Ameb is back

I’m back at home! Procedure went well, i’m gonna have another one hopefully sooner than later, which means i will disappear again at some point, but for now, I’M BACK. With more hospital stories to come, but not many more ideas for UNSPKN XD It was hard to think over there…

Thank you all for your support, nice comments and asks, i really appreciate all of that. Thank you for being patient with me, new page of UNSPKN will come out on Monday, and we will take it from there.

Thank you all so, so much, you give me life <makes a gesture of a heart>

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New post up on SIZECURVY.COM about how I prep for a bikini shoot (link in bio). Because a little prep goes a long way 😉
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I’m writing touken and I just can’t process how much i love this ship, their personalities fit together so well i’m deeply in love with this couple, i love how much they love each other i love writing about them and discover their feelings i’m gunna cry 

illusion of something real

Imagination of fantasies and perfections about love
Feelings of the hopeless romantic,
Fairy tales grew up in every little part of the story
Feed up with sweet despairs and touch repairs
Embers of love, moonlight closes to the eyes
Starlight broken aims, yet still looks so pretty
Under the skies, there’s the strong believe
In front of facts, there’s the behind lies willing to believe
Illusion of true love and fate,
Watercolors, precisely a dream to catch,
But when it’s about to fade, it’ll still be staying inside the vision
I’ll steal Tinkerbell’s pixie dusts, when she’s gone,
Would peter pan notice her absence?
Well, he never even noticed her presence.
When fondness is finally held in our hands, are we sure it’s really for us?
When we let it go, Aren’t we wasted the might true love?
If Harry Potter and Hermione stay as best friends without falling in love,
When Ron gets hurt, would he want to move his place on harry’s.
When love hurts, makes us want to die, would love can make us feel alive?
When we finally realized that we aren’t fighting for each other anymore,
Are we just entered the battle without a prize?
Katniss fell in love with Peeta, although she knows there’s a Gale in her life,
That moment when she has chosen Peeta, how did gale find his reason to move on?
When one mistake is a big failure in our eyes, Would you choose to spend your life with the one who always needed your help?
When I turned around because you finally see your future one, Would you pretend to ask me If I’m fine?
Reality means much hurt, but can we just numb it by fantasies?
But didn’t you notice? In some fantasy novels, there’s always the one who’s going to hurt. Love hurts.
Faked smile when William left Louisa, there’s a pain and exhaustion because he can’t live that way, but there’s a Louisa suffered loving him ‘till he left her after made her fell into the empty wall.
When everything became black in your eyes, Would you still stay and try to clean all your mess inside of your mind?
When I just can’t let you do that to me, Would you think about me before you, or still think of your pain don’t want to feel anymore?
Now I live like a fantasy, magic and wrong spelled love
Illusion of true love still in my blood,
I am so afraid to go in the wrong way.
Sometimes I think so imaginatively, but all I want is something real.