so i haven’t been able to really listen to All Night, like REALLY listen to it intently until this very moment so i’m going to be very camren-y delusional right now, forgive me. especially to lauren, i love you and you’ll hate me if in some magic world you’ll be able to see this, so forgive me.

at first i thought the song was all about tyren because it’s easier to like succumb into the thinking that everything lauren’s involved with right now (romantically) is about or with ty. so i’m ready to feel that pang in my chest hearing how, supposedly, drawn she is to ty even though i love her and support her and such.

ps. i think i’d finally enjoy In Your Phone in the future days wherein tyren doesn’t exist anymore. like, i’m all for lauren’s happiness and all, and if she ends up with ty, then so be it. i’ll still love her. i’m just saying, i’ll enjoy the music more if she find love with someone else, preferably a cuban-mexican with that signature butt. or already found it but whatever. 😁

back to the music, since i like listened really carefully to it, the lyrics is giving this vibe like the person that lauren’s (or steve’s) referring to is someone that they’re not really “dating” but someone that they have a strong pull towards. so tyren is not it, because as i’ve said, lauren’s romantic life is currently revolving around ty or atleast what she’s letting us on. and also, it shouldn’t be about laucy because she wasn’t really that private about it either. i mean, they even did a photoshoot. and the lyrics of the song implies that this love is kind of under the covers, secretive and sensitive. 😁

let’s strip the lyrics now shall we?


My heart beats a little faster, when our eyes meet in the middle of a crowded room. I’ve got a feeling, and I don’t know what to do with you

1. we’re seriously not strangers with camren’s secret looks and secretive stares. i mean, it’s one of the very reasons why this camren ship started, right?

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2. all of us also knows that “camren” and their very relationship has been really rocky.


You got me paralyzed, and I think I like it. Caught me by surprise, I’m not usually like this, no. Got me paralyzed, don’t think I can help it. Why’s it feel so right?

1. we’re all not strangers to lauren getting distracted by camila. i don’t keep tabs but i don’t forget. lauren have her moments. we can all agree to that.

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The crowd fades, tunnel vision. In a maze, and the only thing I feel is you. In perfect syncopation. Face to face, tell me do you feel it too?

1. i just recently saw this tumblr and lol i just want to include it

2. “in perfect syncopation.” — genius lyrics got it all covered. ; so again, we can rule out tyren because i don’t know, i think they started dating way past the day they met. not that they should fall in love easily. i’m just saying that we might know two people who instantly connected when they first met. 😉

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< ALSO, don’t forget when they harmonize together >


But maybe I should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause I keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way. And I don’t wanna (I don’t wanna play), these emotional games (emotional games). Only you bring me closer, and I cannot deny that I want you to stay.

1. “but maybe i should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — if this is about ty, why would she wait, lol? let alone let it fall into place when they’re both so happy and all? with that being said, if camren, let’s say, was real or is real. it was suspected that they are keeping things on the low for years now because of the push and pull of their relationship. some even concluded that they were so problematic before because one wants to be on the out (lauren) and the other is not ready yet (camila). basing on their tumblr reblogs. SO IF I’M GOING TO LET MY DELUSIONAL THOUGHTS TAKE OVER; lauren outed herself on her trump later.

– next, is camila’s insinuation in her Havana Music Video, which is…

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2. “'cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — lauren had a hard time accepting her sexuality #fact , and IF camren was or is ever real… do the math. she was finally proud of who she is, and she can’t fully show it to the world IF the supposed love of her life is not ready yet. (OR I’M BEING DELUSIONAL AGAIN) OR it simply implies that her attraction to the person is really THAT strong that it overwhelms her.


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I still can't shake the shock of Tom Keen's death. The word lingering in my head to today about Tom is PASSION. Some loved Tom with a PASSION. Others hated him with a PASSION. Which begs the question - where does The Blacklist go after the loss of that PASSON?

I wish I knew, anon. I know my passion has run out on the show. It’s just left me very sad and a lot empty.

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It’s kind of funny that the guillotine is the universal symbol for radical insurrection when it was actually the product of the sort of centrist compromise that radicals love to hate. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin was against the death penalty, and as a compromise he invented the guillotine to be a quick and painless method of execution to replace axes and swords (which almost never cut all the way through on the first try, they had to hack away at the neck a few times.) If he had just taken on the root of the problem instead of being a centrist, there wouldn’t be guillotines.

I’m aware that the high ranks, the smart pants and our very own society mock us for being passionate, for devoting our time and energy to someone and something we find happiness in, but please, if you ever happen to stumble upon your favourite artist, be polite, be respectful, be your loving self, but tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them how their job affected your life through your best and worst times, how much inspiration you drew from them, how they make you feel like you want to be a better person. Like you’re a part of something bigger and powerful, like you’re never truly alone. Please, please share your love with them and whatever positive feeling was sparked in you by being a part of their community.

