Longing for Lowman

“can I get #28 and #86 with Mr. Happy Lowman 😊😊”

#28 - “Stop distracting me!“

#86 - ”Why are you walking around naked?“

“Babe?” You call, watching Happy on the couch, some tattoo show on the TV in front of him. He ignores you, as you expected, as that’s what he’d been doing for the past twenty minutes.

You wanted to spend some ‘quality’ time with him, and for once, he wasn’t interested, too engrossed in whatever he was watching.

You pouted from the kitchen table, your thighs twitching as you sit bored and horny. You get up, deciding to take a more direct approach. Taking a seat next to him, you sit sideways, watching him and waiting for him to turn to you. Nothing.

“Happy…” You try to sound seductive, your finger tips sliding up and down his arm, your breath hot on his ear as you teasingly nibble the lobe, knowing it’s one of his favourite things.

To your surprise, he shrugs you off, embarrassment overcoming you at his rejection. “Stop distracting me.”

He pretty much growls at you, his interest absolutely glued to the television. You sigh dramatically in frustration, pulling yourself up from the couch and making your way to the bedroom. You turn back, thinking that maybe your boyfriend would give a shit. Nope. Nothing.

You storm away childishly, feeling like a fool for being so immature and annoyed. As you sit on the edge of the bed, an idea comes to mind. Smirking wickedly, you get up, pulling open your drawer and searching for what you need.

You hastily pull off your tshirt and loose bottoms, replacing them with a pair of light pink booty shorts and a pair of knee high white socks, knowing they’ll drive your man crazy. You grab one of his SAMCRO tshirts, inhaling the scent of Happy before sliding it over your head, grabbing a hair tie and gathering the shirt in the back, tying it so it’s tight to your skin and more like a crop top.

Practically skipping to the mirror, you check your appearance, feeling like your mission is about to go as planned. Ruffling up your hair and applying a little bit of lip balm, you push down the butterflies in your tummy, turning to leave the bedroom.

Happy is in the exact same position as he was in ten minutes ago, eyes fixated to the screen. You bite your lip, thinking of how to do this. You notice a cup and an ashtray on the TV cabinet, rolling your eyes at your untidy boyfriend but also thanking him. Walking to the TV, making sure to sway your hips, you bend over unnecessarily, retrieving the dirty items and blocking the TV in the process.

“You’re blocking the-” You stand back up, watching as Happy goes silent, his focus finally on you as his gaze rakes up and down your body. You feel your confidence rise as you internally laugh at him, glad your outfit had its intended effect.

Strutting to the kitchen, you hear the TV turn off, footsteps following as you hear Happy entering the room. You place the cup and ashtray in the sink, not even having a moment to turn around before you feel his hands slip around your waist, his back pressed against you, his bulge grazing your barely covered ass.

You act unaffected, beginning to clean the crockery in the sink as Happy slides his hand up and down your stomach, grazing your chest before moving back down. His lips shower your neck with kisses, each inch of your exposed skin being covered by him. You feel yourself falling apart, but you’re determined to keep this charade going on for a little bit longer.

“Not right now, babe. I’m tired.” You pretend to yawn, slithering out of his grasp and making your way to the bedroom, walking backwards so you’re facing him. You never reach your destination, however, as you find yourself being lifted off your feet and flung over his shoulder, his free hand slapping your ass playfully as you squeal.

“I can do that too, you know.” Your response is cheeky, one of your hands reaching down to squeeze your boyfriends backside, him chuckling at you before he throws you down on the bed, the springs bouncing underneath you.

You lean up on your elbows as your predator stands at the end of the bed, unbuckling his pants as you watch him, his hands removing the denim so he’s left in just his boxers and tshirt.

“Now, you haven’t forgotten how this works, have you baby girl?” His voice is coated with lust, the authority in his tone sending shivers down your spine. You shake your head, immediately falling in line.

“No, daddy, I haven’t forgotten.” You respond obediently, knowing that playing by the rules means being rewarded, and Happy’s rewards are by far your favourite. He smirks at you, loving how easily you accommodate to his instructions, his little play toy.

“Good girl. Come here.“ You do as you’re told, pulling yourself up onto and crawling across the bed, right to the edge where he’s waiting. You look up at him teasingly, as if you don’t notice the more than prominent tent in his underwear. He smirks at you, grabbing you around the throat tightly, still leaving you enough room to breathe. You rise up on your knees, him bringing your face to his as he claims your lips with his, kissing you deeply.

He dominates, as always, and slides his tongue into your mouth, a small moan escaping from you as he does so. You decide to return the favour, sucking on his tongue suggestively, eliciting a groan from him. He separates from you, stepping back slightly and gesturing for you to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Go on, kitten. Show me how good you can suck my cock.” You subconsciously grind your core against the sheets, aching for some contact, his words fuelling the already present ache in your body.

Determined to prove yourself, you wink at him, before leisurely pulling down his boxers, wanting to see how far you can push him before he breaks. You move down to the floor, resting on your knees and pulling the fabric down until it reaches his ankles, removing it completely and discarding the underwear across the room.

You rise back up, coming face to face with him, his length standing at attention. You admire him for a second, placing your hand around his thick shaft and pumping once, your pussy tingling as you feel it in your grasp. Looking up at him, you swirl your tongue around his tip, watching as his eye lids fall shut, a smirk forming on your lips.

After placing a few little kisses on his shaft, you begin to slide him in and out of your mouth, your cheeks hollowing as you suck him. If you were being honest, you didn’t really mind giving your man blow jobs, loving the fact that when you do, you’re in control. Seeing him, in the midst of pleasure, his eyes tightly shut and his mouth parted, was one of your favourite things.

You feel his hands gather your hair into a makeshift ponytail, his attention completely on you as he watches you take him in, watches himself disappear past your lips. You press your tongue flat against the underside of him, humming slightly to add that little bit extra, the vibrations causing him to curse under his breath.

You push yourself to take him to the back of your throat, a deep groan leaving him as you do, his grip tightening on your locks. You pull back, slightly breathless, your saliva glistening on his swollen cock, your hand stroking him as you look up at him innocently.

“Get up.” You practically shoot to your feet, standing in front of him within seconds, eager to have him work on you. He turns you around, pulling your shirt - well, his shirt - upwards, your skin being revealed bit by bit. Once he pulls it off, he drops it on the floor, his hands moving around you to cup your breasts in his hands.

You gasp at the contact, your breasts tender and sensitive. You rest your head back on him as he begins to massage your chest, his fingers twisting and pulling at your nipples. You close your eyes as you bask in the feeling him, his mouth coming to bite and suck at your neck, the combination of his hands and his lips driving you crazy.

He slides his hands down your stomach, feeling the soft skin under his fingers, his trail continuing until he’s at the band of your shorts. As his hand slips into the material, he sucks particularly hard at your skin, his tongue darting out to soothe the mark.

“You filthy girl, no fucking underwear, hm?” You’re a moaning mess in his grasp, his breath hot against your ear as he whispers to you. “Bet you’re fucking dripping, been begging me to take you all day.”

You can’t deny his words, being able to feel the moisture between your legs, hear the sounds of it as he traces his fingertips up and down your folds, a deep moan ripping from him as he feels how wet you are for him, his cock grinding up against your ass to somehow relieve himself.

You hook your arm around his neck as he sinks his fingers into you, your body feeling weak as you feel him inside of your walls. You gasp and moan quietly as he pulls his fingers back out of you, before entering you again, curling his digits so he hits all the right places.

“Daddy…” You can barely form words as he holds you against him, fingering your aching pussy. His long, slender fingers sink in and out of you, spreading and curling in all the right ways, turning you into a moaning mess. His thumb begins to make circles on your clip, your fists clenching for something to hold on to as you feel yourself ready to explode.

“Hold it.” Happy warns you, pulling his fingers out of you slowly and bringing them up to your mouth, pressing them against your lips. You open your mouth, swirling your tongue and tasting yourself, Happy practically dribbling at the mouth as he watches you hungrily. Once he’s satisfied, he pulls his fingers from your lips, kissing you roughly, the tangy remenants of your desire entering his mouth.

Pulling away, he roughly yanks down your shorts, leaving your knee high socks on, loving how they look on you. He smacks your ass, the sound vibrating through the room, and shoves you towards the bed.

“On your kneeks spread your legs for me, kitten.” Body itching in excitement, you do as you’re told, making sure to shake your ass as you get on the bed, knowing you’re being watched. Getting into position, you wait until you feel the bed dip, knowing Happy is behind you.

You feel him at your entrance, your whole entity desperate and eager. You feel yourself stretching as Happy enters you, a long, deep moan leaving him as you gasp, trying to adjust to his size.

