“I will draw a simple piece for my doodle before bed today” I say, as I sit down and wind up drawing the three dragons from Breath of the Wild.

I love their designs and how well Nintendo mixed the wacky Windwaker graphics with Skyward Sword and also gave it that touch of Volvagia from OoT. I’m also a sucker for Eastern dragons. :’D

Will more than likely do a full piece of these three in the future.

Dragon Wife

Hello, hi, hello there. So, I haven’t written anything in a while, and @tizniz​ wanted me to remedy that. So, she gave me the sentence “I need 347 oreos right now, or else we’re all going to die” to write off of lol. And this is a funny little drabble that came out of it. I hope it makes ya smile. Cos I was giggling like a mad woman writing it.

“I need 347 oreos right now, or else we’re all going to die.”

Joe slowly turned his gaze from the screen to her, “That’s slightly dramatic.”

Y/N scoffed. “You think that’s dramatic? Talk to my uterus. She’s an A-List drama queen if I ever saw one.”

“You’ve seen your own uterus?”

“Shut up, Joseph.”

“Okay.” He snapped his head back to his laptop, lips tight to keep from laughing.


Joe jumped at the sudden noise from the living room as he strolled in, head in his phone. Y/N was slumped over the back of the couch, feet planted wide on the floor on either side of her.

“Wha-… What are you doing?”


“You’re not an extra in The Walking Dead. Use your words.”

“I want murder,” her voice muffled by the cushions.

“Not those words.”

“You know, I really do appreciate you taking care of me today,” she mumbled into the crook of Joe’s shoulder, arm slung across his middle.  

“Of course,” he snuggled up closer to her, nose buried in her hair. “Feeling any better?”


“Cramps gone?”


“Still want to bathe in the blood of your enemies?”


“Good. Glad to see you’re back to normal.”


“No problem.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, dragon lady.”

Silence fell between the two, long enough for Joe to start drifting. And then, Y/N gasped. He jolted awake again.

“What’s wrong?”

“Imagine instead of bleeding once every month, I breathed fire. Imagine I turned into a dragon.”

“Oh my god.”

“It would be so cool.”

“Nope.” He rolled over.

“And I’d collect treasure.”

“For fucks sake.”

“And shiny stones.”

He groaned into his pillow.

“It’d be great.”

“I beg to differ,” he turned back towards her. “I already feel like a dragon handler 12 weeks out of the year. Let’s not make it full time.”

“But, Joe.”

“No.” He threw his arm over his face.


Whaaaaat?” He whined back.

“I’d also be able to FLY.”

Silence again. He slowly lifted his arm from his face, staring at her.

“Who needs a private jet when you have a DRAGON WIFE?”

He blinked at her.

“That’s the coolest and most terrifying thing I’ve ever imagined.”

“I have big dreams.”

“You’d have bigger if you actually went to sleep.”

She huffed and pouted, snuggling into the duvet. “Rude.”

A soft smile spread across his face, “You’re adorable.”

“No. I’m a dragon.”

“You’re a cute dragon.”

“How very dare you.”

Joe laughed sharply, wrapping his arm around Y/N tightly, laying a quick kiss on her forehead. “Go to sleep, love.”

After a second or two of grumbling, she let out a long yawn, before snuggling back into him.


There was never a dull moment with his dragon wife. That was for certain.

Why would...

I posted this on another reblog but it didn’t get tagged, so new post. 

Why would Jon prefer D@ny, considering how he was raised, and the position he was raised in as a bastard in a Stark household, as a Northerner, and adopted member of the free folk? He holds values that are the product of his upbringing and experience that D@ny does not share or even understand. 

He never had a birthright or claim to anything. Why would he fall in love with someone who makes claiming that their #1 priority? 

Why would he fall in love with someone who values displays of fealty (kneeling), when he himself loved and admired someone who refused to do that? 

