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I followed you for the teenlock not that assassin's creed crossover. I don't even know what that is.

Me: *touches your face gently*

Me: *turns your face towards the rainbow*

Me: Look at the end of the rainbow. Maybe it’s there.

You: Eh, no, all I see is the word respect.

Me: *kicks you towards that direction*

Dude, you can just unfollow me or something. I’m not going to dedicate my blog to your whims. Seriously. Bruh, you’re not even paying me so no. And so what if you don’t know it? Who are you supposed to be anyway??? 


Front cover done. I could only work on one thing today/yesterday that wasn’t work/a job, so I decided to at least funnel freetime into LMN book progress.

While I was watching draw this character as a sticker on a live stream, I commented that she should be wearing a hotdog mascot outfit. I think I’ll save that for another day, but here she is in a hotdog gown! I’m quite proud of it. Though I think that Claire is a little ticked at me for putting her in such a ridiculous outfit.