You pull at the sheets between your fists as Happy pulls back, before slamming back into you deeply. Grabbing your hips, you smiling at the thought of the bruises there tomorrow, your boyfriend repeats his actions, getting quicker and more powerful as he goes along.

You clench your eyes shut as the pleasure takes control, the room filling with moans and groans from the both of you. You feel your head being pulled back as Happy grabs your hair, tugging at the strands as he fucks you mercilessly.

“Fuck!” You swear loudly, not caring if the neighbours can hear, your gspot being hit perfectly in this position. You know you can’t last much longer, the build up and the way you’re being fucked making you reach the edge so easily.

“You only come when I say so.” Happy commands, a whine of protest leaving you. A sharp slap to your ass shuts you up, and you choose to bite your lip, trying to resist letting go.

You don’t have to wait too long, fortunately, before Happy gives you the go ahead, your hands yanking at the bed sheets as you come around him, your walls clenching around his cock, sending him into his own orgasm. You gather your breath and pretty much collapse on the bed, Happy gently pulling out of you and falling beside you.

He rubs your back soothingly as you recover, your head turning to face him as he grins at you, placing a loving kiss to your forehead.

“Top performance as always, baby girl.” He praises a few minutes after, a lazy smile gracing your lips.

“Thanks, baby. You weren’t so bad yourself.” He chuckles at you, already knowing the effect he has on you, because it’s the same one you have on him.

“Coffee?” You ask, rolling onto your back. Happy nods gratefully, watching as you get up from the bed and go to leave the room.

“I love you.” He calls, your eyes rolling as you smile to yourself. You move into the kitchen, grabbing two cups and turning on the coffee maker.

“Why are you walking around naked?” You almost scream at the sound of Tig’s voice, his figure appearing in the doorway as you try to cover yourself.

“Jesus Christ, Tig! You could try knocking you know” You shout, Tig just watching you in amusement, his eyes moving up and down your naked body, not making the slightest effort to stop ogling you. You look back at the bedroom, knowing that no matter if you walk backwards or turn around, he’s going to see something he shouldn’t.

In that moment, Happy walks out of the bedroom, a pair of sweats hanging low on his waist and a shirt on his upper body. He stops in his tracks, observing the situation, before hastily pulling off his shirt and chucking it to you.

“Close your eyes, Tigger.” Happy warns, you hurriedly put the shirt on as Tig laughs, but does what he’s told.

“Gotta come round here more often.” Tig says, winking at you cheekily.

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Not Your Babe

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Request: Imagine your FWB with Happy and he gets jealous when somebody buys you a drink.


Request: Jealous Happy imagine with lots of smut.

His fingers slipped beneath your shirt and the cool metal of his rings pressed against your skin.
You moaned softly as he kissed down your neck, sucking only hard enough to leave a faint mark.
“Happy,” You moaned.
His lips became fiercer on your skin and he growled lowly at the mention of his name.
He always knew how to make you melt under his touch. And you’d give anything to spend everyday locked away in a room, just you and Happy Lowman. But you couldn’t be late for work again.
With a groan you pushed him off you.
Happy stepped back, and his dark eyes met yours.
“I’ve gotta go, Hap.” You whispered.
You saw his jaw clench and you bit your lip before reaching up and you pecked his lips softly.
“You’ll come back tonight.” Happy rasped.
It wasn’t a question, you knew it was an order and you rolled your eyes.
“Not tonight.” You said and reached down.
You lifted your heels off the floor and slipped them on your feet before smoothing down your skirt.
Happy stared at you, his face blank.
“It’s girls night.” You explained further.
Still, he didn’t respond.
You rolled your eyes and lifted your handbag onto your shoulder.
“Call me.” You said and pecked his lips once more before turning towards the door and walking down the hallway.
You knew he was mad that you were blowing him off to hang out with your girlfriends tonight.
But honestly, you were sick of being his booty call.
For months now, you had been ‘friends’ with Happy. You knew he liked you and he knew you liked him.
But Happy Lowman was stubborn when it came to dating. He was a cold hearted Killer, and he was convinced that if he let you into his heart and into his life you would be in danger.
And so he kept you at a distance, his dirty little secret.
You didn’t mind, not at first.
But the longer this whole thing went on the harder it got, and the more you needed some type of commitment from him.
You needed to go out tonight, with your friends and without Happy. You needed to clear your mind and just be free for a night.
The morning air was crisp and you smoothed your hair down as you walked across the Teller-Morrow lot towards your car.
It was Friday, so you prayed that your day at work would go fast and before you knew it you could be at the bar, vodka in your hand and you could forget about these feelings that were clouding your mind.

You could always hear her before you saw her. And even as the car sped down your street, you knew instantly it was her from the music booming through the windows.
You had met Paige four years ago when you first moved to Charming, and since that very first day of knowing your best friend your life had never been the same.
She was like a wild storm, and she knew how to bring out your bad side.
Together, you always seemed to get yourselves into mischief.
The tyres screeched as she pulled into your driveway and you laughed to yourself.
With a quick glance in the mirror you grabbed your bag and slung it over your shoulder.
You walked out of your house and headed towards the car.
“Oh hell no!” Paige yelled as she leaned out the drivers window, a cigarette in her hands as she eyed your appearance.
“What?” You asked.
“You are not getting laid dressed like that!”
You laughed loudly and rolled your eyes.
“Trust me, I can get laid. I’m just not looking for anyone tonight.”
Paige eyes you suspiciously and blew out her smoke before she got out of the car.
“Whatever you say, (y/n). But I am, and I ant go out with you looking like that.”
You looked down at your black skinny jeans and your black tank. It was your classic outfit. Your go-to. You weren’t really into dressing up, but atleast you’d put heels on for tonight, and your hair was hanging loosely around your shoulders
You thought you looked okay.
Paige, however, thought differently and she reached into the backseat of her car and pulled out a rucksack.
“Get back inside, bitch.”
You laughed and turned around.
Paige was crazy, but she was also stubborn and you knew there was no point in arguing. Plus, it might actually be fun to let her dress you tonight.
After watching her rummage through her bag in your bedroom she finally pulled out a black dress.
Your mouth dropped open when you saw it.
“No way.”
“Come oooooon (y/n)! Just for tonight!” Paige begged and clutched the dress to her chest, her bottom lip pouted out and her puppy dog eyes on full blow.
“Nah-uh. It is WAY too short. I cant pull that off.” You said and crossed your arms.
Paige said nothing but she shuffled towards you, and somehow her eyes got wider and her lip pouted further.
She blinked rapidly at you and tilted your head and you sighed and raised your arms before dropping them to your sides.
“Tonight. Only tonight!” You said sternly.
Paige squealed and grabbed your arm, dragging you in front of the full-length mirror.
She held the dress out in front of your body and you both tilted your heads to the side, trying to imagine your outfit.
“You are gonna look so hot.”

You stepped out of the cab and smoothed down the dress, clinging to your curves snugly.
“Thankyou!” Paige called to the driver and shut the door behind her before swinging her arm through yours.
“You look great. Lets go!” She said excitedly.
With a deep breath, you nodded and together you walked forwards and entered the bar.
Paige had done a good job, you had to admit.
Never in your life you had imagined that you would ever go out dressed like this.
The black dress was skin tight, clinging perfectly to your curves and hugging your body til it stopped mid thigh. The sleeves hung off your shoulders, showing off your collar bones and your rounded cleavage.
She had straightened your hair to perfection, and styled it so it hung around your shoulders and framed your face. She had even done your make up, ‘contouring’ and filling in your eyelids with different shades of silver and black, and the sharpest wing of eyeliner you had ever seen.
It was completely different to your normal jeans and top kinda look, but even you had to say you looked pretty damned good.
Clearly, you weren’t the only one that thought that, because as you entered the bar heads began to turn towards you both.
You and Paige both looked at each other and smirked before striding to the bar arm and arm.
“Ladies, what can I get for you?” The bartender asked.
“Four vodkas.” Paige ordered and blinked her eyes flirtily with the man behind the bar.
He winked and moved to grab the drinks and you both turned to survey tonight’s crowd.
“Shotgun the blondie in the back.” Paige whispered and you laughed.
You weren’t on the look out tonight, and you silently prayed that the rest of the girls would hurry up and get here so you had an excuse not to flirt with a random stranger.
No one else could compare to Happy Lowman, but you couldn’t exactly say that. Your friends didn’t know about Happy, and you knew they wouldn’t be exactly pleased to hear of your involvement with him.
Happy had a reputation, the whole club had a reputation, and your friends were.. different.
They lived a pretty straight life, abiding by all laws, never stepping a toe out of line, married with kids kinda girls, and if they knew that you were with a Son, they would definitely not be pleased.
In all honesty, you didn’t give a fuck what they thought. Happy was different to any other guy you had met in your life, and despite not being exclusive with him he always treated you right.
Paige would probably be the only one that would approve. In fact, she’d probably ask if he had any single friends.
But until you had a serious commitment from Happy, he was your little secret.
“Holy shit! (y/n) you look hot!”
You looked towards the door and laughed before twirling.
Your friends whistled and laughed as they moved across the bar to join you.
After hugging each other and they all got an eyeful of your outfit you all turned towards the bar.
Tonight was just beginning.

