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The Clean Up

“Please do 41 and 84 with chibsXreader friendship, thank you 🙏🏼”

#41 - “I need your help.”

#84 - “I didn’t murder them. I accidentally knocked them unconscious forever, that’s all.”

Staring at the lifeless bodies on your living room floor, your eyes are wide in horror. Fuck.

Why did these two men just decide to try and rob your house? Why couldn’t they rob someone from over the road? Or someone a few doors down? No, they had to come and try to rob you, not realising that you were perfectly capable at shooting a gun. Perfectly capable and perfectly okay with shooting a gun at two bastards trying to steal from you.

You think about phoning the police, self defense and all that, but due to the fact you’ve already got past criminal activity due to associating and assisting the sons, you decide against it.

You tilt your head to the side, still watching the dead men on your floor, bullet wounds in both their heads. You half expect them to get up, shake themselves off and leave. Though, they probably weren’t going to.

Grabbing your phone out of your pocket, you go on to your recent calls, clicking on the contact you figured would be able to help you best in the situation you found yourself in.

“Evenin’ lass, how’s it going?” Chibs greets once he picks up, his voice pouring through the speaker in your phone. Deliberating how to explain how just how your evening is going, you shift from one foot to the other.

“Hey Chibs, yeah my evening is going pretty well, what about yours?” You reply calmly, shaking your head at the fact you don’t even feel remotely panicked by the crime that you’ve committed. Guess that’s what happens when you’re sadistic and you hang out with outlaws twenty four seven.

“I’m just at the clubhouse, love, the boys say hi.” You hear a chorus of hello’s in the background of his call, you sending your greetings back before you decide to actually get to the reason you’re calling.

“I need your help, actually. That’s sort of why I’m calling.” You laugh nervously, hopping up onto your kitchen counter. “I sort of got broken in to.”

“Jesus Christ, are you okay?” Concern fills his voice, his voice getting clearer as the background noise disappears, you guessing he’s gone into another room to be able to hear you properly.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. Though I kind of need to book two seats for dinner.” You respond, not wanting to divulge incriminating details over the phone, using the code you’d heard the boys use a couple of times before. You hear Chibs splutter in response, a smirk appearing on your lips as you listen to him choking on whatever alcohol he’s nursing.

“I hope you’re not saying what I think you’re saying.” He scolds, your eyes rolling at his protective parent sounding nature. “Don’t even answer that. Be round in twenty.”

“Yes sir.” You reply teasingly, Chibs’ chuckling before you kill the call.

Opening your back door, you let Chibs, Tig, Happy and Juice through, a smile on your face. “Come join the party fellas! Three’s a crowd.”

You shut the door, locking it before spinning around, your sights turning to the bikers, their shocked expressions making you laugh. Happy looks at you, sucked in by your completely unphased and slightly psychotic nature. “Marry me.”

“Maybe.” You tease, winking playfully at him. The men assess the bodies, their hands dressed in black gloves to prevent leaving trails. “You guys want a beer?”

“You know, most people would be shitting their pants if they’d just offed two people in their kitchen.” Juice comments, his eyes staring at you in amusement. Shrugging your shoulders, you admire your work.

“You’re just jealous I’ve got a better shot than you.” You challenge, making a gun shape with your fingers and blowing on the end. Juice grins at you, shaking his head, the whole group used to your easy going personality. “Besides, I didn’t murder them. I accidentally knocked them unconscious forever, that’s all.”

Tig walks up to you, leaning against the counter and throwing his arm around your shoulders. “Tell me again why we don’t let females prospect?”

“Because you’d probably have them pregnant within a week.” Chibs says, you and the other boys agreeing as Tig pouts. You wrap your arm around his waist, squeezing him tightly.

“Don’t worry, Tiggy. I’m on the pill.” He grins at you, a mischievous glint in his eye. Before he can respond, you move away, grabbing some bleach and other cleaning supplies from under your sink. “So, we gonna start cleaning?“

“Aye. Juicey boy, go grab the tarp from the van.” Chibs orders, Juice nodding before leaving the room. Tig grabs the gun from the floor, smiling proudly at the fact you remembered to use a silencer, and slides it into the back of his jeans.

“You’re gonna be the death of me one day, lass.” Chibs lights up a cigarette, Juice returning with the tarp as the other three men start to roll up the bodies, Chibs passing you the cigarette. Taking a drag, you watch as the smoke leaves your lips, vanishing into the air.

“Just doing what you taught me.” You jest, passing the smoke stick back to the Scotsman. “Gotta keep you on your toes. You’re getting old now, Chibby.”

Juice supresses a laugh, your gaze catching his, a grin on both of your faces. Chibs scoffs, pinching your waist, the ticklish feeling making you jump. You watch as the bikers carry the deceased men out the back door, you already soaking the floor in bleach and scrubbing harshly when they return.

“We’ve taught you well.” Happy states, his black gloves now shiny with the intruders blood. You stick your tongue out childishly, a smirk forming on his lips. “See you back at the clubhouse.”

Chibs nods, you thanking Happy, Tig and Juice before they leave to go and dispose of the evidence, you scrubbing at whatever is left on your kitchen floor. You’re pretty sure nobody will come knocking at your door thinking you murdered two random men, but you never know. Once you’re satisfied, you stand up, ripping off your rubber gloves and throwing them in a bin bag, along with the crimson coloured cloths.

“Thanks for this, you really saved my ass.” Chibs smiles at your gratitude, walking over to place a comforting kiss on your forehead, his arms wrapping around you in a hug. “Can I stay with you tonight, please? Feel a bit weird being here on my own.”

“Sure, love. Go pack a bag, I’ll wait outside.” You smile thankfully at him, so glad you’ve got a group of friends - who are pretty much family - that you can always rely on.

