Sugarhigh Lovestoned // “Cinnamon Girl” // Holiday Lookbook

Photographer: Amanda Leigh Smith
Model: Skye Sengelmann
Styling: Tami Snodgrass

[I’ve never been good at graphic design forgive me]

I’ve had this blog since December of 2016 and I’ve already hit 1k!! I thought I’d throw together a follow forever before I change my URL heeehee

God tier [My boyfriend]

@affront !! Alec I love you so so much you mean the world to me!! ❤️

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@hellcore @shoutobf @froppygf @dekubf @sunroys !! You guys are my closest friends and I would do anything for you!! I love you all 💜

My Best Fucking Friend Ever:

@lowlandjazz KADI I WOULD KILL TEN MEN FOR YOU….. r 💖💖💖

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RWBY 30 Day Challenge: Day 8

30 Day Challenge.

Day 8 - Favorite antagonist

You guys know who it is - Neopolitan!

Obviously it’s Neo! I dedicate a blog AND my hair to her. She reminds me of Harley Quinn, except she’s better at fighting… And probably wouldn’t involve herself in an abusive relationship because she seems smart… and she doesn’t talk a lot like Harley… But they’re both crazy! Crazy is good and interesting.

Everything about Neo is a mystery. We don’t know her back story. We don’t know why she doesn’t talk (perhaps she’s under a curse!) though apparently they have a voice actress for her.

“She looks like a model
Except she’s got a little more ass
Don’t even bother
Unless you’ve got that thing she likes” (a dead body probably)

“She’s got me love stoned
Man, I swear she’s bad, and she knows
I think that she knows”