Seven vodkas later and the music was flooding through the speakers.
Laughter surrounded you as you swayed your hips to the music, your friends grinding to the beat beside you.
You’d been at the bar for a few hours now, and now you were all on the dance floor.
There were a few guys around you, trying to snake their hands onto your hips but you pushed them off overtime before stepping around them and moving closer to your friends.
“Looks like you got an admirer.” Lana whispered to you.
You laughed and raised your eyebrows at her, your body continuing to move to the music.
“Hes been watching you.” She said and nodded across the room before winking at you and turning towards one of the guys nearby.
You shook your head and ran your hand through your hair before scanning your eyes across the crowd.
You scanned the faces across the bar, looking for the guy she was talking about.
And suddenly you met his eyes.
The same dark eyes you lost yourself in overtime you looked into them.
The eyes of Happy Lowman.
You gulped and stopped moving and a ghost of a smirk crossed his lips.
His eyes never left yours and your heart was almost beating out of your chest.
What was he doing here?
He knew you were having a girls night.
And how long had he been here, watching you?
Your cheeks reddened slightly and you were relieved when Paige grabbed your arm.
“I needa pee.” She whispered and dragged you away from the dancefloor.
You glanced at Happy and she followed your gaze.
“Damn girl. If you’re not keen, shotgun.” She winked and headed for the bathroom.
You watched Happy twirl a toothpick between his lips and a slight shiver ran down your spine and you turned to follow your friend to the bathroom.
The music was softer at the back of the bar and you leant against the wall across from the bathroom as Paige went inside.
After almost a minute a shadow fell across you and you glanced up.
Happy stood in the hallway, his dark eyes watching you and a smirk playing on his lips.
“What are you doing here, Hap?” You asked and crossed your hips.
Happy stepped closer to you and moved in front of you, his eyes running over your outfit.
He leant towards you and placed his hands on the wall behind you, closing you in.
“You look good, little girl.” He said, his voice low and raspy.
A shiver ran down your spine once more and you bit your lip, unable to help the heat that was pooling within you.
“You shouldn’t be here, Happy. Its girls night.” You told him sternly.
He leant closer and you could feel his breath on your lips.
“I wanted to see you.” He said and licked his lips.
God, he know how to make you weak.
But you could hear the water running as Paige washed her hands in the bathroom and you knew if she came out and saw you in this position, with Happy pressed against you, she would have endless questions.
“You gotta go, Happy. Now.” You whispered urgently.
A part of you wanted him to stay, to push you up against the wall and take you right there, but you knew it wasn’t a good idea.
Happy smirked and leant closer and you looked up towards the ceiling.
His hot breath lingered on your skin and  he kissed your neck softly before moving to your ear.
“I know you want me, little girl.” He whispered before pushing away from you suddenly and slinking back into the bar.
You watched him go, leaving you breathless and you wanted nothing more than to go home with him right now.
“Whats wrong with you?” Paige asked.
You snapped back to reality and saw your best friend watching you curiously as she leant against the bathroom door.
She laughed lightly.
“Lets get another drink.”

Another hour had passed and you once again found yourself on the dance floor.
However this time, you weren’t quite as carefree as before.
The only thing you could think of was Happys dark eyes, watching you from across the room.
Every now and then you would catch his gaze and you’d blush, suddenly feeling self conscious as you swayed to the music in the tight little dress.
You were annoyed that he had shown up like this.
He knew you were having a night out with the girls, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it properly with him practically breathing down your neck.
Every awkward minute that passed you seemed to be getting angrier.
He thought he could just turn up and ruin your night, as if he had some kind of claim over you.
When according to him, you were just ‘friends’.
“Want another drink?” Lana asked you and you nodded.
You walked with your friend to the bar and you avoided looking into the area where Happy was sitting.
You ordered another vodka and leant against the bar when you felt someone nudge against your shoulder.
“Let me buy that for you.”
You looked towards the voice.
He wasn’t ugly, not at all. In fact, if your heart wasn’t taken by the Tacoma Killer you might actually consider dating this guy.
“Thats okay. I’ll get it.” You said warmly.
“Naw, lemme get it for you. Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be buying her own drinks.”
You rolled your eyes and laughed and the guy tossed a bill on the counter for the bartender.
“You wanna dance?” He asked you.
You bit your lip. It was definitely one way to get back at Happy for turning up here.
“Why not?” You grinned.
The guy smiled back at you and grabbed your hand, leading you back onto the dance floor.
Across the room Happy seethed with rage as he watched you move across the room with that jerk.
His jaw clenched so hard that the toothpick in his mouth snapped in half.
And on the dance floor you began to move.

The music was loud and you moved to the music, your hair falling freely down your back.
The guy from the bar snaked his hands onto your hips and he began to grind in time with the music.
A smirk played on your lips and you moved your body in sync with his.
“You wanna get outta here?” He whispered in your ear.
You laughed and shook your head.
“Come on babe.” He whispered and his hands moved down you body and squeezed your ass.
“No.” You said and moved his hands off you.
The guy chuckled and raised his eyebrows.
“You wanna play hard to get babe?” He asked and moved towards you.
“Im not you’re babe.” You shoved him away and before you knew what was happening Happy stepped in front of you and swung his fist.
It collided with the guys face and he fell to the floor.
Happy knelt over him and muttered something that was too low for you to hear and then he turned and grabbed your wrist.
He dragged you across the bar and outside and you followed him like a lost puppy.
The door had just closed behind you when it opened again.
“(Y/n)!? Are you okay?” Paige asked.
Happy stopped and dropped your hand and he turned to watch you.
“Yeah, Im fine babe.” You told your friend.
She nodded slowly and looked between you and Happy.
“You want me to take you home?” She asked.
“I can take her home.” Happy said quietly.
You glanced up at him before turning towards Paige.
“Nah its fine. Thanks, though.”
Paige nodded and turned back towards the door.
“Call me in the morning, bitch.” She called and you both laughed before she walked back inside.
Your silence fell away and you were left in silence, in the night air standing in front of the man you loved.
His eyes burnt into you and you glanced up at him nervously.
“Thank you.. for that.” You said quietly and looked away.
Happy stepped closer to you, closing the gap between your bodies and his hand reached out and lifted your chin, forcing you to look at him.
“You are mine.” He growled and kissed you fiercely.
His lips pressed against yours only for a moment before he ripped them away and pulled you urgently to his bike.