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A/N - Thought I’d add a light hearted, humorous mood to this!! Hope you liked it :) I’ve got about 20 requests that I’ve got to write so thank you all for requesting! :) xx

Prompt List of Sarcasm
  1. “Well, what can I say? I’m a badass.” 
  2. “Define normal.” 
  3. “Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?” 
  4. “Just remember if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.” 
  5. “Don’t look for any redeeming qualities. I don’t have any.” 
  6. “It’s amazing how fast the world can go from bad to total shit storm.” 
  7. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.” 
  8. “And you wonder why you’re still single.” 
  9. “Remind me to kill you. Please.” 
  10. “I’m listening to you. I’m just not paying attention.” 
  11. “That’s a little melodramatic, don’t you think?” 
  12. “Were you dropped on your head?” 
  13. “She’s crazy. And just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of her craziness, there’s a crazy underground garage.” 
  14. “She may seem like lollipops and rainbows but I bet behind close doors she’s latex and whips.” 
  15. “If my day gets any worse, I’m asking hell if they’re having an exchange program.” 
  16. “Sorry. I don’t speak skank.” 
  17. “If I survive, can I go home?” 
  18. “My middle finger salutes you.” 
  19. “This is a whole new level of moronic, even for you.” 
  20. “I don’t think I could ever stab someone. I mean, let’s be honest. I can barely get the straw in the Capri Sun.” 
  21. “I don’t have enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel.” 
  22. “Insanity run in my family. It practically gallops.” 
  23. “Oh darling. Go buy a brain.” 
  24. “Somebody’s cranky.” “Somebody needs to shut up.” 
  25. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” 
  26. “All due respect, but that’s a bunch of crap.” 
  27. “I am one of the few people in the world who can murder you and leave no forensic evidence behind.” 
  28. “Excuse me. I have to go make a scene.” 
  29. “What did I tell you about calling her/him the devil?” “That it’s offensive to the devil?” 
  30. “I heard that!” “You were supposed to!” 
  31. “I need therapy after this.” 
  32. “You didn’t get in trouble for lying. You got in trouble for lying badly.” 
  33. “I’m not weird. I am limited edition.” 
  34. “I turned out liking you a lot more that I originally planned.” 
  35. “I think you’re weird.” “I think you’re boring.” 
  36. “If history repeats itself, I am so getting a dinosaur.” 
  37. “You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before?” 
  38. “I’m afraid I’ve been thinking…” “A dangerous pastime.” 
  39. “I’d explain it to you, but you’re brain would explode.” 
  40. “Wow, there’s a big surprise. I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die from surprise.” 
  41. “I’m gonna hit you so hard, it’ll make you ancestors dizzy.” 
  42. “Even when we were kids, I always kicked your ass!” 
  43. “Sarcasm is the body’s natural reaction to stupidity.” 
  44. “You’re good. A monster pain in the ass… but you’re good.” 
  45. “Well, excuse me, psychic wonder!” 
  46. “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” 
  47. “Don’t look in her eyes, she might steal your soul.” 
  48. “She’s hot, but she’s evil.” 
  49. “Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.” 
  50. “I already know that I’m going to hell. At this point it’s really go big or go home.” 
  51. “Go on, knock his teeth down his throat.” 
  52. “You’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters, animal abusers and people who talk at the theater.” 
  53. “What’s the point in screaming? No one’s listening anyway.” 
  54. “I’m not a damsel in distress. I’m a damsel doing damage.” 
  55. “So stick that in your juice box and suck it.” 
  56. “Never take life seriously. No one ever comes out alive anyway.” 
  57. “This place hold a lot of memories for me. Some bad, some… No. No, no, all bad.” 
  58. “A little gasoline… blowtorch… no problem.” 
  59. “Good, bad, I’m the one with the gun.” 
  60. “I know you can’t kill anybody, ‘cause I can’t kill anybody.” 
  61. “You’re insane, but you might also be brilliant.” 
  62. “What you call insanity, I call inspiration.” 
  63. “Sometimes I question my sanity. Occasionally it replies.” 
  64. “Why should we date?” “Because we are attracted to each other.” “I am attracted to pie, but I do not feel the need to date pie.” 
  65. “Why does everyone assume the worst of me.” “It saves time.” 
  66. “I like you. You’re different.” 
  67. “You successfully cured him/her of anything interesting about his/her personality.” 
  68. “Neither one us is drunk enough for this conversation.” 
  69. “You’re questioning my methods.” “I’m not questioning it, I’m saying it’s stupid.” 
  70. “Wow, somebody needs a Happy Meal.” 
  71. “I didn’t do it!” “Then why are you laughing?” “Because whoever did it is a freaking genius.” 
  72. “Idiots. I’m surrounded by idiots.” 
  73. “You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.” 
  74. “I care so little, I almost passed out.” 
  75. “Well behaved woman rarely make history.” 
  76. “You’re so weird.” “You have no idea.” 
  77. “The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.” 
  78. “You haven’t even seen my bad side yet.” 
  79. “Obviously you have mistaken me for somebody who gives a shit.” 
  80. “How’s life treating you?” “Like I ran over it’s dog.” 
  81. “Rule number one: don’t bother sucking up. I already hate you, that’s not going to change.” 
  82. “Oh God, we’re not gonna have to hug or anything, are we.” 
  83. “I’m so glad you could come.” “Cut the crap. Give me a drink.” 
  84. “You make no sense to me.” “Welcome to my life.” 
  85. “Have fun being deal.” “I will.” 
  86. “Damn, you’re strong for a little thing.” 
  87. “It’s called thinking. Go with it.” 
  88. “I made a new friend today.” “Real or imaginary?” “Imaginary.” 
  89. “Where have you been all my life?” “Hiding from you.” 
  90. “I’m getting real bored and impatient. I don’t do bored and impatient.” 
  91. “The girl is strange no question.” 
  92. “Do us a favor… I know it’s difficult for you… but please, stay here, and try no to do anything… stupid.” 
  93. “I know most people don’t like me; I don’t care, I don’t like most people.” 
  94. “You are a very strange person.” “Well, thanks for noticing.” 
  95. “I can tell that you think what you’re saying is funny, but… no.”
  96. “I didn’t steal it. I permanently borrowed it.” 
  97. “I’m not shy. I’m just examining my prey.” 
  98. “If you pull out my earphones, I will pull out your lungs.”
  99. “I don’t dislike you, I nothing you.” 
  100. “Are you crying? No, I’m impersonating a fountain.” 
  101. “Ah, he’s playing hard-to-get. That’s cute.” 
  102. “You’re kinda anti-social, you know that?” 
  103. “I feel like a freakin’ soccer mom.” 
  104. “My advice is much more subtle. Stop being an ass.” 
  105. “I’m just gonna pack up and go straight to hell now.” 
  106. “My ex? Yeah, I’d still hit that. Except this time it would be with a car or baseball bat.” 
  107. “She’s complicated like the DaVinci code, you know but harder to crack.” 
  108. “And just like everything else we do around here, it’s about to get weirder.” 
  109. “Such big evil in such a little thing.” 
  110. “Why do I still like you, knowing you’re a total asshole?” 
  111. “What does not kill you will likely try again.” 
  112. “Oh honey, I would but… I don’t want to.” 
  113. “And hello to you too… little homewrecker.” 
  114. “I’m gonna make you wish you were dead.” 
  115. “I don’t need anger management. I need people to stop pissing me off.” 
  116. “What doesn’t kill me might make me kill you.”
  117. “In another life, I think I was in a mental institution.” 
  118. “I’m not crazy. I’m just interesting.” 
  119. “Don’t make me pop your ten grand sand bags honey.” 
  120. “This is fun.” “Seriously, we’re trying to hide a body.” 

