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Can you draw lapis and peridot fusion zone like in mindfull education?

Professional meep morpists like them would use those thoughts for inspiration


tfw ur girlfriend is dramatic af

Kanou the Sadistic Liar

This chapter is already making me think about one of the elephants in the room which is the fact that Kanou seems to believe that ghoulification shortens the recipients lifespan. However, with the history of Kanou’s experiments he has either killed them too early too tell and his current “successes” haven’t been ghouls long enough to tell either. So, how would Kanou have this brilliant break though that half-ghouls have shorter lifespans. Well, for the longest time I have thought that Kanou must have been someone who worked in garden. I mean so much shit about his motivations bug me with him just being a CCG coroner. Like how would someone get the idea to rip out the Kakahou and put it in a human from dissecting ghouls. I mean look at Dr. Shiba, who has a similar job as Kanou, who only made the quinx because of the existence of Kaneki. I honestly believe that Kanou got that scientific god complex of his from working in the Garden. I mean in many ways he was he was creating a whole new species with the Half- Humans, Half-Ghouls. It’s that complex which could have inspired him to leave the CCG/Garden so he can make something better then they were something that would survive longer. Maybe he came to the conclusion that by not fully mixing ghoul DNA into someone it would work better. Then there is the fact that if Rize really is this missing link that Kanou would leave the CCG for a higher chance of acquiring her, as he would be able to use more shadier means. Also, it would explain how Furuta and him came into contact with Kanou even though Garden kids don’t leave the garden until they become investigators. It would also explain why Kanou believes that his experiments will all have shortened lifespans, because he knows nothing else, he has only been able to study half humans, so in reality he has no clue what he is doing. I mean his whole torture on Seidou was based on the assumption that immense physical damage will make a half-ghoul and look at how many times he fucked that up it’s in the 1000′s.  I just think it’s wild that were trusting one of the most shadiest characters with something as ground breaking as this. I’m calling his bluff.

What day6 could beat you in

Sungjin: DA N C I NG

Jae: You know that feeling you get when you do something stupid and give yourself second-hand embarrassment and think that no one on earth could be worse than you? Well there is and it’s Jae

Youngk: Everything. Literally everything don’t enter a competition w/ him unless you’re ready to lose

Wonpil: This angel would let you win b/c he just wants to make people happy and would honestly cheer you on if you competed against each other

Dowoon: low-key a wrestling match but doesn’t like competing bUT WOULD NOT HESITATE TO THROW DOWN ONCE IT STARTS