His bike stopped in your driveway and in silence you both got off and walked towards the door.
Neither of you spoke as you unlocked the door and he followed you inside.
You walked to your bedroom, slipping your heels off on the way and Happy followed right behind you.
You reached your bedroom door and opened it widely before striding inside.
Happy followed you, his eyes never leaving you as he closed the door behind himself.
He walked towards you slowly, the air burning with lust and you bit your lip as you looked up at him, knowing that it drives him wild.
Without saying a word you stared up into those dark eyes and grabbed his tshirt, pulling him towards you and you kissed him desperately.
His hands ran through your hair and down your body, only stopping once they reached your ass and he squeezed your cheeks roughly.
You pull away from him and smile up at him playfully before licking your lips.
“Were you jealous, Happy?” You cooed up at him.
Happy growled. “You belong to me.”
You frowned slightly and touched his stomach, feeling the ripped muscles beneath the fabric.
“I thought we were friends.”
You said and you slid your hand down his body, southwards until you were rubbing at the large bulge in the crotch of his jeans.
A low rumble rose from deep within his chest and you smiled as a shiver ran over your body.
His hand reached up and he grabbed a thick handful of your hair and gently tugged it back, arching your neck.
“Do you want me?” Happy asked, whispering against your skin.
His lips pressed gently against your neck and you moaned lightly.
He pulled your hair slightly tighter around his fist.
“Do you want me?” Happy repeated.
“Yes.” You gasped.
Happy growled and nipped at your neck and you gasped in surprise.
He released your hair and his hands were at the bottom of your dress.
In a swift movement he tugged the dress your body and lifted it over your head before tossing it to the floor.
Happy growled as his eyes ran over your bare chest and he reached up and ran his fingers over your breast before he began to knead it roughly.
You whimpered slightly, enjoying the slight hint of pain as he touched you and he studied you with his dark eyes, taking in every inch of your body.
His hands left your breast and he  yanked at your panties, letting them drop to the ground.
AS you stepped out of them he spun you around and bends you over the bed.
With two swift, practiced moves his jeans fell to the floor and before you could turn around he slid himself inside you, thrusting vigorously.
Loud moans left your lips and your body shook against him.
Happy smirked, pleased with himself, and he raked his nails down your back.
A shrill cry of pleasure left your lips as he pounded inside you, the sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room
Long, red welts appeared on your skin, from your shoulders to your waist and Happy watched with amusement as you clutched at the blanket, trying to find a hold so you can push back against him.
You moaned loudly and Happy reached forwards and grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled your head back.
“Oh fuck!” You moaned and your walls tightened around him.
“You like that, huh?” Happy growled and his hand slapped against your ass.
You squealed and your walls squeezed him tighter.
“Fuck, Happy!” You screamed and Happy growled as he looked down, watching himself enter you.
His thrusts became more frequent and he slapped his hand against your ass once more.
With one last moan you tightened around him as your body shook violently, and the warmth and pulsing from within you sent him over the edge.
Happy released inside you with one hard, vicious thrust of his hips.
He released your hair, allowing your head to fall limply forward.
Both of your skin was beaded with sweat and the red lines down your back burnt slightly alongside the pink marks on your ass cheeks.
He slid out of you and you collapsed against the bed and rolled over, grinning up at Happy.
His breathing was heavy but his eyes glanced over you, full of admiration as he looked over your bare body, still glistening with sweat.
“Not bad, Killer.” You said and Happy chuckled lightly.
“You know your place now, little girl?” Happy said lowly and he sat on the bed besides you.
“Friends, right?” You sighed.
“(Y/n), I-“
“No, Happy. Its okay. I get it.” You sighed and got up.
Happy watched you as you walked naked towards the bathroom.

You shut the door behind you and turned the water onto hot, letting the steam fill the room.
A satisfied sigh leaved your lips as you step into the shower and the water touches your skin, relieving the built up tension in your muscles.
You close your eyes and let the water wash over you, soothing you.
When you open your eyes your heart almost skipped a beat  when you saw a shadow fall across the glass shower door. Steam blocked your view but you knew it was Happy.
You ignored him, reaching for your body lotion and you ran it over your body, lathering the soap over your skin.
You turned towards the stream of water and you didn’t flinch when you heard the glass door open behind you.
Happy stepped in and placed his hands on your shoulders, turning you gently to face him.
“All this,” He growled, gesturing to your naked body, “Is mine.”
His lips crashed against yours, hot and wet.
The water pored over the two of you and his lips slid along yours, hungrily taking all that he can and he thrust his tongue into your eager mouth.
His hands moved from your shoulders to your damp hair, now clinic to your face.
“I want you.” He growled, rubbing his hard erection across our stomach.
You met his eye and smirked up at him playfully.
“Then prove it.” You dared.
Almsot instantly Happy pushed you up against the back of the shower, and got down on his knees. His hands grasped your thighs and spread your legs open, exposing your vulnerable core to him.
Happy licked his lips eagerly as he looked over you.
“This pretty little pussy is mine.”
He gripped your ass and squeezed roughly before he pushed his tongue against you, licking along your pussy and circled your clit.
You ran your hands across his head, pushing him against you eagerly and you heard him growl.
He slid his tongue along your folds and he slid his tongue inside you, lapping at your wetness as his tongue rubbed against your walls.
You threw your head back as a moan of pure pleasure escaped you and you squeezed your eyes shut.
“Oh, Happy!” You whined.
Happy growled against your pussy and slid his finger inside of you.
“Say my name again. Tell me who you belong to.”
His finger moved in and out of you rapidly as his tongue ran circles over your clit and you moaned loudly.
“Happy! Fuck! Happy!”
Your body trembled against the cold tiles and Happy lapped at your juices as you released.
His lips left your pussy and you glanced down at him as he looked up at you. licking his lips hungrily.
He stood and you bit your lip, leaning against the cold tiles as water ran smoothly over your body.
“Fuck me, Happy.” You whispered.
Happy smirked and ran his tongue along your neck before growling in your ear.
“Beg for me baby. You’re all mine.”
“Yes Happy. Im yours. Fuck me, Happy. I need you.” You breathed, caressing his wet face.
Happy grabbed your waist and lifted you up, his biceps bulging as you wrapped your legs around his waist.
In one swift movement he lined himself up and slid inside you.
His thrusts were fast and hard and you tilted your head back as you moaned, your back pressed against the cool tiles.
His hand moved up your back and grasped the hair at the nape of your neck and he thrust his hips into you sharply, making you gasp.
You moan loudly as your body begins to quiver, overwhelmed with the pleasure shooting through your veins.
“You’re mine, do you understand?” Happy growled, his lips against your neck.
He pounded into you and you dragged your nails down his back, making him hiss.
“Yes, Happy. Im yours.” You whined as his hips pounded into you.
Your walls began to clench around him and you dug your nails in deeper,knowing that you couldn’t hold on for much longer.
“Cum for me baby,” Happy said gruffly and you crashed your lips against his in a wet, hot kiss.
You moaned against his mouth as shivers move over your skin and you throw your head back and squeeze your eyes shut.
“Happy!” You scream as an orgasm rocks over your body.
Happy growled and thrusted into you, his hot seed spilling inside you.
He rides out your high and you catch you’re breath, the water running over the both of you.
Slowly he places you on the ground and you have to grab him for support, your legs weak.
Neither of you spoke as you stared at each other, both of you panting heavily and you changed the water to cooler, needing to cool off.
Happy traced his fingers over your skin and you shivered under his touch.
His hand moved up and he cupped your face, and you pressed your lips against the cool metal of his rings.
“I meant what I said, (y/n).” Happy said quietly.
“Im yours.” You whispered.
“Your mine.My old lady.” Happy said.
Your mouth dropped open and you looked deep into his eyes, looking for any hint of a joke.
But all you saw was sincerity and love and warmth fell over you.
“I love you, Happy.” You whispered quietly, afraid to break the moment.
But Happy smiled and wrapped his free arm around you, caressing your back.
“I love you, little girl. But no more girls nights.” He said.
You laughed and shook your head, a playful smirk crossing your lips.
“Or what, Killer?”


Jax Teller

House of the Rising Sun Part I Part II

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Drabble 62 and 75

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Adventurous Escapades

Reader x Happy get frisky at Lyla and Opie’s wedding ;)

Sitting at one of the tables at the wedding reception, the smile on your face is hard to remove.

Seeing your two good friends tie the knot was a beautiful thing. The ceremony itself had been lovely, and now, in true SAMCRO tradition, everyone was getting shit faced.

You take a sip from your drink, the orange juice reminding you that you’re going to have to lug your, probably very drunk, boyfriend home tonight.

Still smiling to yourself, you spot him from across the room, a grin plastered on his face. Your heart warms as you watch him laughing and joking with Tig and Chibs.

You love seeing him so relaxed, so loose in his environment, and with a life like this it wasn’t often that he could be like that. Little things like this, the simplest things, make you realise how much you love Happy, and how thankful you are that he’s in your life.

As Chibs and Tig walk over to the happy couple, you get up from your seat, walking over to your old man. He’s facing you, leaning against the bar, so he sees you coming before you reach him. He smiles at you, reaching his hand out for you, pulling you into his chest. He places his beer down beside him, locking his arms around your back.

“You alright?” He asks, a slight smell of alcohol on his breath. You nod, straightening the front of his leather jacket.

“What about you? You good?” You ask, looking up into his eyes. He watches you, his eyes breathing you in for a moment before he nods, placing a single kiss to your lips.

“Did I mention how beautiful you look?” You laugh, a giddy feeling still overcoming you anytime that he compliments you. His face lights up at the sound, your laugh being his favourite melody.

You pretend to think for a moment, humming. “Maybe once or twice.” You tease. In fact, Happy had told you how good you looked multiple times today. It was hard to focus in the ceremony with his hand on your thigh, his fingers rising higher up your dress, your mind cloudy as you had to stop his actions numerous times.

“Mhm, that’s cause you do.” He moves his head to your neck, your eyes fluttering closed as he leaves small kisses on your neck. He nips at the skin, sucking slightly, your body feeling hot as you grab his shirt in your fist. You subconsciously tilt your head to the side, exposing more of yourself for his lips to grace.