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Not my gifs! I’ve been going through some of the things I’ve written in the past and they ain’t that bad. This is one of them.

The Streetlights go off at 5:27 am each morning. By that time the sun is already coming up, lighting the sky. I’m already up watching the light go off. It’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, just waiting. I’m sitting outside with my third cup of coffee. The birds already chirping, singing their song. The wind twirling through the air. The trees and flowers sway in the breeze. The sun slowly crawling up into its place in the sky, replacing the moon that once sat up above.

I sigh before getting up and heading inside. Walking to the kitchen I pulled a chair out from the table and take a seat. With my coffee mug sitting on the table I open my laptop. I was finishing up a paper I need for school, which I recently decided to go back to.

I was halfway through with it when I heard the door open and close. “Hap?” My hands reached the table and pushed my chair away from the table. His body emerged from the semi-dark hallway. I smiled and walked up to him, greeting him with a simple kiss. “What are you doing up?” He asked looking down at me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Just finishing up my paper for school. The girls were waiting for you last night. Where were you? You promised you be home.” As hard as I tried to hide the disappointment and anger in my voice it didn’t work. He pulled away and went to the fridge pulled out a beer.

“I was at the clubhouse.” Was all he said before walking out of the kitchen. I followed him towards our bedroom. “That’s it? Didn’t you think maybe you should’ve called me instead of me having to make-up a bunch of lies to the girls to try and explain why their dad isn’t home?” I placed my hands on my hips.

“I’m going to sleep…” He growled. “No, you’re not Happy. We need to talk about this. The girls haven’t even seen or heard from you for almost the past two god damn weeks!” I raised my voice.

He had his back facing me. He lifted his shirt and tossed it across the room. My eyes watered when I saw his back. “So that’s what you’ve been doing? Fucking some whore… You’d rather be at the clubhouse fucking some crow eater than be home with your fucking family? Is this because I decided to go back to school? Do you know half the shit I had to make up and tell the girls? Our girls. Oh! Of course not because you haven’t been here! Instead, you’ve been gone, sticking your dick in some other pussy!” He turned around and shoved me against the door.

He pressed his forehead against mine. His was breathing hard. He was angry but I was too. I pressed my hands to his chest and tried to push him away. “Get off of me Hap.” I pounded on his chest trying to get him away from me.

“Stop…” He grabbed my arms and held them up above my head.

“I want you to get the hell away from me right now Happy Lowman. So let me the hell go.” I yelled as I struggled against his body. His hands tightening painfully around my arms until I let out a painful shriek. He immediately let go of me and pulled away.  I slid down the door.

I rubbed my arms where I’m sure he’d leave a bruise. I heard the girls start crying. I wiped my face and went to calm them down.

“Hey, girls it’s ok…” I smiled as I walked into their room trying to calm them down. After a while of laying next to them, they fell back asleep.

I slipped out of their bed and went back to mine and Happy’s room. He was sitting on the bed with his face in his hands. I cleared my throat making him look up. He had put his shirt back on.

He stood from the bed coming towards me but I raised my hand to stop him. “I-I think you should go stay at the clubhouse Hap. I really need some alone time right now. It’s the best thing, for all of us.” He shook his head and started to say something but I stopped him. “No Hap, just go.” My voice raised slightly. “Please…” I whispered. He grabbed his kutte and left. I loved Hap but right now I really just need to think and I can’t do that with him here.

“Chasing Waterfalls”

Happy x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

“Hap, come on, we’ve been walking for an hour,” you groaned, chasing behind him and pouting as he grunted in reply to you and tromped through the woods, trees that were hundreds of years old littered the area and left very little room for light to shine through. 

Even though it was midday, easily 105 degrees outside and you were at a cool and shady 85 as you meandered around behind him, you were still complaining because when you asked Happy to take you on a date, this wasn’t what you had in mind. 

He led the way, his black SAMCRO bag with the skeleton on the top mocking you with every sweaty step you took, your own backpack heavy on your shoulders. 

You were looking down, watching your boots as you took step after step, army ants and leaves crunching under your feet when you ran into something blocking the once clear path ahead of you.
It was Happy, of course, stopping abruptly and causing you to nearly trample him.

“Happy what the fuck I almo–” you stopped as your eyes carried your gaze ahead of him. An honest to goodness waterfall!
“Wow…” you spoke.
“I know,” his deep voice rasped as he pulled his bag off his shoulders and set it down. He took your hand in his, squeezing it and making you look at him as he smiled down at you.
“How did you find this?” you gasped, looking around at the beauty. It was almost as if it had been untouched, allowed to exist undisturbed since the beginning of time. It was amazing.

Happy didn’t answer you, which wasn’t uncommon. You asked a lot of questions that went mostly unanswered by him. Sometimes you caught it and pressed him on it until he did answer you, usually angrily, sometimes you pressed him and he didn’t budge, and even still, sometimes you never realized he had ignored you and he got away scot free.

You noticed this time.

It was hard to break your gaze away from the beautiful sight in front of you, but you turned to look at him. He avoided your eye contact and you pressed him, “Hap… What were you doing to come upon this place?” you asked again and he started walking towards the water away from you, not speaking still.

“Happy Lowman!” you shouted, scaring off some birds in the trees nearby and he stopped walking. Happy took a deep breath in and breathed it out before turning to you, the look in his eyes saying he did not want to tell you the answer to the question.

Somehow you already knew before he said anything what his answer would be.

