I have more pictures of you than I do of sunsets.
—  Nicole Torres // excerpt; And you know how much I love sunsets
But am I in love with you
or just the idea of you?
If you cause me too much pain,
would I leave thinking there was nothing to gain?
If it wasn’t for your tall frame, would I love you the same?
I know I sound shallow,
but the feeling I have for you have been buried so deep.
Though then again, if I said I fell for your personality I would sound cheap.
For now, I suppose I am a walking affliction,
but the one thing that is for sure,
it is you who is my addiction.
—  a.a.
  • rhps remake haters:The remake was bad Laverne didn't do well as frank, it was all over the top and horrible-
  • me, and intellectual:I love her, let's watch it again

This is gonna be a very unpopular opinion, but I liked the episode
I mean, the deaths were too graphic, and they literally broke me heart, it was hard to watch and I may not be able to watch it again for a long time

but i did like it, it showcased exactly who and what Negan is
Maggie just stepped up and became a full-on leader, she’s ready for revenge
the scene with Rick and Carl just was too much

I feel like the majority will fucking hate it, but i agree with YNB, it was hard to watch and it was a set up
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I’ve taken a liking to you, so tonight I’m going to tell you a secret. I’m going to save your life. I’m going to save you from the pit of your own hell. I’m going to save you from the best feeling in the world followed by the worst feeling in the world. I’m going to do what most men dislike doing. I’ve decided to not be selfish. I’m going to save you from hatred. Just promise me you will never tell a soul. I’m no angle. My smile is a lie, my charm was stolen from your favorite book, my touch was practiced, my kiss is bait, my horns are real, and I cannot tell you my real name. I am consistently tossed around. I’ve been with you since birth. I’ve been studying you. Some people will tell you I don’t exist anymore. I’ve been working hard to get you here. I’ve only showed up for your soul. I am the opposite of the devil, I will give you this much.