“Hap.” You pant quietly, as he sucks a particularly sensitive part of your skin. He groans into your skin, the small whisper of his name making his cock lunge in his pants.

“Come with me.” He says, pulling you by the wrist and leading you through the forest a few feet from the party. Your heart is racing, your panties wet with how urgently Happy is pulling you, how desperate he is for you. Just for you.

He pushes you back gently, your back hitting a hard surface behind you. You stable yourself, the bark on the tree rough under your fingers.

Happy pushes his hands into your hair, pulling your lips forcefully to meet his. Your hands slip under his shirt, his stomach toned and smooth as you dance your fingertips around. He pulls at your bottom lip, a small moan leaving your mouth as he gently sucks.

He almost growls, grabbing your hair firmly in his grasp and forcefully turning you around. He pushes your dress up, the somewhat chilly air meeting your core. You hold onto the tree, looking forward, as you hear the sound of a belt buckle being undone behind you.

Your emotions are on overdrive. The ball of want in the bottom of your stomach being driven by the thought of being caught, being so exposed out here in public for all to see, your loved ones being just a short distance away.

Your hair still being held in makeshift pony tail, you feel your pussy being exposed completely, the thin fabric torn away by your ravenous partner. You close your eyes as the breeze tickles your most intimate areas, the need to be touched driving you insane.

You feel his calloused fingers up your folds, only checking to see if you’re wet enough before you feel his hard cock at your entrance.

“Quiet now, or else there will be punishment when we get home. You understand, little girl?” His voice is deep, demanding, leaving no room for negotiation. You whine needing, nodding, as he slips into you.

Your mouth parts as your fingers dig into the tree, your head being pulled back as Happy savours the feeling of your warm, wet walls around him.

“Fuck.” You moan deeply, his hand coming up to silence you before you get too loud. He brings his lips to your ear, his movements still as you adjust around him.

“What did I say about being quiet? Hmm?” He questions you, pulling out of you before sinking back into you slowly, deeply. Your body is drowning in ecstasy, the feeling of your boyfriend inside you being one you could feel forever.

He keeps his hand on your mouth, light enough to let you breathe, as he beings to thrust in and out of you. His hips slam into yours, his movements quick and strong. You bite your lip painfully, trying to keep the sounds of pleasure from pouring out of your mouth as he pounds you from behind, your eyes rolling into your head as he hits your most sensitive point over and over again.

The way he moves, the hunger in his actions, is making this whole thing ten times more erotic. Your pussy is aching, knowing that you made him feel this way, feel this desperate and ravenous for his release.

You can hear your pussy squelching, his cock slamming in and out of you. You’re close to your high, his hand clamping tightly on your mouth, silencing your moans and screams of delight.

He feels your centre clenching around his shaft, his body knowing yours well, knowing you’re close to the edge. He keeps up his thrusts, his hand tightening on your hair as he exposes your neck, sucking on your sweet spot.

You feel like you can’t take it, your body desperate and crazy for orgasm.

When it hits, you bite Happy’s hand, your screams coming out as tiny squeals. Your body convulses, shaking as your vision is splattered with stars. The intensity of your orgasm is shattering, the feeling overtaking you as your boyfriend rides you through it, the feel of tightening around him enough to send his come deep up into you, thick ropes of his hot liquid spurting.

He removes his hand from your mouth, carefully pulling out of you as he watches his come ooze out of your pussy. He pulls up his clothes, buckling his pants as you stumble, trying to pull your underwear up, your body weak.

He chuckles at you, assisting you in making yourself presentable. He spins you around, pulling your lips to his again, his hands squeezing your waist as yours wrap around his neck.

“I love you.” You tell him, pulling away bringing your hands to slide down his chest.

“I love you too.” He repeats, kissing you on the forehead. Linking your hand with his, you both begin to walk back up to the party. “We should fuck outside more often.”

You smack him playfully on the arm, his face sporting a cheeky grin as you look at him.

“So that’s where you scuttled off to.” You both look up, a smug Tig Trager in your path. You groan, turning to bury your face into Happy’s chest. “A quickie in the woods.”

“We sure did.” Happy tells him, his tone mischevious and proud.

“At least invite me next time, guys. You know I hate feeling left out.” Laughing, you push Tig out the way, trying to smooth your hair down as you walk to the restroom. What an eventful night.

A/N - Hope you liked this! I wrote this so easily which was great, it all just sort of came together :) the next one probably be about the reader and one of the boys (not sure which yet) only being a few months into their relationship and he finds out she’s got depression. Thanks for reading :)

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*** Day 4 ✨ Happy’s voice is one of the most beautiful, sexy sounds there is. Not like y'all didn’t know that. ***

“Hey, you you seen my girl?”

Juice shook his head at Happy, looking around the clubhouse for you but like Hap, he’d come up empty.

“Sorry brother. Last I saw, she was with Gemma in the kitchen.”

Happy growled and kept walking around, searching through the bodies for you. He’s been looking for you for 10 minutes and still hadn’t been able to find you. As his eyes kept raking the crowd, he caught sight of your hair across the way. With pep in his step , he bounded over to you, his jaw clenching as he noticed the new prospect Ryan sitting with you. The prospect that he had caught on multiple occasions staring you down, his eyes glazed over with hunger. The prospect that he’d already warned you to stay away from. Happy pushed his way through people, not bothering to say excuse me. When he finally broke through the crowd and was standing in front of the both of you, it was only then that he realized the prospect had his arm wrapped around the back of the couch, his thumb gently grazing your hair. Happy knew it would’ve been any second that he would’ve made the move and slid his arm down around your shoulders.


Happy’s gravelly voice is what pulled you out of the conversation you were having with Ryan. You smiled immediately as your eyes landed on him but he didn’t return the gesture, his eyes on fire as they stared Ryan down. You stood up and kept your smile, reaching for Happy’s hand to soothe him. You just wanted to diffuse the situation.

“Hey baby.”

You slipped your hand into his but he made no move to hold yours, his fingers staying limp.

“What have I told you about going after my girl?”

You sighed and closed your eyes, knowing there was no way the prospect would get out of this. You knew you should’ve tried to get somewhere else when Ryan had sat next to you but Hap had been too busy talking with his brothers at the bar to pay any attention to you the whole night. Ryan was young and confident, bordering on cocky. He’d made plenty of insinuations that he believed you were too good for Happy and if you were being honestly you really didn’t like the guy. He was just something to pass the time with until Hap noticed you. Ryan didn’t see it that way though. He shrugged and stood as well, his hands hanging loosely at his sides.

“We were just talking. Nothing wrong with having a chat with a friend.”

“I told you to stay away from her.”

“Yeah well, I don’t see a ring on her finger and she doesn’t have your crow either. Is she really even yours? She seems open to me.” Happy’s left hand wrapped around your waist and pulled you to the side while his right swung out, clocking Ryan right in the jaw. The kid dropped down to the floor, unconscious. The people closest to the altercation took a quick glance then went back to their business but Happy’s eyes were trained on you. You felt small under his gaze and immediately looked down to your shoes.

“I’m sorry.”

He snorted and you winced, trying to grab for his hand again. He yanked it out of your reach though and instead tightly wrapped his fingers around your forearm, dragging you off through the crowd. You struggled to keep up with him, your feet shuffling quickly to match his angry strides as he pushed past people and made his way toward the dorms. When you finally broke through, he pushed you in front of him towards the door to his room.

“Let’s go.”

You looked back at him to plead your case but his hand reached out and shoved you forward again.

“Now little girl.”

You bit your lip and nodded, grasping the handle and twisting, walking into his dorm. He was right behind you, pushing you once more and slamming the door behind him, the sound of the lock clicking and making you gulp. You knew you were in for it now.

As soon as he was facing your again, he stared you down. You hung your head, trying to avoid his eyes but he put a stop to that quickly, grasping your face in his hand, your cheeks squished together as you were forced to look up at him.

“What did I tell you about hanging around that fucking prospect?”

You hesitated for a second but his grip tightening in your cheeks made you speak.

“Not to.”

“And what do you do? You go and spend the night with him on the couch, letting him sweet talk you. Letting him think he has a chance with you.”

“He wasn’t-”

You don’t get to finish as he’s got his hand around your forearm again, except this time he’s dragging you to the bed. He sat down himself, right on the edge as he reached forward, pulling you to stand between his legs. He wasted no time in sinking his fingers into the waistband of your jeans and panties, yanking them both down your legs at once. He left them pooled around your knees and roughly pulled you over his lap. A shiver went down your spine as you knew what what coming next.

“Please daddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-”

“It’s too late for that little girl. You should’ve thought about it before you went and disobeyed me.”

