have in France, and it’s magical to me and everything is so cheap but good!) So anyways, here’s a post of the things I use, and links to where you can find some of them!


  • Pilot V Sign Pen - (this is my favorite pen ever and I use the black one for  e v e r y t h i n g!!)
  • MUJI twin highlighters in blue and pink - (I used them a lot before I bought mildliners. I like the clear end so you can see what you’re highlighting!)
  • Stabilo OHPen permanent superfine - (recent purchase, because some of my sticky notes react weird to non-permanent pens…)
  • Pilot G-2 0.7 pen - (my long-time favorite. got me through high school and college note-taking. I still buy them and use them for pretty much everything!)
  • MUJI hexagonal double click pen in lime - (another older purchase. I don’t use it as much anymore, but still like it!)
  • HEMA fineliners 12-pack - (for 2.50 euros, it’s such a steal! I got them as a Stabilo fineliner replacement because I wasn’t ready to throw down 15 euros for a pack of pens. I use the grey and black ones the most, though, so I keep them separate from the rest of the pack.)
  • Zebra mildliners in warm and cool shades - (I’m super happy I jumped on the mildliner train because I love these so much!!)


  • 4-pack pencil case - (I got them for 2.32 + free shipping!!! They are a bit smaller than I originally thought they’d be, but they still are great! Fits all my mildliners perfectly in one, and the rest of my pens in another! I use the other two for small sticky notes, rulers, and my scissors, and there’s still some room for new additions! 
  • (not pictured) My Neighbor Totoro pencil case - (I don’t have this yet, but I can’t wait for it to arrive! Hopefully I can use it for my washi tapes or whatever else; it’s just too cute and only 3 euros!)


  • MUJI A5 double-ring dotted-paper notebook - (this is the notebook I use for my bullet journal! I tried two others before I caved and got this one, and I’m happy I did! I didn’t think I’d like the dotted paper at first, but now I’m used to it and really love it! I also plan on decorating the cover sometime soon!)
  • MUJI A5 recycled gridded-paper notebook - (This is what I originally used for my bullet journal, but then decided I favored ringed notebooks instead. I have a lot of these bad boys, and I use them for various things, like one for traveling, one for various notes, and one I use for lists. Perfectly slim to carry in my purse or whatever!)


  • gold glitter washi tape - (I can’t remember where I got this, but I’ve been able to find similar easily online!)
  • HEMA pink & blue/white washi tape 2-pack - (unable to find a link, but the pink one is my favorite of the two! and it was just 2 euros for the pack!)
  • Maste black and white dotwhite floral tape - (new additions and also my new favorites! got them at a stationery store in Paris, but I know you can order them online, too!)
  • HEMA glossy tape 4-pack - (these aren’t my favorite since I favor the matte-finish tapes, but I still like them!)
  • HEMA thin yellow & mint & orange washi tape 3-pack - (god bless HEMA once again. 2 euros for the pack.)
  • thin washi tape 10-pack - (1.90 + free shipping!!! the colors in the picture on Amazon make them look more pastel than they actually are, but I still really like them!)