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BR/ BAUEN / Brazil

EichenGlobal is a Real Estate Service Company for international investors who have just purchased or already own property in German grounds. Its mission is bridge the gap between clients and all sorts of consulting services by gathering a network of mortgage, finance, lawyers, auditors, banks, property management and insurance companies. With over 110 years of combined experience in Berlin’s property market inherited from its parent company, their competitive advantage is that they are pioneering within the German real estate market in offering all services under one roof management, and being new would possibly be their brand perception disadvantage. This concern led to a design language development which takes into consideration the need to be familiar and recognizable. The goal is to have a simple and clear visual approach to represent the company’s core with evident references on the so called International Style derived from the Bauhaus that strives for rationalism by using clear geometry and the sophistication that results from it.