You nodded and left it at that. Truth was, you loved Happy’s spankings. They were rough and harsh and caused just the perfect amount of pain to have you soaked with arousal and needing him desperately. You’d actually secretly been hoping to get caught by him tonight in hopes that you would get punished.

A light whimper left your lips as you felt his rough but warm hand slide over the crow tattooed on your lower back then over your ass. He was being gentle but you knew that was all part of the game. He’d be soft and gentle at first, somewhat relaxing you so that the first spank had an even more pronounced effect.

“You’re such a bad fucking girl, entertaining other men. You didn’t even bother telling him you had my crow. You’re mine.”

The gasp ripped through your throat as his hand came down, a loud crack resonating through the room. You caught your lip between your teeth just as the next one came, landing right in the exact same spot. You squirmed around but your jeans formed a restraint in your legs and you couldn’t help but think that that was why Happy had left them on in the first place. His hand ran over the slowly growing red mark and soothed the sting but your mind was focusing on the feel of his cock starting to poke into your tummy as you lay across his lap. It was tough to say who enjoyed these spankings more, you or him. You were betting on yourself though.

His hand came down again and you couldn’t help the low, needy moan that fell from your lips.

“Daddy…daddy please…”

“Be quiet.”

You reluctantly shut up but shifted your hips, unable to contain yourself. Happy noticed the movement and slid his hand between your thighs, spreading your legs before sliding a finger between your slick lips.

“You love this shit don’t you?”

You moaned in response but Happy wasn’t having it. His hand slipped down into your hair and he pulled your head back, his voice growling into your ear.

“I asked you a question.”

“Yes daddy. I love it.”

With that, he let your hair go and slipped a second finger into you, stretching you.

“If I see you talking to him again…”

“I won’t. I promise.”

You couldn’t see it but he nodded and landed one more smack to your ass before he pulled you to sit up and stand. You looked down at him with desperation, waiting for him to tell you what to do next. He said nothing though, simply stood as well and gripped his kutte, beginning to slid it off of his shoulders.

“On the bed. Hands and knees, little girl.”

You grinned and nodded, pulling off your pants the rest of the way and climbing on the bed.

“Yes Sir.”



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Happy Imagines

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Deception Part Two

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As Long As You Love Me (smut)

Sweet Child O’ Mine   Part Two  Part Three

You Shook Me All Night Long

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Sorry  Sorry Part Two 


Inside Out

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Pray You Catch Me  

No Scrubs

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Just Friends

#29 #21 #12 with happy 😊

“She’s hiding behind the sofa.” “I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me.” “How is my wife more badass than me?”

Badass Mrs. Lowman

“Mornin’ Reaper” I heard from the hall, I was currently reading a book at the sofa eating some fruit. Happy coming to sight a few seconds later.

“Good morning, Mrs. Lowman” he said with a groggy voice, giving me a soft kiss before stealing a piece of fruit from my bowl.

“Hey” I said playfully, smiling widely at my man “Are you going to be out all day today?” I asked and he nodded with a growl “Don’t worry babe, I’ll be at my mother’s today” I said  

“Say hi to your mama from me” he said giving me a kiss “Stay safe my love, let me know if anything happens” I kissed him goodbye before continuing reading my book, I carried on with my day cleaning the place before heading out to my mother’s but while I was getting ready I got a call from my mom saying she was meeting up with a few friends she hasn’t seen in years so I quickly hang up not wanting to listen to the whole story of each women I have never met before.

The day was normal so far, I was enjoying myself with a cup of wine when I heard a loud noise coming from the back of the house, I turned around to pick up one of the many guns hidden around the house and I walked to the back looking at Reaper who quickly ran to hide behind one of the sofas “coward” I said softly to the German Shepherd.

I saw the backdoor’s knob start to move and I ran to one of the closest rooms to shot the person as soon as I saw them, a young boy came into my sight and I quickly hit him with the back of the gun to try and bring him down, I noticed the familiar kutte as soon as the body hit the ground.

“Hap” I said quickly gripping the phone in my hand “I think I just killed a prospect” Happy told me he would be home soon so I just looked expectantly to the prospect to show a sign of being alive and the young man started moving quickly getting up looking at me with fear in his eyes.

“I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me” he said and I looked at him like if he was crazy then remembering the gun in my hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry” I said putting it away “Can you explain to me what are you doing here?”

“Happy sent me to get one of his tattoo guns” he said with a stutter and I nodded, before moving to the kitchen and taking him a glass of water then I heard the familiar sound approaching.

“Darling?” he said entering the place and looking at the young guy drinking a glass of water “What the hell happened here?” he said “And where the hell is the dog I bought to protect this place?”

“She’s behind the sofa” I said biting my nails “I’m sorry I hit the prospect, he came from the back”

“I thought you were at your mama’s” he said and I nodded

“She had other plans”

“Sorry about scaring you ma’am” said the prospect making us both remember his presence.

“No worries” I said quickly dismissing him “The gun is on the room at your left, first drawer” I said and the prospect nodded before walking to the room.

“You took him out just like that?” said Happy looking at me. “How is my wife more badass than me?” he said and I laughed slightly before giving him a kiss.

“Please if you are going to send prospects to get things tell me” I said and he nodded kissing me once again.

It Ain't a Crime (Happy x OC)

Here you go my lovelies. 10,000+ words! This one took longer than expected because I just couldn’t stop writing. For some reason this entire fic is in the third person. I don’t know why. It just didn’t feel right when I tried to write the OC in the first person. 

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Playlist: Cold As Ice - Foreigner, U Mad (feat. Kanye West) - Vic Mensa, & LUV [Remix] (feat. Sean Paul) - Tory Lanez

They all sat around the chapel’s table, voting on their latest retaliation efforts. Lee counted the unanimous ‘Yay’ and slammed his gavel down on the table. The men began to murmur, agreeing with the measures to be taken and thrilled to get to drinking. It was Friday after all.

“Wait!” Lee stood up, gesturing to the group to wait. They all turned their attention to him, “I hired a new bartender. Be nice.”

A few eyebrows raised at his announcement. They knew about the bar being short staffed, but they didn’t think he’d been in the market for more employees. Needless to say, the boys were intrigued. He’d never warned them to be nice before. He thought about the woman he hired. She was far from timid, but she’d be a shock to the rest of the boys. They definitely wouldn’t expect her to be standing behind their bar, doling out the shots.


Keep reading

Fallen Brother

“Can you do juiceXreader for the prompts 12 ( the reader is Opies sister and he dies in prison)and 18 where juice comforts her? Thanks xx”

#12 - “He’s dead.”

#18 - “Cuddle me.”

A/N - I didn’t use the second prompt and went with a more “don’t go” sort of thing, as I thought it fit better. Hope that’s OK!

“What?” The single word barely comes out of your mouth, your ears ringing and your body weak as you stand in your kitchen.

“He’s dead.”

You’d been sitting in the same position for hours, knees pulled up to your chest, leaning against the couch as you sit broken on the floor. In those hours, no sound had left you. No cries, no questions, no words, nothing.

Juice watches you from the kitchen, him being left the task of looking after you, making sure you had everything you needed and that you didn’t do anything stupid, anything reckless, to yourself or others.

He felt completely lost, trying to wrap his head around the loss of a brother, as well as having to figure out how to look after you when he couldn’t even look after himself. He feels like he’s drowning, surrounded by horror, but somehow he’s got to keep himself afloat.

He doesn’t even think that you know he’s still there, still standing in the same position, too scared to move, set you off. But he’s wrong. You know he’s there.

When you saw Juice pull up you thought maybe he’d finally realised how right you could be for him, maybe he’d finally seen how much you liked him. But no. He’d come to tell you that your brother, your best friend, had been brutally fucking murdered whilst inside.

You knew revenge needed to be seized, needed to be taken out. You knew that the bastards that had killed your big brother needed to be dealt with, painfully dealt with, but you also knew Jax would sort things when he was home. He had to. That was the only thing stopping you from going out and serving up some of your own justice.

“He’ll sort it. He’ll sort it.” You whisper, not really realising you’re talking aloud. Juice stands up straight, trying to strain his ears to hear what you’re saying. Your voice sounds so hoarse, so raw, he can barely make it out.

“What?” He asks, delicately making his way over to you. You and him had always been quite close, being able to talk to each other about things you couldn’t say to anybody else. Seeing you like this, so distraught, made him ache so deeply inside, and if he was being honest with himself, he wasn’t sure why.

Shocking yourself and him, you turn your head to face your carer, noticing he’s quite a bit closer to you than he was before. You weren’t sure if you wanted distance or closeness right now, your whole body feeling numb. Why was life so cruel?