And to all of you wonderful women out there, daily finding yourselves in difficult, delicate positions in particularly male-chauvinistic professional fields, don’t let anyone bring you down. Don’t ever allow anyone to debase you and your efforts just because some wisely picked insult can easily throw a woman out of the game. Be powerful, be brave and remind everyone, every day, through your results and your dignity why you are the best they can ever get. Love what you do, count on yourself, but team up with the people you work with and protect that at all costs. Be proud of what you accomplish, because it’s the sum of a struggle and an effort and a dedication most men out there will hardly ever come to imagine. And if bitch is all they have to drag you down, well 🙃

The Branwen twins vs White Fang

*in an elevator at the White Fang headquarters*

Qrow: Raven, I thought the world of you. I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever but, at the end of the day, you’re you and I’m me. I know maybe there’s still good in you but, let’s be honest, our paths diverged a long time ago.

Raven: Yeah. It’s probably for the best that we never see each other again.

Qrow: Well, it’s what you always wanted.

Raven: I guess.


Qrow: Hey, let’s do “Get help”

Raven: What?

Qrow: You know, “Get help”

Raven: No.

Qrow: Come on, you love it!

Raven: I hate it.

Qrow: It’s great! It works every time!

Raven: It’s humiliating!

Qrow: Do you have a better plan?

Raven: No!


Qrow: We’re doing it.

Raven: We are not. Doing. “Get help”

*elevator opens*


Qrow: *Throws Raven at White Fang members*

Qrow: *chuckles* Classic.

Raven: *noticably disheveled* Still hate it. It’s so humiliating!

Qrow: Not for me it’s not:)

Great movie, it’s getting so much hate by the critics & it’s only because of the plot. Which I would say the plot was simple it went from point A to B. I loved the movie! It had great acting by all the cast & great action !
The return of Superman was the best thing! & I loved it.
Zack Snyder did an amazing job! Love his work & I hate how much hate he gets.
If you haven’t seen it GO SEE IT!!! It’s great! & stay for the credits!!! 2 post credit acne’s!!!

Overall the movie was great!! I would give it a 9/10.
Only problem about this movie for me was the runtime. Which I am upset & really blame Warner Bros for making it mandatory to make a 2 hour movie. So I really hope they learn from this which I hoped they learned from BVS to not cut a film so much.

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By namjoon saying “we don’t have any girlfriends or boyfriends” what do you think he means by that

The way I interpreted it when I watched it; is that he meant that people in general (because he used ‘we’ but not necessarily Bangtan themselves and because he goes on to say that people should love themselves?) always say that they want to date when they don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends and saying that to love others you must first love yourself, not them in particularly if you get what I mean? And when they go on to be asked about dating, Yoongi replied with what he thought love was. But even if he meant that Bangtan don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends, I think it’s a very positive message that they’re very open to sexuality and it makes me as an ARMY so much more prouder to say that I stan them as humans. I’m not going to ridicule them or RM for saying that because it doesn’t matter if any of them likes females or males, as long as they’re happy then that’s all that should matter and if they do ever come out with their sexuality then I’m always going to be beyond proud of them regardless of what that sexuality may be. It doesn’t and will not change the views I have on them because of the gender they prefer you know? It’s the 21st Century - homophobia shouldn’t even be a thing anymore. I’m not saying people need to love it, but know that it has nothing to do with them just because they don’t agree. No one needs others’ approval to love the people or person they want to love, it’s as simple as that. Respect people for whom they are. What gender you prefer doesn’t make you any less of a person. They’ve always been very positive about gender and sexuality and they’ve always spread incredible messages - that are still subjects that are taboo in asian countries (SK being one) which is even more incredible. So bottom line is, no matter if RM’s speaking of people in general, or them I think him saying boyfriend and girlfriend means that they’re not restricting themselves to conforming what people deem as the ‘norm’ and they’re open to this whole topic. 

Basically, I’m proud as fuck and love them so much for it. They’re truly amazing people and the words they use are incredible to spread positivity into the world.

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LOVING THIS ANGST BUT ALSO HATING IT!!!! PLZ DONT LET MUGMAN DIE also i love ur art so much it looks straight out of the game like its official art :’DD

Will Mugman live?! …we must wait and see! 
and thank you very much!! :’’DDD 


Reblog the positive message and HELP STOP QUEER HATE CRIMES!
I made a stop motion video about LGBTQIA+ hate crimes, using almost 1,000 still images. It took me almost two months to film, edit, create and push out there.
QUEER HATE CRIMES ARE STILL HAPPENING GUYS! AND WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT! And I wanted to spread some awareness and put some positive vibes out into the universe so this happens to less people. Thank you very much for your time, I hope you watch it.

First Love - Lee Felix Requested Scenario

Genre: fluff

Requested?: yes (anon)

Phrase(s): 22; “we were just kids when we fell in love”

Message?: I honestly HATE mnet


“Chris, honestly, where are you taking me?!” I exclaimed, fed up with Chris and asking where we were going.

“Here!” he smiled, stopping outside a tall building.

I looked up at it, slowly backing up so I could read the huge letters across the side.

“J… Y… P… Entertainment?” I asked before sighing, “you’ve brought me to watch you fucking train. Oh my god Chris! I watched you so much when we were young! I’ll watch you when you debut! Do I have to—“

“Shh shh shh,” Chris said, walking over and wrapping his arm round my shoulders, “not me, someone who I think you know.”

