MOC!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,442

Warnings: language, angst, mention of blood/blood drinking, mention of addiction.

Request: The reader feels neglected in her relationship with dean (when he has the mark). The reader gets worried when he starts having nightmares and screaming for Sam. She breaks up with him. Dean realizes how much he loves her while on a case he gets trapped with someone and he tells everything he loves about the reader.” – Anon

Author’s Note: There mayyyyy be a Part 2. Just maybe.

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You leaned back against your headboard, your arms crossed firmly across your chest. He was at it again. Your eyes flicked over to the trembling body of your boyfriend as he fought through yet another nightmare, and you sat awake for another night.

Sam!” His scream startled you, as it did almost every night. They were getting worse, much worse. At first, he only had them once or twice a week. But, as time went on, they became more and more frequent. And for the longest time, you felt bad for him. How could you not? You loved the man more than life itself.

But the mark was changing him. It wasn’t just the nightmares, or the sporadic hallucinations, or even the vicious attacks on anything and everything he hunted. He was not the same hunter anymore. He wasn’t the same man.

Sam slowly opened the door, having heard his brother from down the hall. He entered, his gaze locking on yours. His face said it all; he saw every emotion you were feeling. Tears streamed down your face as you simply nodded, gently rising yourself from the bed.

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Superbowl Pregame Pregame

PAIRING: Chris Evans x Wife!Reader

WARNINGS:  fluffiness, dancing Chris Evans, daddy!Chris feels, Patriot’s bitterness, drunk fangirls, mild language



(Gif not mine)

It was Superbowl weekend and you and your husband, Chris, and the accessory that about done baking in your belly, made it to Texas. You were nearing your due date -2 more weeks- and you wanted to get one last hurrah in. Especially your amazing husband of two years.

He had been driving himself, and you, crazy in preparation for the arrival of your baby girl. So you had arranged for your husband to be in an attendance for this game. Since his team had made it to the game of the year.


As much as you hated when he fanboyed over the Patriots, you know, since your team hadn’t been to the Superbowl since the nineties. And to bring insult to injury, they were playing in your team’s stadium.

But because you loved this man more than life, you put your pride aside (this time) and offered to help him relax.

The game was just two days away, so a buddy of his from Boston, who now resided in Texas, invited the two of you over to his place for a pregame pregame Superbowl party

So, here the two of you were. Your husband incognito in a pair of blue jeans, dark brown t shirt underneath a dark blue unbuttoned flannel, and that damn NASA baseball cap, that you told him that he would one day find it in the fire place of your home back in Boston, secured on his head. You were dressed in jeans that actually fit your thick thighs, wide set of hips, and ever expanding belly, along with one of your husband’s shirts. Being that you were in the last trimester of your pregnancy, you had grown accustomed to wearing Chris’s clothes. It gave you a sense of comfort and it smelled exactly like him.

You were also wearing a ball cap of your own. Even if your team did not make it to the big game, you had to represent and show your love and support.

From your corner, sipping on your lemonade and club soda mix -the only thing your daughter would allow you to drink- you watched your husband in his element. Chris was playing a game of beer pong with Troy, his buddy from back home, sipping on his now third or fourth beer. He had thrown his head back in laughter, and it made your heart swelled. Definitely worth the agony of having to watch the Patriots in yet another Superbowl.

Chris then looked over at you, giving you a wink. You smiled, giving him a small wave with the hand that was resting on your belly. He then beckoned you over with the crook of his index finger.

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Coffee (Steve x reader)

I hope you all enjoyed chapter three of Battered and Bruised! So, my goal is to post at least two new pieces everyday and since I’m in the middle of a series, one of those stories will always be the next chapter. I’ve decided in the mean time that Steve needed some love, so enjoy this fluffy one shot!

Description: Both you and Steve retired from the Avengers, moving into a cute little house in the cottage being the cute little couple that you are.