“He’ll sort it. Jax will sort it.” You choke, searching for reassurance from Juice. He smiles sadly at you, reaching you and sliding down, sitting next to you. He partly expects you to move away, but he’s glad when you don’t, wanting to be close to you physically even though he can’t get there mentally.

“Of course he will. We all will, we’ll make this right.” He stares at you, hoping his words can offer some sort of comfort, support.

You feel yourself starting to crumble, shaking your head and trying to stay composed. Anger floods your veins as your vision begins to blur, tears clouding your sight. Stop. Stop, you demand yourself. But to no avail. You bite your lip, trying to contain the screams that are pleading to rip from your soul, the agony you’re burning in feeling too hot to handle.

“It can never be right.” You cry, turning to look at Juice, shaking your head in defeat. “All it can be is even.”

Standing at the open casket, the body of your lifeless brother inside, all you feel is cold. Your cheeks are drenched in silent tears, crying seeming to be the only thing you remember how to do. Peace overcomes you as you close your eyes, knowing that your brother is safe now, protected; he cannot be hurt anymore.

You ignore the eyes around you as you place one of your hands on Opie’s face, his skin icy underneath your fingers. You lean down to him, as far as you can go, your throat painful as you swallow.

“Rest easy, big bro, I’ll see you again one day. I love you.” You try to be as quiet as you can, only wanting him and him alone to hear your final goodbye. You feel a hand on your waist, already knowing who it is without looking. Stepping back, you wrap your arms around Juice and rest your head on his chest, sobbing quietly as your brother is taken out of the room, away from you for good.

You hear the door open, then shut, as you sit on Opie’s bed at the clubhouse. It still smells like him, seems like he never left, and for a moment you can pretend he hasn’t.

“We’re about to let off the lanterns for Opie. Lyla’s idea, thought it’d be nice for Kenny and Ellie.“ You run your hands across the sheets as Juice talks, him basically being your rock through all of this. You nod, sniffing, before standing and moving towards him.

“Anything I can do?” He asks, stopping you from leaving the room. You stare at him, knowing that without him you probably wouldn’t have even had the strength to get up this morning. Yet he has no idea. That’s what makes him so beautiful, so selfless.

“Stay with me, please.“ You say, lacing your fingers with his. He nods understandingly, squeezing your hand and placing a loving kiss on your forehead.


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A/N - I got emotional writing this 😂😭 I decided to do a time skip kind of imagine and keep it a bit more mellow instead of full on snogging etc. Thank you for reading and supporting :) xxx

Request: Your secret is safe with me

Request: Can you please write an imagine about being Happy’s old lady and him coming home to find you in pain and not knowing what to do. 

Originally posted by lowmans

The alarm clock woke me up that morning, which made me growl before turn it off. That meant my old man wasn’t home or I would have waked up with his kisses and hands caressing my body. I rolled in bed just to look at Happy’s empty side of the bed, cold sheets telling me he had left early to handle another club business.

When we started to date, people warned me that Happy Lowman lived only for his club and his mother, no women had made him settle down or cope with his absences to deal with club business. Wake up alone was supposed to bother me, but I didn’t because we proved people were wrong. I knew the club was his life and I didn’t try to interfere of change that; and Happy was devoted to me, more than people would ever imagine.

There was coffee still warm in the kitchen and I smiled at this little gesture from my old man. He was taking care of me even when he wasn’t at home. I was ready to start cleaning the house when I felt a sting on my side. Pain made me lean forward and breathe heavily. It ended quickly and I thought everything was fine, it had been just a weird thing. However, as I did the chores during the morning, I felt that sting a few more times and by lunch hour it had turned into a light pain.

I took a painkiller, thinking it would help, but it didn’t and at the end afternoon I was curled up in bed, feeling like someone was stabbing my side. I couldn’t find a comfortable position and was feeling nausea. I almost cried of relief when I heard Happy coming home.

“Y/N”, he called out, his tone telling me he had a good day.

“Bedroom”, I cried out, which alarmed him, the thuds of his boots quickly coming to find me.

“Baby”, Happy rushed to me and knelt by the side of the bed, creasing his brow, “What happened?“

“Nothing happened”, I said, my voice muffled as I hid my face on the pillow, feeling another strong sting, “It’s hurting”

“Where?”, he inquired and I put my hand over my side. Happy lifted my shirt and looked for any wounds I guessed. He pressed his hand over my body and I hissed at the pain, “Did you take any med?”

“Yeah, painkiller”, I growled, “But it didn’t work”

“How long ago? Do you want another one? Maybe a hot compress?”, he blurted question after question and I glanced at him, my old man getting lost watching me in pain.

“I think I should go to the hospital”, I mumbled. Happy knew how much I hated hospitals. He just nodded and followed my orders. He gave me my shoes and purse before carry me to the car. He probably passed through one or two red lights but I didn’t complain, closing my eyes until we get to the hospital.

Happy carry me inside and held my hand as we waited, “Everything will be fine little girl”, he whispered, kissing my forehead, “I’m here”. I looked up at him and smiled; he had the usual stoic face, but I could see he was scared.


We finally left the hospital hours later and I was medicated, with a prescription in my hand and an appointment scheduled for next morning. I had a kidney stone that needed to be removed as soon as possible. Doctor had said I would be fine for the night, but Happy was still creasing his brow, worried. He took me home and carried me to the bedroom, though I had said I could walk.

“I can do it myself”, I protested as Happy tried to help me put on my pajamas. He just growled, telling me to lift my arms so he could slip the shirt on. I laid in bed and rolled my eyes as he walked around bringing more pillows, blankets, water, medicine and warm compress, “I don’t need all this, I just want to sleep”

“And I just want you to get better”, Happy said, getting under the sheets.

“Oh you big fluffy bear”, I laughed, cuddling up with him.

“What?”, he pulled back, raising an eyebrow at me as I had lost my mind.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me”, I winked and wrapped an arm around him, getting comfortable to sleep.

“Fluffy bear”, Happy huffed, putting his arm around me. I smiled, feeling better and safe in his arms.


***Picks up when you and Hap have made it back to the clubhouse 💕 This one is pretty short. I hit major writers block half way through and I’d rather have this part be shorter than do it as long as a regularly do and give you guys work that I don’t like *** 

Part 1   Part 2


 You smiled and took the beer from his hand.

 "Thanks Hap." 

 He said nothing and nodded, taking a seat beside you on the couch. After a couple seconds of silence Happy finally spoke. 

 "You’ll stay here until we handle everything.”

 You nodded your head before narrowing your eyes in confusion. 

 "Handle what? Alex already gave Dylan the money. He paid them. It’s done.”

 Happy chuckled softly and shook his head but you could tell it wasn’t in humor.

 "It won’t be ‘done’ until those assholes are in the ground. They know where you work, where you live. Anything else happens with that shit head ex of yours and they can come after you again. I ain’t letting that happen.“ 

 You swallowed but nodded. He wasn’t lying. They did still pose a threat to you. While you didn’t want to be the one responsible for any extra problems for the club, you knew that Happy wasn’t going to let this one slide. He stayed looking at you with those eyes of stone before getting up and making his way over to Tig, no doubt to set a plan in motion. 


 The sun had already began to set and neither Tig nor Happy were back. They’d both told you to stay out at the clubhouse until they figured something out. You were still there at the clubhouse though waiting for them to return and had taken up conversation with one of the new prospects in the meantime. Just acting up on how things had been going around here in your absence. The stress of dealing with Dylan’s issues had taken up most of your time and you found yourself spending less and less time with your brother and the club. Now that you were free of that hold, you vowed that you would spend more time with the family you’d learned to love over the past few years. 

 You were in the middle of talking about the upcoming fundraiser that Gemma and Luanne were setting up when you felt a strong hand place itself on your lower back. When you turned, you found Happy standing behind you, his eyes trained on the prospect. 

 "Thanks for watching after her Rat. I got it from here." 

 The prospect nodded and stuck his hands in his pockets. 

 "No problem Hap." 

 Ratboy said nothing else and simply stood from his stool, walking away from the bar. 

 "Nice meeting you Rat.”

 He turned back around and nodded, a small smile showing for a second. 

“Yeah. Nice meeting you too." 

 Happy on the other hand stood there stone faced. He could see the way Rat was looking at you and he didn’t like it. He could see the interest in his eyes and that he was enjoying the conversation with you. As much as he wanted you to make friends and get involved with the club again, he didn’t want any of the guys getting too close to you, especially not one of the prospects. 

 He locked eyes with you and you gave him a small smile before you let out a yawn.


 "Yeah. I think I’m gonna go take a nap.”