Your jaw dropped as he looked at you with his puppy dog eyes that said ‘I really don’t want to do this’ and you scoffed, folding your arms in front of you.
“You did not–” you began and he interrupted you, “–Baby I know, I know but it was just too pretty not to show you.”

You let out a frustrated chuckle and shook your head dropping your backpack off your shoulders, sticking your tongue out to lick across your bottom lip before sucking it in your mouth and clamping your teeth down.

“I can’t believe you. You are a piece of work Happy Lowman. Where are they buried? Right under my feet?”

“No!” he defended, furrowing his brows, “Over there…” he pointed to a clearing about 50 yards away and you scoffed again, throwing your hands up in the air, “Well at least you had the decency to spare me half a football field!” you smiled, not a happy smile, but one that showed you were beyond frustrated with your man. 

Happy started walking back towards you as you began to rant, “Seriously Happy I don’t know where you get off thinking it’s okay to bring me back to the scene of crime you committed! You know I don’t have any illusions about what you do but I don’t want to be involve–”
Happy grabbed your face and crushed his lips against yours. Suddenly the stress of being right up on a burial ground didn’t bother you too much and you relaxed in his grip, his hands sliding down to your shoulders, down your arms and to your waist.
He gripped your hips and pulled you tightly to him, his pelvis pressing against yours as his lips and tongue worked against you, moving down to your neck.

He broke away from your neck, reaching down and rifling through his bag to pull out a thick blanket you insisted he pack for your picnic. He laid the blanket out on the ground, looking back up to you and pointing.

“Sit,” he ordered and you raised a brow at him, being defiant on purpose to give him a hard time.

His eyes darkened as he realized you weren’t going to follow his orders.

This was a game he enjoyed playing.

He stepped to you, leaning into you and kissing you again, this time with more force, before he lifted you with ease, making you wrap your arms and legs around him as he stepped back to the blanket and knelt down with you, laying you out on the blanket and settling himself between your legs.
You moaned as the heat between your thighs heightened and you lifted your hips up to grind against him. He broke from your kiss, staring into your eyes and pressing his forehead against yours, flashing you a wicked smile, knowing he had you right where he wanted you. His forehead still pressed against yours, he looked down between your bodies and snaked his arm in between the two of you, grasping you between your legs, his fingers pressing against your ass and his thumb bearing down on your core through your jeans.
You moaned and squirmed under his touch and he chuckled, looking back into your eyes.

“You want it?” he smirked, already knowing the answer.

You bit your lip and stared back into his eyes, nodding your head at him and he immediately went to work on your jeans, unbuttoning and tugging them down before turning his attention to his own belt and fly.

He ran a finger through your folds, already knowing you were soaking wet and didn’t need any help. He basked in the fact that just a kiss and the idea of him taking you down would make the want inside you come out in full force.

He licked his lips as he looked over you, pumping himself in his hand a few times before pushing inside you with force, causing a loud gasp to escape your throat. Your hands wrapped around his neck, your fingers sliding underneath the collar of his tee shirt to dig into his back as he thrusted roughly inside you, grunting each time he entered you. He pushed into you and stilled himself inside, pulling away from you and pulling the front of his shirt up over his head to expose his chiseled abs and chest, littered with outlaw tattoos.
He knew you loved running your fingers down his body while he fucked you, and he smiled as your eyes lit up at the sight of his skin, reaching to run your fingertips gently over his body. 

Your touch riled him up even more, as he set a new, quicker pace.

The moans and groans the two of you made and the sound of the cascading water from the fall yards away were the only noises that could be heard.

He pulled out of you, grabbing one of your legs at the knee and flipping you over, wasting no time in pushing back into you, but stopping once he was inside and moving his hips from side to side while in you, stretching you further.

You clutched the blanket underneath you tightly in your fists as Happy’s dick explored parts of your body that only he knew, pushing you over the edge and making you call out his name.

He pressed his hands down against your lower back, holding you to the ground as he pounded into you with furor, causing you to jump and crawl away from him but he pulled you back and held you still, leaning over your body to your ear, where his breath tickled your senses as he let out one last groan before collapsing on top of you, pulling out and releasing his seed on the blanket below.
“So…” he kissed your shoulder, “you sure the dead bodies bother you?” he chuckled as he placed small kisses down your spine.

Not so Sweet Dreams

Request from @ly–canthrope for a Kozik x Reader based off the following prompts:

#51 - I’m your husband. It’s my job.“

#136 - “You had a nightmare. Tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

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Your eyes open sharply as you breathe heavy, thankful you’re tucked up safely in bed and not elsewhere. You turn your head to the side, your fingers twitching to shake Kozik awake, but the lack of sleep he’s gotten lately stops you.

The darkness makes the task of locating your phone problematic, the brightness of the screen making you squint as your eyes focus on the time. Four twenty four. Great.

You’re more weary than usual as you creep to the bathroom, your ears sensitive to anything and everything as you quickly do your business, heart beat faster than usual.

“Shit, did I wake you?” you whisper as you return to the bedroom, your husband sitting up with his back against the headboard, his hands grabbing the sheets and lifting them for you to get inside.

“I’m just a light sleeper.” he replies, pulling you into him and settling into the pillows, a shaky breath leaving your mouth as you lie down. “You okay? You’re shaking.”

“Sorry.” you mutter, resting your head on his bare chest, the tension inside of you lessening slightly as you breathe in his scent, the warmth of his chest also aiding to calm you down. “Bad dream.”

“You should’ve woke me.” he sighs, stroking your hair comfortingly, a loving kiss being placed upon the top of your head. “What was it about?”

“Nothing. It was just a dream, I’m okay now.” You can feel the concern rolling off him in waves, and you’ve known him long enough to know he’s not going to drop it.

“(Y/N), you had a nightmare. Now tell me what it was about so I can fix it.” he responds, his voice nothing but comforting as he speaks to you. You look up at him, not really wanting to relive what you’d just woken up from. “You’re safe. I’ll always protect you.”

He presses his lips to yours gently, his one hand resting on your waist, his fingers dancing on your exposed skin. The other slips into your locks, the hair being tugged lightly between his digits. Once you separate, you huff, settling back against your partner.

You tell him your nightmare, him listening intently to each and every word that slips from your lips, his hands constantly on you, soothing you so effortlessly with his touch. Hips are squeezed when the details get exceptionally vivid, kisses placed on your skin when your throat gets thick with emotion.