Warnings: none

You woke up the the birds singing outside your window. It was a beautiful spring morning, the smell of pine and lavender wafted through the house. You rolled over to snuggle up close to your favorite person in the world, the person you loved more than anything, Steve Rogers. But, to your dismay he was absent from the bed, leaving you a little colder than you would have liked. 

You touched his spot on the bed. It was still faintly warm, so you concluded that he probably just got up. You loved that man more than life itself. He made you so happy, so loved. It was like you two were meant to be together. You stared up at the ceiling for a good ten minutes before the smell of freshly brewed coffee reached your nose. You instantly perked up, wrapping a blanket around your shoulders and willed yourself to get out of bed. 

You slipped on your slippers, throwing your messy hair into a bun. You followed the smell of coffee beans to the kitchen where your boyfriend stood there shirtless with some low hanging sweatpants that showed off his toned muscles and his V-line. 

He saw you walk in, a huge smile making its way across his face. “Good morning beautiful. Want some coffee?” You nodded, your tired eyes trying to close, trying to will you back to bed. 

You walked towards him, wrapping your arms and the blanket around his body, pressing your body against his bare chest. He kissed your head and rubbed your back soothingly.  He was so warm, and he smelled like fresh linen and pine. 

“How about I pour us some coffee and then we can curl up on the couch together?” He was looking down at you, the corner of his mouth pulling up at the sight of you. He thought you were the most gorgeous person ever.

“Okay.” You were so exhausted, but he made everything seem so perfect. You loved moments like these.

“Well babe, if you want to do that, you’re going to have to let me go.” He chuckled and placed a loving kiss on your lips as you look up at him. You gave him a pouty look, but you let go and hopped up to sit on the counter. 

He was about to hand you your mug when he raised an eyebrow, “One second.” He took your mugs and placed it on the coffee table, returning to you and picked you bridal style. You wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling into his chest. He gave you a smile that was filled with so much love. So much love that was only for you. 

He sat on the couch, still holding you. Your legs were draped across his and he handed you your mug. When he noticed that you weren’t grabbing it, he turned his head to look at you and saw that you were fast asleep. 

“We can do that too.” He kissed you on the forehead and rested his head on yours, closing his eyes. The both of you fell asleep, the delicious coffee long forgotten as pure bliss and coziness took you both into their embraces.

Sorry it’s not great, I’ve been so focused on writing the next chapter of Battered and Bruised. Forgive me! But anyways, I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic day :)



So I went into this chinese place today called Panda. Not Panda Express. Just Panda. and this 70 year old man brings in his dog. The tired owner doesn’t seem to give a shit that there’s this tiny dog in her restaurant. The dog’s name is vicky (yes that’s the dog in the picture). I shit you not this man loves this dog more than life itself. He takes her to get groomed 3 times a month, the dog follows him everywhere without a leash and he carries multiple wallet sized pictures of his dog to give out to everyone he meets. 

Daddy Jack

Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N:: So I was asked to do something with fluff. So I decided to do this and kill any Jack fans with daddy feels. And not the kinky kind. Enjoy!

Tagline: Sunday’s are usually a day to stay in, cuddle with your loved one. That is the cliché. 

You were just waking up from a night out with your husband Jack and the boys. You were celebrating Josh getting engaged. You and Jack had left early to relieve the babysitter for your 2-year-old son, Declan. You looked over to see your husband of 3 years still sleeping. You heard rustling on the baby monitor.

“Mommy wake? Mommy!” Deck was up, so you went to get him. You were also 6 months pregnant for your second child. You walk in to see Declan rubbing his eye and standing up. “Mommy!” He was happy to see you and was reaching for you.

“Hey my baby boy.” You pick him up and kiss his head. He was a little warm. So you decided to bring him into your guys room. Jack had woken up by now and was sitting up. “Morning Jack. Deck feels warm, can you help me get a temp?” You ask, handing him to Jack.

“Monin daddy.” Declan says, cheerfully. Jack smiles and kisses his forehead.