 "You can use my room if you want. I don’t think Tigs cleaned up in a while. You know how he can be.“ 

 With a shudder, you agreed. 

 "You’re right. I’ll crash in your dorm until he gets the room ready.”

 Hap nodded and you leaned up to kiss his cheek gently.

 "Thank you Happy.“ 

 He stayed quiet and watched you as you walked away, your hips unknowingly enticing him as they swayed. The hand on his shoulder snapped him out of it.

 "Where’s she headed?" 

 Hap looked over at Kozik and tried to make it seem as if he was uninterested. He didn’t need to be raising any suspicions. 

 "She’s tired, wanted to take a nap." 

 "Good. She could use some rest." 

 Kozik left it at that and hopped up onto one of the bar stools, pouring himself and Happy a shot. 

 "Tig said you guys are trying to figure out who went after her. Did you find them yet?" 

 Happy shook his head and knocked back the shot, grabbing the bottle and pouring himself another one. 

 "Not yet. But I will.”

You dance around in the kitchen cooking dinner for your old man. You two have been having these romantic dinners every week since you started dating. Happy is a busy man but he always made time for your dinners. Of course he didn’t tell the guys that he enjoyed them. He enjoyed all the romantic stuff you did together. One time he took you to a picnic. After the picnic he told you that he loved you for the first time. You two walked in to the clubhouse hand in hand after that and the guys started teasing Hap about holding your hand. Happy told them a crappy excuse. You were okay with that. After all he had a reputation to hold. 

You hear Happy’s bike and almost jump out of happiness. You light up the candles and make sure you have enough cleavage. You smile when you look at yourself in the mirror. ‘’Hey baby.’’ You hear Happy’s deep voice behind you. You turn around and smile. He walks towards you and hugs you. He lets you go and holds you at arms length. ‘’Damn you look good.’’ He smiles and kisses you. You smile to his lips. ‘’I made dinner.’’ ‘’Smells nice.’’ 

He pulls out a chair for you. You sit on it. He kisses your forehead and sits on the chair in front of you. You give him food and wine. ‘’Oh you got the fancy kind.’’ You smile at Happy and say: ‘’Anything for you baby.’’ He grins. You eat your food while holding each others hands and talking about your days. 

The next day you walk into the clubhouse. Happy is sitting there alone. ‘’Hi baby.’’ You go sit next to him. He smiles and kisses you. ‘’I got something planned for us.’’ You look at him surprised. ‘’What?’’ He puts his arm around you and pull you closer. You snuggle up against him. ‘’I was thinking that maybe tomorrow we could go on a picnic.’’ ‘’Aww kinda like when you told me you loved me the first time?’’ He nods. 

‘’Well isn’t this juts adorable.’’ You hear Tig’s voice and look up. Happy straightens up. Tig laughs. You look up to Happy and get up. ‘’I’ll get you a beer.’’ Happy slaps your ass. Tig grins. You sigh and get him the beer. Always so macho. 

One and Only? (Happy x Reader)

I AM BACK AND WITH A VENGENCE. I’ve combined 2 requests for this one. @la-reina-asesina (you beautiful soul, you) gave me the song inspiration and an Anon (the loveliest of the loveliest) gave me the general idea for a plot. Love you and thank you both for these amazing requests.

WARNINGS: Adult language and adult content (it definitely gets smutty towards the end)

Playlist: Temporary Bliss - The Cab

Every Friday night was the same. The same music, the same booze, the same girls, the same party. It never changed. These boys were a predictable bunch. That was how I knew exactly which two Sons were now trapping me between their sides. I didn’t need to glance sideways. It was always the same two men. It was like they were addicted to me. They never left me alone. They always gravitated back towards me. Even with all these Crows around. I never understood it. I never gave them a reason to follow after me. I never got caught up with either of them, or any Son for that matter. I was a friend of a friend. A woman who liked to party, drink and laugh. That was about it.

“Evening boys.” I greeted them.

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Request: Silence treatment

Request: Can you do a fic where you’re Happy/Kozik’s Old Lady and you’re talking o him, then he says something like “Can’t you keep quiet for a sec? You’re annoying.” So you give him the silent treatment until he apologizes??? 

Originally posted by wakinguptheneighbours

“I never thought Happy would settle down”. I had heard this comment thousand times since Happy and I started to date, people used to think we wouldn’t last. We proved them wrong. I had his crow, was officially his old lady and we just had moved together. The house was great, beautiful, but we still had several things to do, to fix and buy.

Happy was at TM, working and I was waiting for him inside the clubhouse, so we could go home together. I spent that time making a list of everything we needed for the house. My old man walked in and winked at me. I smiled and welcomed him with a kiss. Happy sat next to me and asked Chuck for a beer. I thought it was a good moment to talk about my list.

“Babe, I made a list”, I said, sliding it in front of him. Happy glanced down at it and took a swig of his beer.

“About what?”, he groaned, turning his eyes to the TV. Tig had just turned it on so they could watch a football game.

“Things we need for the house”, I continued to talk, “We need to fix the stairs on front and that doorbell sounds awful, we need another one. You need to check the garage’s roof, I think there is a leak… Hm, there is a sprinkler on the garden that isn’t working really well, I think we need another one. Talking about buy things… I guess we should buy another dinner table, a bigger one, so we could receive…”

“Can’t you keep quiet for a sec?”, Happy groaned without looking away from the TV, “You are annoying”

First, I was shocked. He never had talked to me like that before. I knew he wasn’t a talkative person, whispering his “I love you” just for me to hear them and showing his love with actions. However, Happy had never complained about my moments rambling about something and he actually listened me. Then I noticed he hadn’t heard a sing word I said, he was paying attention on the game. All he had heard was someone talking about something close to him and the sound was bothering him. I glared at Happy, waiting. He only looked away from the screen when Tig cleared his throat. Twice.

“What?”, Happy glared at his brother, who turned his gaze to me. My old man finally looked at me and I just raised an eyebrow at him, “What? What is going on?”

I rolled my eyes, grabbed my purse and the list, marching out of the clubhouse. Happy could stay there for the night or go home, it didn’t matter because I wouldn’t be talking with him either way.


Obviously, it didn’t took long for Happy to come home. I had just arrived when I heard his bike. I was at the kitchen, making dinner, but paying attention to the sounds he was making. Closing the garage door, entering the house, the thuds of boots, keys on the table and kutte on a chair.

“Baby”, he called and I forced myself to look at the pan in front of me. He waited for a second and then sighed, “You were talking to me, I didn’t pay attention, I’m sorry”

I just nodded, without looking away, but I knew he was close. Happy sighed again and rested his hands on my hips, he put little kisses over my shoulder while I stood still.

“Can you tell me what is on your list?”, he asked, caressing my arms. I slapped his hands and strayed from him. I found the list inside my purse and handed to him before continue to make dinner, “Y/N?”

I didn’t answer. Happy growled, grabbed a beer on the fridge and sat on the dinner table, reading the list. I could feel his eyes on me while I cooked, but I told myself not to look at him. He kissed my cheek and said he would take a bath before dinner. I settled the table and when he entered the room I was already eating. Happy made his plate and sat by my side, reaching for my hand.

“Aren’t you going to talk to me?”, he asked. Yes, his voice was calm and sweet and yes, I hated this, but he deserved to suffer a little bit, “I said I was sorry baby, please”

I continue to eat and Happy started to talk about his day. Usually, I would pay attention and offer him my opinion, but that night I just listened. We finished dinner and washed the dishes in silence. After it, we would cuddle and watch TV before go to bed, but not that night. I ignored him and went straight to the bedroom. I put on my pajamas and did my night routine. When I left the bathroom, Happy was laying on bed, waiting for me.

“Are you going to kick me out of our bed too?”, he raised an eyebrow and that moment I thought about actually doing it, but then his eyes softened. Happy sat on the edge of the bed and reached for my hand, I let him pull me closer, “I’m sorry baby. I wasn’t listening you and I was rude. Your list is important and I should have paid attention. You are not annoying and I’m so sorry for what I said. Please, baby girl, forgive me”

Happy kissed my hands and looked up, waiting. I sighed and straddled him, caressing his scalp. He smiled, resting his hands on my lower back and looking at me. “That hurt”, I said and he nodded, “I know I can talk too much sometimes and that you are the opposite, but we have to do it if we want this to work okay?”

“Okay”, Happy smiled and pecked my lips, “Wanna talk about that list now?”

“No. We had an argument honey, we should make up”, I smirked, “Do you wanna talk?”

“No”, he growled and opened my robe, trailing a path of kisses from my neck to the top of my breasts.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so”, I smiled.