Why would he fall in love with someone who has no knowledge or interest in the things he cares about - the North, Winterfell, & his family? In fact, why would he be compatible with someone who has no family, or understands how those bonds and dynamics work (she killed her own brother and has no sympathy for Tyrion’s dilemma).  

Why would he be compatible with someone who flaunts her resume in her titles when he values such a humble, austere lifestyle that he doesn’t even care if he’s called a king or not? 

Why would he suddenly get heart eyes for a woman who lost her kid for him, when he has separated mothers from children and even killed children himself?

People who ship these two ignore the kind of life Jon actually wants, and how that desire is the product of his experiences as the bastard son of Ned Stark. Which is why him falling in love with dragon lady (if he actually does–jury still out folks!) is soooooo OOC for him. Can you see Ned falling in love with D@ny instead of Cat if he was her age and he didn’t have an arranged marriage? Jon is Ned incarnate, with an added ability to play the game. Which makes it possible that he would fuck her for her dragons and compartmentalize his feelings. D@ny is already in that box in his head: “definitely not soul mate material.”

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Full offence but Ryner deserves more love than fandom gives her. A lot more.... Nothing is better than badass old ladies who are nuturing and kind but can still kick your ass and dont give a fuck

Full offence but this fandom really sleeps on Ryner and that makes me sad. I must say the Olkari are probably one of my fave alien races so far (if not the fave) and I would love to see more headcanons/metas/arts/fics about them

And Nonny? HARD same. I often find myself drawn to older ladies like Ryner or Lin Beifong (unsurprising since they’re both voiced by the same actress) or Valka from How to Train your Dragon. I love ladies who are older, more mature, have more experience, are like mentor figures, tough as nails but also have a soft and kind side. It’s a type of character you don’t see too often in media since there’s this aversion to portraying older women, and even when a character like that does appear (like Ryner) they often don’t get much attention in fandom because the majority of fandom is shipping and people aren’t interested in shipping women of a certain age :P

Okay time for my bnha 135 ramble!!!

so it’s been confirmed that Kirishima does indeed use hairgel.Thank you for this Horikoshi sensei.

I’ve fallen in love with a dragon lady…


I have to agree with this padlock earring guy. I still think that it’s way too early for Izuku and the others to get into this kinda shady business. I mean for crying out loud they are just first years! It’s not that I’m complaining about the plot or anything but you could say that I’m just concerned about their safety even though I know they are fictional characters.

I really find it adorable that Fatgum thinks so highly of Kirishima now, it’s just so awesome that he now has a pro hero  backing him up.

XD! I love Kirishima is absolutely confused here, he doesn’t even know how his actions have really helped out with the investigation.

One thing I really liked about this chapter was the little interaction between Gran Torino and Izuku

Gran Torino is concerned about Izuku’s safety because he probably has a hunch that Izuku will go overboard and break his bones again, which I am fairly certain that will happen pretty soon given the way this arc is turning out to be.

I like Izuku’s response here too, he replies without flinching or anything and without hesitation.

And Sir is giving them the stink eye because he is obviously still salty about Izuku being All Might’s successor, and now that he knows Izuku has a connection towards Gran Torino, he knows that he is somewhat involved with Izuku getting OFA.

Now that I think about it, shouldn’t he have known that All Might was going to choose Izuku as his successor already? I mean if he could see the time f All Might’s death, he should have known about All Might choosing Izuku…

I am still very skeptical about the fact that Overhaul is Eri’s dad… he could be lying, and Sir only heard about Overhaul being Eri’s father from Izuku and Mirio so there’s a chance that he’s lying.

But if he’s not lying then that means Eri must have inherited Overhaul’s quirk in a different form. She can ‘break’ quirks temporarily, so the temporary affect of her quirk must be the reassembling quirk that she inherited from Overhaul and the disassembling part was inherited from the destruction. 