“Twice?!” I exclaimed.

Chris laughed, “no!”

“It wasn’t that ridiculous,” I pouted.

“Oh well,” Chris shrugged, letting go of my comment and taking hold of my hand, leading me inside.

Not going to lie, I was impressed. As soon as we walked in, high ceilings, expensive funiture and just impressive, expensive looking stuff everywhere.

“Cool right?” Chris smirked, “training rooms… less so.”

I sighed, following him into the elevator and to ‘his’ training room.

“In here,” he whispered, opening the door and holding it open for me to follow.

“Yo yo yo! What’s up motherfuckers! What you doing?!” Chris exclaimed in Korean, walking in, looking proud.

“Chan! Shut up!” A deep voice shouted, as I entered the room I saw he was dressed in all black with four people sat around him.

“He’s probably creating a beat,” Chris whispered to me, still in Korean, “guys, wheres Fe– I mean, where’s my Australian brother?”

“Your so weird Chan,” one of the smaller boys next to deep-voice said, “but he’s practising dance with Minho and Hyunjin.”

Chris nodded, pointing to the door once again, motioning for me to go through it.

I opened it and let Chris go ahead of me.

“So who are we seeing?” I asked, taking hold of Chris’s arm.

“Someone I think you’ll know,” Chris smirked.

“You know that was not what I meant you fucker,” I sighed.

“You’ll see soon!” Chris exclaimed, knocking on the door of another training room.

“What?” Another deep voice said from behind the door.

“It’s me,” Chris said in Korean.

“Oh well I’m the only one here,” the voixe said again but this time in English but with an Australian tint to his words.

“Alrighty then,” Chris grinned, opening the door, “Y/N, meet Felix, Felix, meet Y/N. Well. Not meet as such.”

“What?” I asked, looking from Felix to Chris.

“You two know each other, don’t you?” Chris asked.

“How would you know?!” I laughed, slapping Chris’s shoulder.

“No, no, no,” Chris said, “get out that photo thats in your wallet. And the one in your phone case.”

He pointed at Felix, then me before smirking and beginning to walk towards the door.

“You’ll thank me later,” was the last thing he said before walking out and closing the door after him.

Me and ‘Felix’ had already got out our phone and wallet we looked at each other, cracking up as we looked at each other, although never making eye contact.

“I’m so sorry about him,” Felix said, shaking his head as he looked at the floor.

“It’s fine, I should be the one apologising, I’ve known him since we were… 7?” I said, chuckling slightly.

“Wow, met in school then?” he asked.

“No, no, I um.. I lived somewhere else up until that point,” I explained.

Felix nodded.

“I’m Y/N, by the way,” I smiled.

“Y/N?” Felix asked.

I furrowed my eyebrows, chuckling slightly, “um, yeah?”

“Sorry, I had a friend called Y/N when I was young,” Felix explained.

“No way! I had a friend called Felix!” I exclaimed, laughing as I joined him on the floor.

“Actually, I have a photo of me and Y/N,” Felix said, getting his wallet out again.

“I have one of me and Fe– wait!” I exclaimed, “Chris! He was right!”

I fumbled, getting my phone and popping the picture out the case before looking up and seeing Felix, a small photo in his hands, looking between it and me.

“Y/N…” he said, his voice trailing off.

He quickly showed me the photo, the one that looked exactly the same as my one but from my memory, I know that it was taken two minutes afterwards.

I smiled, looking at Felix and remembering all of our memories, my smile faded as my memories got closer and closer to my seventh birthday, the day I moved opposite Bang Christopher.

“You replaced me with Chan,” Felix laughed, obviously not being serious, but I swallowed, knowing he was partially right.

“I never forgot you though,” I said, staring at my photo, “I used to tell Chris all about you.”

“I never told my new friends about you,” Felix said, “I just… I don’t know, after you moved away it felt like I wanted to keep you secret from everyone who came into my life past that point.”

“Because you loved me,” I said, making eye contact with Felix for the first time in over ten years.

“Don’t put the blame on me,” Felix chuckled, “you loved me.”

“But we were just kids when we fell in love,” I said, staring at him, not wanting to break eye contact.

“But I knew it was love,” Felix said, looking disheartened.

I chuckled, “Felix you were seven.”

He smiled, “and age is a number when it comes to love. Don’t you think?”

“I’ve never thought about it as love Felix,” I said, shaking my head, doubts swirling round my head.

“Then think about it,” he whispered, coming closer and closer to my face with every word.

“How do I know you’re not a dick now?” I asked, completely serious.

Felix laughed, drawing his face back to not laugh straight in my face, “don’t you trust me?”

“Sort of,” I said.

“Then think about it,” Felix whispered, “I’m not asking you to marry me, but you were my first love.”

“I’m honoured,” I smiled, getting some confidence back.

“Well?” Felix asked.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Was I your first love?”

I grinned, kissing his cheek, gaining every bit of confidence I’d ever had back in this moment, “my first and last.”