It is currently 3:09am and I have just spent the last 2 hours watching Joe Gilgun interviews for Preacher. I am well and truly down the rabbit hole.


It’s finally here! Full pic plus already cropped one

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What Does Jaspar Mean?

It means analyzing the shit out of videos

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It means fawning over twitter conversations

It means reading fanfiction

It means smiles

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It means laughter

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It means Joe Sugg

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It means Caspar Lee

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It means love

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It means happiness

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and most importantly

it means making the best and greatest friends.

Jaspar means finding friends from all over the world.

Jaspar means family

  • Cassidy:I want you, I need you, you cut me, and I bleed you! You're like some kind of sonnet: all I want to do is read you. And I love you.
  • Tulip:I know.
  • Cassidy:I mean, I love you!
  • Tulip:Yes, thanks.
  • Cassidy:I said "I love you"!
  • Tulip:You did.
  • Cassidy:And now don't you want to tell me something, too?
  • Tulip:- walks away -