I’m not sure if these are more sketchy pages or if they’re supposed to look like that but I really love the fact that Mirio and Izuku both feel guilty here. They could have done something, they saw Eri’s state, they saw the bandages, and they saw the fear in her eyes, they could’ve done something, should’ve done something but they couldn’t (it wasn’t actually there fault anyway). And now after hearing the truth they feel a strong sense of urgency to protect Eri and thus…

THE ERI PROTECTION WAS FORMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Sir approves.


Looking for some Sheith Romances for Valentine’s Day?

Dans and I have you covered with some shameless promotion of the fluffiest, angstiest, most dramatic, and nerdiest Sheith romances we’ve written. Whatever your flavor, we’ve got something you might like. And if you do, leave us a nice comment? :D


Bite Down 

Our current in-progress story featuring adrenaline junkie and street racer Keith who falls in love with Shiro, a young man struggling with PTSD and addiction. It’s messy, complicated, destructive love. Chapter 5 has just been posted! (Rating: Explicit)

Thief of Hearts

A Moulin Rouge inspired Sheith fic. Shiro is a high end escort, Keith is a failed thief just scraping by. A case of mistaken identity ruins everything and falling for each other is dangerous when someone else wants to own Shiro. (Rating: Explicit)


The Legend of the Sun and Moon 

Shiro and Keith were born to be enemies, but destiny has other plans. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and the only way to beat back the Darkness is to find a way to work together and break the cycle of heartbreak. A huge epic fantasy romance set in a magical pan-Asian world featuring the entire Voltron cast, including significant Hance and Allura in love with a lady dragon. ;D (Rating: Explicit)


Keith is the emotionless Ice Prince who steals away the handsome woodsman Shiro to his bleak winter palace. Will Shiro be able to find the Prince’s heart before his own freezes? (Rating: Teen)

First Love/Second Chances

The Guardian and the Dreamer

Little Shiro dreams about a mystical land that weaves together magic, mythology, and adventure with a brave little Guardian spirit named Keith at his side. Each chapter brings another lesson, but at the end, will fear win or will Shiro be able to keep his best friend from disappearing forever? (Rating: Gen)

Speed Racers

Falling in love with your best friend can be complicated, especially when you miss your chance and never confess your feelings. It’s been five years since they’ve drifted apart and lost that first love. Shiro has adopted his niece and is raising her as a single father while recently divorced Keith comes back home to find the one who got away. (Rating: Gen)

Established Relationship

The Road Not Taken

What if Shiro wasn’t captured during the Kerberos mission? What if he didn’t leave without telling Keith how he felt? What if they could start over again at the beginning and avoid the mistakes that tore them both apart? (Rating: Explict)


A short “missing scene” fic after Season 2 Episode 8, Blades of Marmora. Keith is struggling to deal with finding out about his Galra heritage and Shiro is there to help.

Ben Hutton #4

Requested by Anon:  Ahh can you do a cute cuddly Ben Hutton one where it’s the start of a new season and you’re living together for the first time. [Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 815

Originally posted by baehutton

Someone should have told you earlier that moving in with your boyfriend would result to almost daily breakfasts in bed, a foot rub when you’re tired, and a front row seat to a shirtless Ben Hutton doing pushups on Sundays because clearly, you’ve been missing out.

This is the life, you think while eating the last of your French toast.

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Favorite HTTYD fics?


Wild Hearts by hiilikedragons EVERYTHING she writes is beautiful

Older by edge-of-bizarre her stories are awesome too

Persephone by thatsnicebutimmarried also love her fics a lot

(How To Train Your) Dungeons & Dragons by nneurosis love her writing so much

Sacrifices by thaipothetical-situations love everything she writes

The Viking Way by nefertsukia AWESOME WRITER

Seize My Heart by oh—you—pretty—things love her drabbles so much

He’s all That by kchaos85-dragon-lady love her fics

Chasing Thunderstorms by tysonrunningfox love her drabbles too

Mistakes by loves-snotlout her fics are heartbreaking but awesome

What The Water Gave Me by p-artsypants really good to0

also love elusivist fics and haddocksortails drabbles 

OK I think I’m done xD