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(5) because apparently I'm not done. That $300 to save? That's if you don't have friends to buy birthday presents for. That's if you spend no money on gas or drinks for meeting people to network (non optional expense). Minus from that 300 (which btw, I've been lowballing with my budget here) the expense of owning a cat. Of paying for parking in this stupid city and GOD FORBID you have an unplanned for expense like a parking ticket or a medical emergency. So yeah, suck a nut.

I love Diya. We should all love Diya. Suck a nut. 

Homelessness as it exists in cities just isn’t an issue in small towns. If you lose your housing in a small town there’s a good chance you have friends and family there who can at least give you a place to crash. So when you hear people talking about the homeless, you either think they must be lazy fuck-ups who need to get a grip on their bootstraps, or they just need to walk over to the local church for some charitable aid to help them get a grip on those bootstraps.

In cities, homeless people exist in population sizes bigger than most rural towns – Los Angeles has an estimated 47,000 people with no place to go. New York City has over 60,000, and that’s lowballing it. That means if you took the entire population of South Dakota’s capital city and cloned them three times, they would still be outnumbered by New York City’s homeless population.

Did you know most homeless rely on hospital emergency rooms for care? Simply giving them a place to live cuts down on health problems and visits to the ER – ultimately saving taxpayers money, instead of having to pay more to watch people die on the streets. So it’s not just a case of bleeding heart liberals, wanting to save the world … it’s just as much a case of, “This person keeps crapping on my doorstep. I’d like this to stop. And also, instead of using my tax dollars to pay for a $20,000 surgery, how about we spend a fraction of that amount on basic preventative care?”

6 Ways Big Cities Turn You Liberal: A Convert’s Perspective

How to clap back against men lowballing you

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So my sis Cam sent an Argument as to why men lowball in our kik Group. The Argument states that sugar babies are like rental cars . If you get a 2010 Ferrari it is not going to increase in value over time and you might as well get a Ferrari 2016 which is “younger and classier and has more value”.

But here is why the rental car theory cannot apply to sugar babies. You see cars decrease in value because when being used it has no possibility to maintain itself unless the owner of the car says so. Meaning the only way a car can get maintenance is when the owner chooses to bring the car in for Service. Otherwise the car will run down the more often it is used. Of course gradually the value will decrease. Furthermore a rental car is used for only one persons benefit so it is one sided.

Sugar babies however, HAVE the power to maintain themselves because a sugar relationship is MUTUALLY beneficial. The older they get, the more experience they have. They know how to maintain themselves better, the learn how to sexually satisfy a man better, they experience events and learn how to act in them. They gain knowledge to be the kind of Person you can talk to. The more time passes the higher the quality rises. She Ages like “fine wine” so to speak. Its because sugar babies have the power to control their lives and how they maintain themselves. The sugar daddies dont do it. They’re just a helping hand. She knows which detox diet will fit her best, what make up will suit her skin tone and what dress to wear. Over all that makes her even a better woman when she first started.

So next time he compares you to a rental car, rather remind him that a sugar baby is more like a GOOD Business. The more you invest, the more it returns ;)

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What's the issue with NISA? I'm unaware.

They have a shitty habit of forcing memes and jokes that aren’t present into their scripts.

They have on more than one occasion totally 180′d a character’s personality through shit localization.

They lowball for their english dubs and hire rando youtubers and general incompetents

Multiple games they’ve localized have had game-crashing bugs that were not present in any version of the game other than the one they touched.

They don’t proof read their scripts so they’re generally riddled with typos and punctuation and grammar errors

And that’s not even getting into the weirdness with their Danganronpa work, I don’t follow that series so someone else can cover that.

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In trading, what does highball/ lowball and equal mean??

  • Highball: your offer has more value unlike the other trader account.
  • Lowball: your offer has less value unlike the other trader account.
  • Equal: your offer has the same value like the other trader account.

In short, when you offer highball to another trader, means you have more UR/SR than their account. Lowballs means that you offer something with less UR/SR. Equal is when both (yours/their account) has the same value in UR/SRs.

- mod honoka

That isn't how you play!!

I’m kinda peeved! I was on the “I’ll give you X if you exalt this dragon” thread, and got a real great offer on my avatar dragon.

Noting what it says at the bottom, I remind TS that they shouldn’t barter what they can’t afford. TS says they were just joking and could afford their offer.

(I bought the dragon from a friend because someone was harassing them with lowball offers, so I took her full price to make them stop. So, needless to say, I’m not that attached to her. She was my only female spiral, so I decked her out with that skin and whatever matched it in Trickmurk festivity.)

And considering she’s from a breeding pair owned by my friend, I could easily get another.

They then proceed to go onto my profile and beg me not to exalt her.

Like, oh my god.

Just play the fucking game right. I’m honestly tempted to exalt her just so TS HAS to pony up the eliminate, because after coming back with a “Whatever its your dragon” and deleting all their comments begging me not to exalt her, they went silent. :/ 

You can do everything the advice here tells you to do, have the most well written profile, have good pictures, be beautiful, be exactly what these men are saying they’re looking for on their website but as soon as they see that you’re black it’s like nothing else matters but that and all of a sudden they’re not interested or they lowball you.


okay, so, if you don’t mind helping me out.

if you had all the money to spend on as many commissions as you wanted, what would you pay per character for these?

please don’t highball me because we’re friends or lowball me for cheaper arts. I already know my minimum, but people have been insisting I should charge more and I just… want to make sure.

obligatory questionmark?

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Send 👫 & I’ll write four headcanons about our muse’s relationship

                               Status | No Longer Accepting

1. Grell hasn’t been entirely truthful about his past, stemming from the day he first set a shackled foot into Briarcliff. Oliver often wonders if Grell’s entire identity is false and that his incarceration conceals an ulterior motive.

2. Flirtatious antics aren’t always the easiest for the good doctor to decode, resulting in him nearly falling face first into one of Grell’s traps.

3. Often, when Grell willingly walks himself into punishment by the sanitarium’s staff, Oliver often chooses not to lift a finger to intervene. A science experiment to determine just how much Grell can withstand before he breaks. So far, findings have been inconclusive.

4. Presently, the good doctor is tempted to destroy Grell’s patient file and all traces of his existence at Briarcliff in order to have him released. The thought is often drowned at the bottom of a lowball glass, however. Knowing Grell, it’s only a matter of days before he shows up at the doctor’s home.


This problem is rated V-weird  - Crocodile (6A, V2) Fontainebleau (video 00:23)