Somehow, he always knows you better than you know yourself, your chest feeling one hundred times lighter after sharing your upset.

“You know I’d never let anything happen to you, baby.” he whispers, your eyes fluttering shut as your head rests on his chest, his steady heart beat acting as your lullaby.

“I know.” you say, tracing circles on his stomach, skin smooth underneath your finger tips. “How come you always know how to make me feel better?”

He chuckles softly, wondering the same exact thing about you. “I’m your husband. It’s sorta my job, babe.”

You hum in response, tiredness overtaking you as you fall into a soundless, dreamless sleep, your mind filled with nothing but reassurances, comfort and love.

A/N - Bit of Kozik for you all! Apologies for any mistakes, haven’t proof read this lol. Hope you liked xxxx

Imagine you were Opie’s old flame and you’re back in Charming.

*This isn’t a request, but I wanted to give you guys a little something! Requests are open so send away! :)*

You sighed as you pulled up to the familiar lot, dreading the thought of going in, but you knew you had to. You smiled a sad smile as you looked at all of the bikes parked in the same spots you remembered them always being in, except one was missing.

Jax had called you two days earlier to deliver the news… Piney was dead. Shock was your initial reaction, and after promising Jax you’d be there for the wake, you ended the phone call and were left to think about it all. You had not seen Piney in years, but there were a few phone calls. You and Opie were high school sweethearts, never being away from each other for too long. That all changed when you graduated and he dove into the club, and you went off to college.

But now, here you sat, about to walk in and see the man you had not seen since you were eighteen. You decided to bite the bullet and as you got out of your car, Jax greeted you, wrapping his arms around you. You had missed the actual viewing of the body on purpose, you not being able to handle seeing Piney that way.

“How is he?” you asked, taking the cigarette Jax offered you. 

“You tell me,” he said, as he nodded towards the roof of the building you guys all went to when things were bad. You immediately noticed the long, brown hair of the man in question. 

:How long has he been up there?” you asked, putting the cigarette out on your boot.

“A good while. I was givin’ him his space. He’ll come down eventually. Wouldn’t hurt to see you though,” Jax suggested. 

You chuckled, “I do not think that is what’s best for him right now.”

Jax shrugged, “Just a suggestion. It was good to see you, y/n.” As Jax said this, the two of you hugged before Jax left to be with the other guys. 

You sighed before heading up the ladder you had been up plenty of times before. 

“Hey,” you said when you reached the top. Despite the situation, Opie had a look of surprise on his face upon seeing you. “I know I’m not expected and maybe not even welcome, but I’m just comin’ to pay my respects and check on you.”

“You’re good, just surprised me is all,” Opie stated, moving over so you could sit next to him. 

“I’m sorry, Ope,” you told him, “For all of this.”

Opie nodded,” How’s life in Phoenix?”

You shrugged, “Good job, but definitely not as exciting as Charming life.”

Opie chuckled,” Figured as much.”

You laughed and bumped his shoulder with yours, “You remember that time we got so drunk while you were working on that car in the garage? Piney found us the next day.” 

He laughed and nodded,” Yeah.” The rest of the time was spent reminiscing about old times and talking about Piney. 

Eventually, a silence settled over you two. You leaned your head on Opie’s shoulder and let the comfortable silence happen.


Song imagine! (Powerful by Major Lazer ft. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)


[Ellie Goulding:]
Oh my-my-my, what you do to me
Like lightning when I’m swimming in the sea
From the very first time we loved
From the very firs

t time we touched
Walking on wires and power lines
When you put your body on top of mine
Everytime that you lift me up
To the heaven and stars above


His hands slid up and down my waist as he pushed me against the door. “I love you…” He whispers against my lips. I was used to this by now. We only said ‘I love you’ in special times like this when it needed to be said. In moments of passion. We weren’t a normal couple and I'm pretty sure everyone can see that. We didn’t want to be ‘that’ couple. The couple that overuses the phrase because if you overuse it then it loses it value. It just becomes another phrase. He lifted me up and placed me on the bed. Only breaking the kiss to pull off his shirt.


[Tarrus Riley:]
O lord of mercy
I’m begging you, please
I’m feelin’ drained
I need love
You charge me up
Like electricity
Jumpstart my heart
With your love


He threw is shirt off into some corner of the room. He leaned back down capturing his lips with mine. He grabbed my shirt before ripping it open, sending the buttons flying everywhere. His kisses trailed down, kissing the tops of my breasts. I leaned up a little so he could get to the clasps which he quickly undid then pulled my bra off. One of his hands squeezed my breast ad he continued to kisses down. He used one hand to unbutton and pull down my jeans. I grabbed his hand and placed a kiss to it. “I love you..”


[Tarrus Riley & Ellie Goulding:]
There’s an energy
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful
I can feel it
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful
There’s an energy
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful
I can feel it
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful


He continued. He kissed my legs all the way down to my toes before returning up to my thighs. One of his favorite places of my body. He kisses the inside of my thighs. Having him so close, his touch, kisses, everything was intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough, never. It’s like we were meant for each other. We fit together so perfectly. 


[Ellie Goulding:]
I couldn’t leave if I wanted to
Cause something keeps pulling me back to you
From the very first time we loved
From the very first time we touched
The stroke of your fingers
The scent of you lingers
My mind running wild
With thoughts of your smile
Oh, you gotta give me some
Or you could give it all
But it’s never enough, no


I felt him smile against my thighs. My core was aching, in some need of release, a release only he could give me. This man drives me absolutely but I can’t get away from him. There’s something about him that makes me love him. No matter what he’s done or what he will do could ever make me stop loving him. “Please Hap, touch me…I need you.” He let out a growl. He slid my panties down before I kicked them off. I gasped as his tongue slid in and out of his mouth as he licked my clit heavily over and over again. I spread my legs wider to make it easier. “Oh god, Hap!” 


