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Do you guys have any fics where Peter and Wade are really close friends but then it turns into something more? Thank you!

Roommates by   Spideypoolhell

Peter Parker’s Mid-life Crisis by KarasuNei  

Silver Bells by Birdie (Robin_Mask)

I’m Not That Good at Breathing In  by Celebrate_the_irony  

Mutation Squared by MysticMoonhigh

Monday Morning Massages  by  TheMadKatter13

Still Loving You by xRockChickx

BF(F)   by  Carol989  

Deluge by Macx

Bed Buddies  by   shewearsglasses

i wanna ruin our friendship by nni

Deadpool and Spidey and Singing  by a_hessdalen_light 

Difficult Cliches

Summary: Phil is in love with his best friend, but that best friend happens to have a girlfriend.

Word Count: 2294

Genre: Fluff

TW: mild homophobia

A/N: this is totally self-indulgent and very much an overdone cliche, but hey, i’m a sucker for cliches, so here you go

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i am so moved by the love of God

Jesus is so in love with all of us, not just as a whole, but personally. He desires us, He longs to be a part of our lives. He desires you, you know that? He wants you to know Him personally, not just as a concept or a distant God but as a Father, Savior, Friend, Lover. He can be as close as you want Him to be. He can fill up the empty spaces of your heart and transform your life in a way you never thought possible. He wants you to encounter His Love. 

oh the way He holds my heart, the way He whispers to me, the way He holds me up when i feel like i am slipping. i am so thankful for Him. grace is overwhelming–i don’t deserve anything good from Him but He gave me His ENTIRE LIFE. it’s too much for my fickle mind to comprehend, that the God who created the entire universe took MY place and paid for the price of MY sins upon that dirty cross. i don’t have words. my heart is so full with gratitude. 

Jesus, empty me of myself so i can be filled with You so everyone i come across will come to know the Love that captivated and saved my soul.

Remus raising Harry AU pt. 2
  • Harry gets sorted into Gryffindor, as literally everyone on earth expected but it was quite a hard sorting as he had many different traits as well
  • Draco getting sorted into Gryffindor terrified everyone, him even more. 
  • Draco’s shocked when he learnt why because him befriending Harry and basically the Weasley twins were something very braver and very much against Malfoy traditions. 
  • Minerva watching Harry and the Weasley twins comfort Draco whose on the verge of crying
  • Other Gryffindors and Slytherins calling him out, distrusting him. 
  • Harry waking up in the middle of the night for a drink, instead, he finds his lover friend crying.
  • Draco getting a howler the next morning and running out because he’s terrified, all the Slytherins are snickering and shouting names.
  • Harry standing up for him.
  • “If anyone bullies Draco ever again you’ll have me and the twins to answer to.’’
  • Teachers being terrified of Harry because he’s literally all the Marauders (Minus Peter) mixed in one person, charismatic and cocky like Sirius, as obsessed with Quidditch as James and as smart as Remus so they know Harry’s a serious threat.
  • People not being impressed with Harry’s threat, the twins were great prankers but a first year wasn’t really a threat, even if he was the chosen one. Which is why everyone dismissed it, but the teachers knew he had a Marauder as a teacher.
  • The first victims are fourth years. Harry made a bomb explode around their seat during dinner in the great hall for everyone to see, once the smoke cleared the victims were left with pink, red, gold and purple hair which lasted around three months.
  • Harry gets permission to floo home every full moon to make sure Remus is fine.
  • Draco having studying session with Hermione alone and with Harry as well, Harry still goes along despite knowing it all already which is why those three are on the top of their classes.
  • After a month or so everyone in Gryffindor accepts Draco.
  • Draco already knowing much about the Philosopher’s stone which gives them more time to focus on other things.
  • Draco convincing them Snape isn’t bad, after all he’s still nice to him despite being a Gryffindor and he knew Snape wouldn’t do that kind of stuff.
  • The bullying stops after a few months and a lot of vicious pranks but Harry’s far from done.
  • The twins play along with a lot of fun as Harry’s a master at playing pranks, planning them and executing them.
  • Harry keeps dragging Draco along which he secretly loves and because of it the teachers start referring to them as the Marauders and soon it catches on and the whole school is doing it. 
  • “You know, they’ve even started to call us the Marauders.’’
  • Remus laughing extremely loud to the extent it hurts, despite it being a full moon.
  • Harry going home during Christmas and dragging Draco along.
  • Remus being rather hesitant at first, because after all Lucius was one of Voldemort’s trusted soldiers in the war. Soon though he realized Draco is a really massive nerd and an actual cinnamon roll
  • Draco and Harry getting a Weasley sweater
  • Draco helping make the banner for Harry’s first Quidditch match
  • At Hogwarts, Harry finds the mirror of erised and takes Draco to see it. Harry explains he sees his parents, alongside Remus without his scars and Sirius, Harry really can’t believe he’d sell his parents out.
  • Draco doesn’t get it, before he reads the title, as he just sees him and Harry.
  • Draco later realizing which mirror it actually is.
  • Draco and Ron playing games of wizard chess for hours.
  • Solving the puzzles on their way to the stone.
  • Harry asking Draco to stay with him during summer because he sees how scared and unhappy Draco is that he has to leave.
  • “Your dad could never find us, first of all, as he doesn’t know where to look for us. If he did, it doesn’t matter as much because Remus is amazing at dueling and I just don’t want you to get hurt.’’
  • Draco having the best summer ever.

