a stenbrough au where stan and bill meet in a party that’s kinda loud 

-stan accidentally thinks bill says his name is ben and and bill’s too flustered to correct him and then it’s too late 


-it somehow doesn’t even come up with the losers (who are bill’s cool friends) until he’s like “you guys… i think i’m in love with ben”

-and real ben chokes on his drink, everyone gapes, richie is physically holding eddie back bc hes trying to fight him

-“how could you do this to bill?!” everyone knows poor bill’s totally gone on stan

-“who now?”

-they slowly figure out what the fuck is happening and then laugh until they cry

-bill never lives it down

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Is Yoosung still your favorite character or has Saeran replaced him?

Nooo!! I couldn’t replace Yoosung with Saeran; Yoosung is my favorite character always. ❤ 

He was my first route, I love the evolution of his personality and his way of being. He’s so tender and sweet, a little teddy-bear you wants to hug and never let go him. 

Saeran, I like him a lot (my MC loves him madly) but not to be my favorite character (maybe the second or third if I get to classify) I want to protect and make Saeran/Unknown/Ray happy and give it the life that he deserves. 

In short words: 

  •  Me (real): Loves Yoosung 
  •  My MC: Loves Saeran

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At the beginning of the year i wanted to be celibate.

I no longer wanted to share my body with people i wanted nothing more from or filled me with emptiness.

I failed miserably lol. I failed at a lot of things but then again i learned so many lesson and there are so many mistakes i won’t make again that i find it hard to call any of it a failure honestly.

Anyways, i’ve been celibate for 3 months. Unintentionally. I didnt try , i was going through hell and the last thing on my mind was that… well not really but you get my point.

I’m a hoe at heart. Let’s be real. I love sex and i truly believe in sexual freedom.

But i no longer feel the need to use sex to fill any emmpty spot.

I told myself over and over that i wasn’t doing that, but i surely was.. of course.

I was so empty for so long. It blows my mind.

I allowed so many people to treat me like i was less than… I don’t even recognize that person now.

I say “ No” so easily now.

I’m just happy with the woman i am now. I’m not even close to where i want to be, but i had to take a momment to acknowledge this growth.

Please be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, give yourself some credit. You’re progressing. No matter how slow. You’re moving forward, that’s all that matters.

‘Of anybody in my life’, Driver told me, ardently, 'Joanne has taught me more about having a process or being a better actor than anyone I’ve met. She was a brilliant fucking actor from the minute I met her at school. I’ve never been moved more by someone who lives this idea that I pose for. I talk in these interviews about the idea of how I want to live my life as a creative person—it’s really ‘the idea,’ because I don’t do any of it—but she does. She doesn’t overthink it. It’s completely instinctual. I try to do that all the time, and mostly I’m not successful in the way that she is.’
—  Adam Driver on his wife, Joanne Tucker, from Wyatt Mason’s Adam Driver is a Force to be Reckoned With

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Hey Lover by LL Cool J ft Boyz II Men for a Vegebul song, it would be from Vegeta's perspective. Plus I'd like to add Worthy by Jeremih it would be more from Bulma's perspective


So, the “Hey Lover” song would be about Vegeta already feeling something towards Bulma while she was still dating Yamcha, right?

“I’ve been watchin’ you from afar
For as long as I can remember
You’re all a real man can need
And ever ask for”

“I gotta take ya from your man that’s my mission
If his love is real he gotta handle competition”

And “Worthy” would be about Bulma knowing that Veggie has been through a lot and she could be the right woman for him… 

“I know you’ve been through it (been through it)
I know you been going through it
I know these other girls can’t do it like I do it (like I do it)
I know you ain’t used to it
To the better things
Baby you deserve the better things
Let me show it, prove it”

I like it!

Thanks for the recommendations!

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