[Tarrus Riley & Ellie Goulding:]
There’s an energy
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful
I can feel it
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful

I can feel it
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful
There’s an energy
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful
I can feel it
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful
I can feel it
When you hold me
When you touch me
It’s so powerful


I couldn’t control the moans and string of cuss words spilling from my lips as he rummaged his face deeper in my pussy. I didn’t care if anyone heard me.If they didn’t like that ain’t my problem. My back arched as I bucked my hips, wanting more than he was giving. He pulled away making me whimper. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll take care of you…” He quickly pushed his pants and boxers down, exposing his large cock. My mouth watered, I won’t lie. He kissed me as he entered me slowly. No matter how many times we have sex it somehow feels better every time. He started thrusting in and out of me slowly. “Happy I know you don’t want to be too rough but right now I really need you to fuck me.” I pleaded. I heard him chuckle before speeding up. I nearly screamed as he hit that one spot. “Yes! Right there please don’t stop!” I moaned. “I don’t plan on it baby…” He groaned as I clenched around his cock, reaching my climax.


[Ellie Goulding:]
When you hold me in your arms
Burns like fire and electricity
When you’re close I feel the sparks
Takes me higher to infinity


He thrust a couple more times before he emptied himself inside of me. His sweaty forehead against mine, not that it mattered. He rolled over and pulled me close. Nothing in the world felt better than being in my old man’s arms, holding me as I fell asleep. “I love you…” Was the last thing I heard before falling into a deep sleep. I know I didn’t get a chance to say it back but trust me there’s no one that I love more than my old man, Happy Lowman.

When you spend all day/night reading imagines

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Adventurous Escapades

Reader x Happy get frisky at Lyla and Opie’s wedding ;)

Sitting at one of the tables at the wedding reception, the smile on your face is hard to remove.

Seeing your two good friends tie the knot was a beautiful thing. The ceremony itself had been lovely, and now, in true SAMCRO tradition, everyone was getting shit faced.

You take a sip from your drink, the orange juice reminding you that you’re going to have to lug your, probably very drunk, boyfriend home tonight.

Still smiling to yourself, you spot him from across the room, a grin plastered on his face. Your heart warms as you watch him laughing and joking with Tig and Chibs.

You love seeing him so relaxed, so loose in his environment, and with a life like this it wasn’t often that he could be like that. Little things like this, the simplest things, make you realise how much you love Happy, and how thankful you are that he’s in your life.

As Chibs and Tig walk over to the happy couple, you get up from your seat, walking over to your old man. He’s facing you, leaning against the bar, so he sees you coming before you reach him. He smiles at you, reaching his hand out for you, pulling you into his chest. He places his beer down beside him, locking his arms around your back.

“You alright?” He asks, a slight smell of alcohol on his breath. You nod, straightening the front of his leather jacket.

“What about you? You good?” You ask, looking up into his eyes. He watches you, his eyes breathing you in for a moment before he nods, placing a single kiss to your lips.

“Did I mention how beautiful you look?” You laugh, a giddy feeling still overcoming you anytime that he compliments you. His face lights up at the sound, your laugh being his favourite melody.

You pretend to think for a moment, humming. “Maybe once or twice.” You tease. In fact, Happy had told you how good you looked multiple times today. It was hard to focus in the ceremony with his hand on your thigh, his fingers rising higher up your dress, your mind cloudy as you had to stop his actions numerous times.

“Mhm, that’s cause you do.” He moves his head to your neck, your eyes fluttering closed as he leaves small kisses on your neck. He nips at the skin, sucking slightly, your body feeling hot as you grab his shirt in your fist. You subconsciously tilt your head to the side, exposing more of yourself for his lips to grace.

“Hap.” You pant quietly, as he sucks a particularly sensitive part of your skin. He groans into your skin, the small whisper of his name making his cock lunge in his pants.

“Come with me.” He says, pulling you by the wrist and leading you through the forest a few feet from the party. Your heart is racing, your panties wet with how urgently Happy is pulling you, how desperate he is for you. Just for you.

He pushes you back gently, your back hitting a hard surface behind you. You stable yourself, the bark on the tree rough under your fingers.

Happy pushes his hands into your hair, pulling your lips forcefully to meet his. Your hands slip under his shirt, his stomach toned and smooth as you dance your fingertips around. He pulls at your bottom lip, a small moan leaving your mouth as he gently sucks.

He almost growls, grabbing your hair firmly in his grasp and forcefully turning you around. He pushes your dress up, the somewhat chilly air meeting your core. You hold onto the tree, looking forward, as you hear the sound of a belt buckle being undone behind you.

Your emotions are on overdrive. The ball of want in the bottom of your stomach being driven by the thought of being caught, being so exposed out here in public for all to see, your loved ones being just a short distance away.

Your hair still being held in makeshift pony tail, you feel your pussy being exposed completely, the thin fabric torn away by your ravenous partner. You close your eyes as the breeze tickles your most intimate areas, the need to be touched driving you insane.

You feel his calloused fingers up your folds, only checking to see if you’re wet enough before you feel his hard cock at your entrance.

“Quiet now, or else there will be punishment when we get home. You understand, little girl?” His voice is deep, demanding, leaving no room for negotiation. You whine needing, nodding, as he slips into you.

Your mouth parts as your fingers dig into the tree, your head being pulled back as Happy savours the feeling of your warm, wet walls around him.

“Fuck.” You moan deeply, his hand coming up to silence you before you get too loud. He brings his lips to your ear, his movements still as you adjust around him.

“What did I say about being quiet? Hmm?” He questions you, pulling out of you before sinking back into you slowly, deeply. Your body is drowning in ecstasy, the feeling of your boyfriend inside you being one you could feel forever.

He keeps his hand on your mouth, light enough to let you breathe, as he beings to thrust in and out of you. His hips slam into yours, his movements quick and strong. You bite your lip painfully, trying to keep the sounds of pleasure from pouring out of your mouth as he pounds you from behind, your eyes rolling into your head as he hits your most sensitive point over and over again.

The way he moves, the hunger in his actions, is making this whole thing ten times more erotic. Your pussy is aching, knowing that you made him feel this way, feel this desperate and ravenous for his release.

You can hear your pussy squelching, his cock slamming in and out of you. You’re close to your high, his hand clamping tightly on your mouth, silencing your moans and screams of delight.

He feels your centre clenching around his shaft, his body knowing yours well, knowing you’re close to the edge. He keeps up his thrusts, his hand tightening on your hair as he exposes your neck, sucking on your sweet spot.

You feel like you can’t take it, your body desperate and crazy for orgasm.

When it hits, you bite Happy’s hand, your screams coming out as tiny squeals. Your body convulses, shaking as your vision is splattered with stars. The intensity of your orgasm is shattering, the feeling overtaking you as your boyfriend rides you through it, the feel of tightening around him enough to send his come deep up into you, thick ropes of his hot liquid spurting.

