This has been a joke between Age, Lovi and I for a while. And since do the voice acting for the three characters, I thought that it might be fun to just make that joke into an actual animation. I might finish these one day, clean up all the lines, add in the colors and all. But for now, this is good enough!

Original joke: https://twitter.com/ZennyTheGreat/status/593007684065972224

Voice actors:
Bolo by BleuBear (Age) 
Gwadeweido by Me
Dr. Pertinax by LoviDovi 

And special thanks to Age for drawing that lovely wall art (vandalism) for the final scene.

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anonymous asked:

romance schmomance, Can you please tell me about the Axis (+ s italy because why not) and the Allies (+ canada)reactions to playing Goat Simulator for the first time?

Axis + S. Italy/Romano:

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feli’s gonna be the guy who has no idea what he’s doing, but still has a good time. Give him 10 minutes, he’ll be blowing that gas station up and sacrificing humans to the Goat Demon Lord in no time, laughing his adorable head off.

Germany/Ludwig: He doesn’t know what he’s doing, what this game is, why he’s playing it or where it even came from. His reaction would be similar to that of a confused donkey (Because that’s a thing.).

Japan/Honda Kiku: Kiku’s just confused. He’s just staring at the screen dumbfounded as to what you even accomplish in this game. Regardless, Kiku will find any and every easter egg in this game. 

S. Italy/Romano/Lovino Vargas: Lovi’s swearing half the time, whilst trying to figure what in the name of God all mighty he should be doing. Exclaiming “What the fuck is this shit?” every 5 to 10 minutes or he might just get irritated and uninstall the game. Actually, he’d probably do both.

Allies + Canada:

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur hasn’t the slightest clue what this game is, but fuck you to the person who convinced him to play it in the first place. Arthur would probably react very similar to Lovi, swearing at the game and then getting irritated to the point where he just uninstalls the dumb thing.

America/Alfred F. Jones: Alfred, out of everyone, enjoys this game the most. He’ll probably just cause mass destruction in the game, add some mods, fool around for a long time. He will uncover every secret this game has to offer.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Francis doesn’t like modern technology, not a bit. So sitting him down to play this game would probably go something along the lines of giving a child from this generation a cell phone from the 70′s.

Russia/Ivan Braginski: Ivan will find anything that blows up and somehow crash the game from falling/flying off the map. Ivan is the master at game breaking. He’d probably swear under his breath in frustration because he has no idea how these controls work.

China/Yao Wang: Yao doesn’t like modern technology nor does he know how it even works. He doesn’t want to know how it works either. Somehow convinced to play this, crash the game, exclaim modern technology sucks and then go meditate in the garden. Curse modern technology

Canada/Mathew Williams: Mathew, out of everyone, probably plays this game the best. I mean, he’d probably be confused to what the point of this game is, but he’d still find every nook and cranny of this game and simultaneously laugh his butt off. 

The cushions on his back were begining to run thin as he listened to the welp in front of him drawl on about how his family needed help with all their food needs. Felicano sighed and layed down against the side of his chair, numb to the worlds problems and his people’s demands.

“I’m bored….remove him,” He said with a flick of the wrist, and two guards took the man, begging and crying away. He crossed his legs and growled at his boredom as another person came forth, whimpering slightly and dropping to his knees in front of him. Feliciano looked at the man amused, he looked like he would piss himself if he spoke to him.

“And what do you need little pauper?” He chuckled to see if he would, in fact, piss himself. The man nearly jumped and bit his lip before begining his speech on needing shelter from the elements this coming winter.

Felicano was bored, yet again, and leaned on the chair gazing past the man, at a work of art. The cleaning boy his parents had hired after the death of another servant was sweeping across the hall to rid the floor of unsightly dirt that the paupers brought in with them. Feliciano’s eyes were fixed on him, his muscles and the way his clothes fit so well over the Italian skin. He licked his lips softly before forcing his eyes away and looking down at the man whimpering.

“Take him away as well~,” He giggled flicking his wrist.

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I’d hate to make another post like this, but I am in desperate need of money.

Right now, there is little to no food in my house. I have stocked up on Top Ramen and other one dollar foods so I don’t starve, but that’s not a very healthy food as you already know.

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My mom works all day and all night and often comes home irritated. I was hoping to help support her as well.

Not only this, but my dad is also trying to get a knee surgery because it hurts a lot for him to walk, and he can’t walk for very long and he has a bad limp.

I am also in need of money for things related to my gender dysphoria such as a binder and more masculine clothing. I recently bought a binder from eBay that was 1.99$, but I don’t think it is safe for me to wear.

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