V, at cheritz: yeah can I get uhhhhhhh…. one love and affection?

cheritz, handing an order of love and affection to another character: love and affection machine broke

A poem

In a world
Full of people

Where there’s pain
And nothing’s equal

In a place
Full of hate

And where hating
Is your fate

Where there’s war
And there’s crime

And the time’s
Set by a chime

Where you’re forced
To stay in line

Where the sun
Will never shine

And people whine
By the shrine

‘Cause its sign
Shows nothing’s fine

Where ignorance
Is a thing

And society’s

There she…

She still likes
To be alone

She finds joy
In the unknown

Not she forgot
What love is like

For she accepts
The roses spikes

Despite the war
She’s peace inside

She takes her time
And keeps her pride

She stands out
For she is different

And her sun’s set
High so brilliant

‘Cause she has faith
She’d not shed tears

Though others gave up
And drowned in fears

She kept her mind open
For new things to come

And she sees the beauty
In places so humble and glum.


Zen literally made my heart skip a beat. This fictional character in a freakin’ dating sim game literally made me blush and smile and cover my face with my hands in embarrassment because this line caught me off guard. This flirt. I love him.