Happy Lowman imagine based on the song “H.O.L.Y” by Florida Georgia Lines 

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Happy’s POV 

My mom was mexican. 

That wasn’t any secret, my aunt was mexican as well, hell, even more mexican than my Mamma. They were both religious as hell, if that makes any sense, at least it does to me. I had to make a remark on her nationality because the lady worried a shit load about me. And she prayed, she prayed for the sinner in her son, for the blood she decided to ignore on my clothes when i turned 17 and started getting involved with MC’s. When I got my first Harley, she watched me park it outside our trailer and she held her small hands to her chest, praying already. 

When I got married; I had two people praying for me. I have to say she saved me somehow. (Y/N) saved me in any way a person can be saved. It was like falling down a waterfall, the same water hitting your face, pressing your chest, making you breathless in the worst way. All the blood, all the bullets, the speed of the road, watching brothers die, watching kids being born in the same shitty world you’re used to. Knowing you wouldn’t change a thing.

And her, in the middle of it all. My aunt used to get mad at me almost everyday. For several reasons. “You don’t help around the house” she said. “You’re dropping out of school” “You don’t help me with your mother”, “You’re not hanging around the right crowd” She always said that I was like a fire ball, burning everyone around me. I can’t blame her. After having her kids killed in gang fights and retaliations, I wouldn’t be happy to see my nephew walk the same road. She also said that she hoped I could find my piece of heaven on earth. I never really understood what she meant until I saw my piece of heaving walking inside TM, drenched with rain, her clothes sticking to her body, some make up on her cheeks, wet shoes. 

Piece of heaven. Peace, content, happiness. That’s what I saw in her. Calm. Having the roar of my motorcycle to last forever within me, to feel it even when I was alone at night, looking at the ceiling, alone, or getting my dick sucked by some old crow eater that wanted a piece of SAMCRO with her. (Y/N) was indeed my piece of heaven and I understood what my aunt meant. Once in a while, someone shows up, someone who sits on the back of your bike and whispers “slow down” whenever you were riding too fast, someone who would clean the blood from your shirts without asking too much questions; someone who hates you for smoking weed but would have your pipe ready after a long day because she knows it’s a time for you to relax.

Someone like my wife, who was on her knees, at the end of the bed, praying out loud, when she thinks I’m still downstairs. And I can hear her whisper my name and the name of all my brothers, but even thought she will never admit it, she said my name more and more. She wanted me safe, she wanted me alive. She’s holy to me, because I’m sacred to her. I’m the nice guy. I’m…I’m her hero. 

So she finishes her prayers and I have to pretend I haven’t been watching her from the door frame after all this time. She flashes a warm smile at me and gets up, getting in bed. “What?” She asks me, since I’m still mesmerized by her good will, and still wondering what amazing thing I did to deserve her. 

“Nothing…” That’s what I said.

“God bless you…” That’s what I think.  

Make A Move

“Honey, you go over there and you get that man!” Venus had given me a make over and a pep talk.

“Aunt V, he doesn’t even known I exist…..”

“Now you stop that. You’re beautiful, you march your cute butt over there and make yourself known to that hot man!” 

Walking over to Happy, a porn star cut me off, wrapping herself around him. I was ready to admit defeat, heading back towards Venus. Chibs stepped in front of me, smiling. “You’re auntie says to get your arse over there and take care of business.”

Spinning around on my heel, I moved to Happy, he had his arm wrapped around the woman. He was whispering something in her ear, she was running her hands over his chest.

I had to come up with a plan fast, or they’d disappear together. Stepping behind the bar, I grabbed a beer, giving it a shake. I went to open it, aiming at her face. 

She let out a shriek, taking off for the bathroom, Happy swore glaring at me. I rushed around the bar to Happy with a towel. “Sorry Happy.” I grinned up at him, wiping him off.

His eyes narrowed, he looked down at me. “You did that on purpose little girl! Why?”

“Because I wanted to do this!” I climbed up on the bar stool so I could reach him, wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him, Sliding my tongue, along his bottom lip, before teasing his tongue. 

I was about to pull away, disappointed that he didn’t kiss me back, his arms snaked around my waist. His tongue started to fight mine for dominance. I pulled back smiling at him. “You don’t mind me running your friend off?”

“Not if your make’n moves on me girl!”

I kissed him again, just to make my intentions clear.

“When I said I want a romantic night cuddled in front of the fire. I really didn’t mean this.” You said turning and looking at your husband.
“What a lovely microwave fire. Doesn’t do it for you.” He said smiling at you.
You wanted to be mad at him. This was his fault, but he smile was to sexy and his eyes showed his love for you. Besides him standing with a fire extinguisher in one hand and burned popcorn in the other. Really all you could to is laugh.
“Open the window babe.” You said throwing away the popcorn.
The night ended with you both on the couch cuddled under a blanket. Watching movies. Even though you needed a new microwave and the house still smelt like burned popcorn. You wouldn’t trade this night for anything.
“I love you Y/N.”
“Love you too Happy.”


“I just think the scene between Charlie and Tommy [Flanagan] over the blood is really indicative of how brutal they took it. And then you got DL, David Labrava, literally sobbing in the back of the van. [Laughs] I don’t think any of that was acting, really.” - 'Sons of Anarchy’ star Mark Boone Junior talks Bobby’s big moment [X]