“Oh yeah, he is warm.” You grab a new diaper, some clothes for him and the thermometer. You also grab a juice for him and a few snacks for you all. You walk back in and Jack is holding the boy close to him, rubbing his cute legs. He had stripped him.

“Ready?” You ask, dreading this part. He nods and lays the toddler on his belly. Declan starts to crawl away but Jack holds onto him. You stick the thermometer where you don’t want to but have to. He screams and cries. You rub his hair back and sigh. “I’m sorry my love. We’re almost done.” It beeps and you take it out. “101.3” You sigh, placing the thermometer on the nightstand. Declan crawls into your lap and you hold him. Jack tries to put his diaper on. You help and lay back.

“Looks like it’s a snuggles kind of day.” Jack says, laying back against the headboard.

“I wike nuggwes.” Declan says, causing you guys to chuckle. He was so cute.

“We love them, especially with you.” You say, tickling him. He squeals and begins to giggle.

“Daddy sabe me!” Jack laughs and takes him.

“I’ve got you. I won’t let the tickle bug get you.” He holds him protectively which causes Declan to giggle more.

“Awww, now I am all lonely.” You pout, and fake crying. Declan pouts and reaches over for your hand.

“Mommy tan nuggwe wif us!” He smiles wide, proud he thought of that himself.

“Oh that sounds lovely. Will daddy let me?”

“Will daddy let you? Pssh, yes I will. Mommy cuddles are the best cuddles.”

“Yes dey awe.”

You chuckle and get closer to Jack. You hold onto Declan’s hand after giving him his juice. He drinks it and lays against Jack. You loved these boys so much. Just as you were about to close your eyes, the baby kicked. You gasped and sat up.

“What? Babe are you alright?” Jack asks concerned. You nod your head and turn towards him. You place his hand on your belly and then place Declan’s hand and place it on there too. Declan gasps.

“Is dat my wittwe sistor?” He asks, crawling to you placing both hands on your belly. You nod and kiss his forehead.

“That sure is. She loves her big brother already. She’s kicking away when you talk.” He giggles and kisses your belly. Jack does the same thing and places his hands on Declan’s.

“My little family. I could not be any happier with where I am in life.” You loved this man more than life itself. But not more than your children. They will always be your number one. Your little family. You could never have thought that at the age of 26 you would be married and have 2 children.

Travelling Soldier

Alright - I need to apologize in advance for this one, but I had to write it.  It was pretty much cockblocking me from writing my other story until I got it out.

This is a songfic based on Travelling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks.  I heard it on the radio a few weeks back and got it in my head…and then this story was born.  ***Words in italics are lyrics***

Bucky Barnes x reader - Vietnam war AU

Warnings: Angst.  ANGST.  Death. Probably typos and errors - it’s WAAAYYY past my bedtime and it hasn’t been proofed.  At all.

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Has no one commented on this yet??? Chris basically says that nothing and no one has ever made Victor care enough to choose it/them over Ice skating. This man loves the ice more than life and YET he’s here with Yuri, training Yuri, choreographing for Yuri, spending all his free time with Yuri, and worrying about Yuri INSTEAD of being out there himself feeling the ice beneath his blades and the eyes of the crowd on himself. Being there for and protecting Yuri means that much to him.

Victor Nikiforov is completely, totally, and helplessly in love with this boy and I don’t think he even realizes it himself how badly he’s got it for his little Sinnamon bun.

Wife Swap

Prompt: You and Jensen constantly get into arguments; Jared and Danneel finally think of something to help the both of you get along

Pairing: Jared x Reader, Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1962

You rolled your eyes as Jensen childishly placed the Captain America mask over his face and held the tiny, little plastic shield, all the fans in the crowd at the convention falling into swarms of giggles. Yeah, sure he was “cute” in a way a mother sees their four year old child, but he was in his thirties, there’s no reason for him to act like this in such a childish manner. You didn’t hate the guy, but you didn’t get along with him very well.

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