He removes his hand from your mouth, carefully pulling out of you as he watches his come ooze out of your pussy. He pulls up his clothes, buckling his pants as you stumble, trying to pull your underwear up, your body weak.

He chuckles at you, assisting you in making yourself presentable. He spins you around, pulling your lips to his again, his hands squeezing your waist as yours wrap around his neck.

“I love you.” You tell him, pulling away bringing your hands to slide down his chest.

“I love you too.” He repeats, kissing you on the forehead. Linking your hand with his, you both begin to walk back up to the party. “We should fuck outside more often.”

You smack him playfully on the arm, his face sporting a cheeky grin as you look at him.

“So that’s where you scuttled off to.” You both look up, a smug Tig Trager in your path. You groan, turning to bury your face into Happy’s chest. “A quickie in the woods.”

“We sure did.” Happy tells him, his tone mischevious and proud.

“At least invite me next time, guys. You know I hate feeling left out.” Laughing, you push Tig out the way, trying to smooth your hair down as you walk to the restroom. What an eventful night.

A/N - Hope you liked this! I wrote this so easily which was great, it all just sort of came together :) the next one probably be about the reader and one of the boys (not sure which yet) only being a few months into their relationship and he finds out she’s got depression. Thanks for reading :)

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Longing for Lowman

“can I get #28 and #86 with Mr. Happy Lowman 😊😊”

#28 - “Stop distracting me!“

#86 - ”Why are you walking around naked?“

“Babe?” You call, watching Happy on the couch, some tattoo show on the TV in front of him. He ignores you, as you expected, as that’s what he’d been doing for the past twenty minutes.

You wanted to spend some ‘quality’ time with him, and for once, he wasn’t interested, too engrossed in whatever he was watching.

You pouted from the kitchen table, your thighs twitching as you sit bored and horny. You get up, deciding to take a more direct approach. Taking a seat next to him, you sit sideways, watching him and waiting for him to turn to you. Nothing.

“Happy…” You try to sound seductive, your finger tips sliding up and down his arm, your breath hot on his ear as you teasingly nibble the lobe, knowing it’s one of his favourite things.

To your surprise, he shrugs you off, embarrassment overcoming you at his rejection. “Stop distracting me.”

He pretty much growls at you, his interest absolutely glued to the television. You sigh dramatically in frustration, pulling yourself up from the couch and making your way to the bedroom. You turn back, thinking that maybe your boyfriend would give a shit. Nope. Nothing.

You storm away childishly, feeling like a fool for being so immature and annoyed. As you sit on the edge of the bed, an idea comes to mind. Smirking wickedly, you get up, pulling open your drawer and searching for what you need.

You hastily pull off your tshirt and loose bottoms, replacing them with a pair of light pink booty shorts and a pair of knee high white socks, knowing they’ll drive your man crazy. You grab one of his SAMCRO tshirts, inhaling the scent of Happy before sliding it over your head, grabbing a hair tie and gathering the shirt in the back, tying it so it’s tight to your skin and more like a crop top.

Practically skipping to the mirror, you check your appearance, feeling like your mission is about to go as planned. Ruffling up your hair and applying a little bit of lip balm, you push down the butterflies in your tummy, turning to leave the bedroom.

Happy is in the exact same position as he was in ten minutes ago, eyes fixated to the screen. You bite your lip, thinking of how to do this. You notice a cup and an ashtray on the TV cabinet, rolling your eyes at your untidy boyfriend but also thanking him. Walking to the TV, making sure to sway your hips, you bend over unnecessarily, retrieving the dirty items and blocking the TV in the process.

“You’re blocking the-” You stand back up, watching as Happy goes silent, his focus finally on you as his gaze rakes up and down your body. You feel your confidence rise as you internally laugh at him, glad your outfit had its intended effect.

Strutting to the kitchen, you hear the TV turn off, footsteps following as you hear Happy entering the room. You place the cup and ashtray in the sink, not even having a moment to turn around before you feel his hands slip around your waist, his back pressed against you, his bulge grazing your barely covered ass.

You act unaffected, beginning to clean the crockery in the sink as Happy slides his hand up and down your stomach, grazing your chest before moving back down. His lips shower your neck with kisses, each inch of your exposed skin being covered by him. You feel yourself falling apart, but you’re determined to keep this charade going on for a little bit longer.

“Not right now, babe. I’m tired.” You pretend to yawn, slithering out of his grasp and making your way to the bedroom, walking backwards so you’re facing him. You never reach your destination, however, as you find yourself being lifted off your feet and flung over his shoulder, his free hand slapping your ass playfully as you squeal.

“I can do that too, you know.” Your response is cheeky, one of your hands reaching down to squeeze your boyfriends backside, him chuckling at you before he throws you down on the bed, the springs bouncing underneath you.

You lean up on your elbows as your predator stands at the end of the bed, unbuckling his pants as you watch him, his hands removing the denim so he’s left in just his boxers and tshirt.

“Now, you haven’t forgotten how this works, have you baby girl?” His voice is coated with lust, the authority in his tone sending shivers down your spine. You shake your head, immediately falling in line.

“No, daddy, I haven’t forgotten.” You respond obediently, knowing that playing by the rules means being rewarded, and Happy’s rewards are by far your favourite. He smirks at you, loving how easily you accommodate to his instructions, his little play toy.

“Good girl. Come here.“ You do as you’re told, pulling yourself up onto and crawling across the bed, right to the edge where he’s waiting. You look up at him teasingly, as if you don’t notice the more than prominent tent in his underwear. He smirks at you, grabbing you around the throat tightly, still leaving you enough room to breathe. You rise up on your knees, him bringing your face to his as he claims your lips with his, kissing you deeply.

He dominates, as always, and slides his tongue into your mouth, a small moan escaping from you as he does so. You decide to return the favour, sucking on his tongue suggestively, eliciting a groan from him. He separates from you, stepping back slightly and gesturing for you to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Go on, kitten. Show me how good you can suck my cock.” You subconsciously grind your core against the sheets, aching for some contact, his words fuelling the already present ache in your body.

Determined to prove yourself, you wink at him, before leisurely pulling down his boxers, wanting to see how far you can push him before he breaks. You move down to the floor, resting on your knees and pulling the fabric down until it reaches his ankles, removing it completely and discarding the underwear across the room.

