Overwatch Shipping Appreciation

Roadrat: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol

Mercy76: Gimme granpappy and grandma darlin’ dearest being cute af

Reaper76: Gimme dat delish angst and daddy duo

MercyKill: Gimme dat ultimate level: death blossom from above angst (holy guacamole the angst is too real with this ship)

McHanzo: Gimme dat Mr. Rodeo man who lives off of cheesy puns and memes in love with Mr. Dark, Broody and Serious shit

McGenji: Gimme dat cowboy cyborg ninja love

Genyatta: Gimme dat teacher/student bonding time (and not the friendly type huehuehue)

McReaper: Ditto, but probably with a lot more hate sex involved idk

McMercy: Gimme dat cheerful cowboy brightens doctor’s day (in more ways than one ohohoho)

Widowtracer: Gimme dat epic rivals with unresolved sexual tension

Meihem: Gimme dat freezer with literal combustible oven lovey dovey junk

Junkmetra: Gimme dat opposites attract and balance each other out while both being adorable loveliness

Pharmercy: Gimme dat witty ship name and awesome dynamic, gives me LIFE

ZaryaMei: Gimme dat cute smol and big tol (femslash version)

Gency: Gimme dat “you keep saving my life and I like that shit” (plus your face)

Mercymaker: Gimme dat doctor loves spider who may kill people for actual fun but she’s like idgaf love ya babe

Symmpharah (holy Christ did I even spell that right??? Forgive me!): Gimme dat ORDER SUPREME (with a side of JUSTICE)

Bunnyribbit: Gimme dat hippity hop “Yo, I love your bunny top” (and you, highkey tbh) pureness

Boombox: Gimme dat Say Anything romance (but with much more explosions)

Highboom: Gimme dat “Jfc I’m too fuckin’ slow to get out of the way of your High Noon bullshit and–well, fuck now I’m dead. But I love ya anyway, mate.”

Reinhardt/Ana (I don’t know the official ship name and that is a crying SHAME): Gimme dat old couple adopts a bunch of misfits and freaks and absolutely LOVES and takes care of them all

All ships not listed above bc I’m just doing stuff off the top of my head: Gimme dat–

In other words, whatever ship you’re sailing, whatever headcannons you have, I support it. You do you, fam. Let’s end these ridiculous shipping wars now, yeah?

John Watson is a shit doctor. I love him to bits but he just is. He can’t even remember the recovery position! You know, that position you help an unconscious patient in to prevent them from choking on their own tongue?

Like, Kate? And Janine? AND SHERLOCK?! I know putting Sherlock in a recovery position would have destroyed the whole forwards/backwards things going on (and that is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard on this show and that’s saying something. Remember how Anderson said that any pressure or impact could dislodge the bullet (nonsense, but okay, we’ll go with that) and what does Sherlock do? Crash his back against the floor as he falls, like… properly crashes… anyway!)

John, sweetheart, honey, there is a thing called Google. Use it if you want to keep up this doctoring thing.

@ewebie please tell me this is not just me who’s bothered by this? 

I feel the TVD writers. Bamon was just becoming too strong of a thing. Everyone was craving it, like the Teen Wolf shippers when Sterek was becoming a high demand, they gave Bonnie a love interest like they did for Stiles and Derek.

They gave Bonnie a love interest in hopes that Bamon shippers would somehow jump off the ship and swim over to Bonenzo.

And I mean, fine, if they wanted to do that, do it, but with no development?

There’s a sudden three year time jump and BOOM, Bonenzo’s a thing?

And those stupid fucking flashbacks they gave us do not count as development.

It’s nothing, that’s what it is.

Like okay, I’ll give them this. Bonenzo, from certain angles, with good lighting, on good days, very rarely looks somewhat cute.

But this.

Will never look as beautiful as this


Or this

But you know, I really do see what you guys were going for TVD writers. You guys failed though. 

I don’t know how I never noticed the way
You drained every ounce of me,
Stripped me down to my naked core
And ignored my exposed, helpless self,
No matter how much I begged
For your affection.

I don’t know how I was blind to
What everyone else could see-
The way you tore at my mind
And left your poison to drown my life.
Yet somehow at the same time,
Made me believe you genuinely cared.

But people who love you,
don’t destroy you,
And after taking everything you’ve thrown at me, Cutting the strings that held me tight against you
seems so much more possible.

And I’m no longer afraid to let go,
Turn my head and walk away
From the one that turned
All of my colors to grey.

—  Nicole Torres // requested; Letting go of a toxic person

anonymous asked:

I don't get it do you like SPN or not cuz you made that post about it being a garbage show yet your account is 100% supernatural

I call soopernatural garbage on a regular basis my dude. It’s not a high quality television show, it’s never been a high quality television show, it was never MEANT to be a high quality television show. It is what it is and that’s exactly why i like it.

Marvel please don’t actually add Benedrill Cabbagepatch to the Avengers…just I feel like that would be an absolutely terrible move… (I could be wrong obvs…but I just can’t see that going well)

Snoke getting tired of Kylo’s and Hux’s rivalry and all their drama so he dumps both of them on a desert planet in the hopes that they will destroy one another. He enjoys two weeks of quiet before they both unexpectedly return covered in blood and with other people’s skulls and thank him for sending them on honeymoon…