Hoping my class provide a positive learning experience for all the students that walk in…positive mindset is priority this year!!
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My students make me angry almost every single day.


And not just Angry. I leave school frustrated pretty often.  I leave exhausted, I leave feeling under-appreciated and over-worked.  Sure, my students make me feel like a failure, but that’s not why they make me angry.

There are good days too.  There are days that I leave feeling inspired, feeling connected to my students.  There are days I feel useful, skillful.  There are days I leave school in disbelief that anyone would actually pay me to do something so rewarding, so joyous, so incredibly fun.

But then there is the anger, and, ok… it’s really not my students making me angry, but I’m angry for them.  

I love teaching.  I really love teaching, and after all the years I’ve done it, I know what I’m supposed to say about teaching.  I know I’m supposed to say that we’re all doing great.  I know I’m supposed to say we just need more money and everything will be fine.  I know I’m supposed to say that we need to fix poverty before we can fix poor kids who aren’t learning.  I know I’m supposed to say that a good teacher is a good teacher, so it doesn’t matter that nearly all of us are white.

But then I sit with my students.  I sit with students who need a new system now, who need a system not layered on top of a system that was built for middle class white kids.  I sit with students who need me to be better than I am, who need more teachers who look like them and a system that treats them like their lives matter.  I sit with students whose school histories are plagued with incidences of systemic and individual racial bias.  I sit with my students who are Juniors in high school and have no time for incremental change, and I get angry.  

I love teaching because my students are more important than the system.

I love teaching because teaching is an exercise in humanity.

I love teaching because teaching is an expression of social justice.

I love teaching because I love my students, and teaching is how I love them.

I love teaching because my students keep me angry, keep me focused, keep me working for them, every day.

But, that’s just me.  There are millions of teachers and each of us has their reasons why they love teaching.  Join in on the conversation from February 8th-14th by telling why you #LoveTeaching.  For ideas and inspiration, check out this toolkit created by Sean McComb and Gary Abud