You rise back up, coming face to face with him, his length standing at attention. You admire him for a second, placing your hand around his thick shaft and pumping once, your pussy tingling as you feel it in your grasp. Looking up at him, you swirl your tongue around his tip, watching as his eye lids fall shut, a smirk forming on your lips.

After placing a few little kisses on his shaft, you begin to slide him in and out of your mouth, your cheeks hollowing as you suck him. If you were being honest, you didn’t really mind giving your man blow jobs, loving the fact that when you do, you’re in control. Seeing him, in the midst of pleasure, his eyes tightly shut and his mouth parted, was one of your favourite things.

You feel his hands gather your hair into a makeshift ponytail, his attention completely on you as he watches you take him in, watches himself disappear past your lips. You press your tongue flat against the underside of him, humming slightly to add that little bit extra, the vibrations causing him to curse under his breath.

You push yourself to take him to the back of your throat, a deep groan leaving him as you do, his grip tightening on your locks. You pull back, slightly breathless, your saliva glistening on his swollen cock, your hand stroking him as you look up at him innocently.

“Get up.” You practically shoot to your feet, standing in front of him within seconds, eager to have him work on you. He turns you around, pulling your shirt - well, his shirt - upwards, your skin being revealed bit by bit. Once he pulls it off, he drops it on the floor, his hands moving around you to cup your breasts in his hands.

You gasp at the contact, your breasts tender and sensitive. You rest your head back on him as he begins to massage your chest, his fingers twisting and pulling at your nipples. You close your eyes as you bask in the feeling him, his mouth coming to bite and suck at your neck, the combination of his hands and his lips driving you crazy.

He slides his hands down your stomach, feeling the soft skin under his fingers, his trail continuing until he’s at the band of your shorts. As his hand slips into the material, he sucks particularly hard at your skin, his tongue darting out to soothe the mark.

“You filthy girl, no fucking underwear, hm?” You’re a moaning mess in his grasp, his breath hot against your ear as he whispers to you. “Bet you’re fucking dripping, been begging me to take you all day.”

You can’t deny his words, being able to feel the moisture between your legs, hear the sounds of it as he traces his fingertips up and down your folds, a deep moan ripping from him as he feels how wet you are for him, his cock grinding up against your ass to somehow relieve himself.

You hook your arm around his neck as he sinks his fingers into you, your body feeling weak as you feel him inside of your walls. You gasp and moan quietly as he pulls his fingers back out of you, before entering you again, curling his digits so he hits all the right places.

“Daddy…” You can barely form words as he holds you against him, fingering your aching pussy. His long, slender fingers sink in and out of you, spreading and curling in all the right ways, turning you into a moaning mess. His thumb begins to make circles on your clip, your fists clenching for something to hold on to as you feel yourself ready to explode.

“Hold it.” Happy warns you, pulling his fingers out of you slowly and bringing them up to your mouth, pressing them against your lips. You open your mouth, swirling your tongue and tasting yourself, Happy practically dribbling at the mouth as he watches you hungrily. Once he’s satisfied, he pulls his fingers from your lips, kissing you roughly, the tangy remenants of your desire entering his mouth.

Pulling away, he roughly yanks down your shorts, leaving your knee high socks on, loving how they look on you. He smacks your ass, the sound vibrating through the room, and shoves you towards the bed.

“On your kneeks spread your legs for me, kitten.” Body itching in excitement, you do as you’re told, making sure to shake your ass as you get on the bed, knowing you’re being watched. Getting into position, you wait until you feel the bed dip, knowing Happy is behind you.

You feel him at your entrance, your whole entity desperate and eager. You feel yourself stretching as Happy enters you, a long, deep moan leaving him as you gasp, trying to adjust to his size.

You pull at the sheets between your fists as Happy pulls back, before slamming back into you deeply. Grabbing your hips, you smiling at the thought of the bruises there tomorrow, your boyfriend repeats his actions, getting quicker and more powerful as he goes along.

You clench your eyes shut as the pleasure takes control, the room filling with moans and groans from the both of you. You feel your head being pulled back as Happy grabs your hair, tugging at the strands as he fucks you mercilessly.

“Fuck!” You swear loudly, not caring if the neighbours can hear, your gspot being hit perfectly in this position. You know you can’t last much longer, the build up and the way you’re being fucked making you reach the edge so easily.

“You only come when I say so.” Happy commands, a whine of protest leaving you. A sharp slap to your ass shuts you up, and you choose to bite your lip, trying to resist letting go.

You don’t have to wait too long, fortunately, before Happy gives you the go ahead, your hands yanking at the bed sheets as you come around him, your walls clenching around his cock, sending him into his own orgasm. You gather your breath and pretty much collapse on the bed, Happy gently pulling out of you and falling beside you.

He rubs your back soothingly as you recover, your head turning to face him as he grins at you, placing a loving kiss to your forehead.

“Top performance as always, baby girl.” He praises a few minutes after, a lazy smile gracing your lips.

“Thanks, baby. You weren’t so bad yourself.” He chuckles at you, already knowing the effect he has on you, because it’s the same one you have on him.

“Coffee?” You ask, rolling onto your back. Happy nods gratefully, watching as you get up from the bed and go to leave the room.

“I love you.” He calls, your eyes rolling as you smile to yourself. You move into the kitchen, grabbing two cups and turning on the coffee maker.

“Why are you walking around naked?” You almost scream at the sound of Tig’s voice, his figure appearing in the doorway as you try to cover yourself.

“Jesus Christ, Tig! You could try knocking you know” You shout, Tig just watching you in amusement, his eyes moving up and down your naked body, not making the slightest effort to stop ogling you. You look back at the bedroom, knowing that no matter if you walk backwards or turn around, he’s going to see something he shouldn’t.

In that moment, Happy walks out of the bedroom, a pair of sweats hanging low on his waist and a shirt on his upper body. He stops in his tracks, observing the situation, before hastily pulling off his shirt and chucking it to you.

“Close your eyes, Tigger.” Happy warns, you hurriedly put the shirt on as Tig laughs, but does what he’s told.

“Gotta come round here more often.” Tig says, winking at you cheekily.

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A/N - sorry that it’s so long! If you like that, great, if not, oops😂😂😂