Episode 1: Steven tries to activate his magical powers by eating his favorite ice cream sandwich.

Episode 108: Steven suffers from post dramatic stress disorder while in a fusion with his lover best friend about Gems he wasn’t able to help or save because of his deceased mom’s actions during a revolution she initiated thousands of years ago against her autocratic matriarch homeworld.

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I'm pretty sure that someone mentioned this somewhere, but what if, after everyone but Lydia start forgetting Stiles, someone asks Lydia to describe her relationship with him, and she starts to stammer and said someone starts egging her on on whatever they where ("Friends? Lovers? What the hell where you?") And so she yell's "WE'RE SOMETHING!" as a callback to Season 3A?

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Some said you're beautiful and you asked what the definition of beauty was. It made me think, to me the definition of beauty is my lover and my best friend. They both are what keep me alive and they light up my world. I know everyone defines beauty as one way or another but this is just how I myself define it.

Beauty, such a rare thing for us to see.

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I was a hardcore shipper but lately I wonder if I am limiting myself to assuming what love looks like. I still think S/C are together but I am no longer bothered by how they are together. They could be best of friends, lovers, friends with benefits, married, etc; what matters is the care and comfort they have. They both emote a particular feeling/s when together and naming it love limits its possibilities and richness. But at the basic level of love, nothing compares to their togetherness.

I definitely agree but I also think the care and comfort they have with each other doesn’t just happen between people who are “just friends.” To me, they have an intimacy and shorthand that only happens when you take your relationship to another level. I haven’t been in love myself but my parents have been married for over 30 years and I know other couples who are similar so I have a vague idea of what love looks like. That being said, Sam and Cait far surpass anything I’ve ever seen. 

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( Who is your favorite person to spend time with? B|c Is your lover your best-friend, or do you have another? )

          ❛ … ah … it’s so impossible to choose just one person! Uhm — I rely on a lot of people, so it’s hard to pick just one favorite. Everyone is important to me, for a lot of different & unique reasons! Even people who don’t stick around … they’re important too, aren’t they? Joel used to be one of my favorites for the longest time, merely because he was the only genuine family I knew, for the longest time. Even now, there’s no one who could fill the role he had perfectly. He was my brother & he made sure I was always safe. He knew me from the inside out … no one else does … not even me. Kolikura is a favorite too, because as my best - friend, I can always talk to him about something, knowing that I can get a different point of view from him. He’s like a breath of fresh air, really! His experiences are different than mine, so I like learning what he’s learned, that I don’t yet know & vice vera. Then, naturally, there’s Vlad. He’s important too. I like spending time with him because I feel safe around him … & because I feel complete when I’m with him. We have our ups & downs, but I genuinely feel like we were meant to be, y’know? My life wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilling if it wasn’t for him. He scolds me the most when I do something stupid. ❜

          A slow breath to fill lungs, & the boy repositioned himself almost sheepishly.  ❛ Then there’s Milos, Mia, Orthra, Augustus, Evangeline, Entity … gosh, I can’t even name everyone! They’re all important to me, even the people who’re mean to me. They help me move forward. If I didn’t meet the people I did, or even lose the people I did, I wouldn’t be the same person I am now! Each interaction in the long - run becomes my favorite, even if they’re short & the people don’t stick around. ❜

Arriving for dinner w/ Todrick Hall | New York City, NY | August 24, 2016

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If you guys have been following me for long enough, you know that I’m a total sucker for a blonde in yellow - so I’m kind of dying over this co-ord set on Taylor. I personally would have just dropped the bag and opted for something to match the shoes but otherwise I love the way the jacket brings out a tough city slicker edge to this otherwise girly laser cutout ensemble.

What do you think? Or are you tired of co-ords?

Worn with: Alexander Wang jacket, Miu Miu bag and M Gemi sandals 

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