Hey guys, so I hate asking you for something when I haven’t posted an imagine in forever, but I really need a favor from you all, if that’s okay.

I don’t want to go into detail, because to be honest, I don’t know all the details myself. But we just found out that my mom might have breast cancer, and I don’t know what to do.

She isn’t even 40 yet, and I have no idea how serious this is or what’s going on. I just need some support from you guys, if you don’t mind.

Sooo, if you’re religious and you wouldn’t mind praying for my family, please do so. If you aren’t religious, maybe consider sending some good vibes my way??

Sorry to ask, but you guys always cheer me up and I feel like you’re always willing to help me out. Thanks :)

jisoo and minghao and junhui don’t talk that much but when they do the world slowly melts trying to soak up that goodness and life gets a little better and the teachers doesn’t give u homework and u get to lay down on ur bed for hours and an ice cream shop in ur neighborhood opens and life is just gr8

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I was reading through Quo's tag chronologically and it reminded me of how much of an absolute lady killer he was. And I still love his simstagram username.

Ahhhh, that makes me so happy! Yeah, he was such a ~sm00th d00d~ back in the day. Nowadays he pretty much just posts pictures of his garden on simstagram, but it’s still active ;)

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My school schedule
Honors physics
Honors calculus
Engineering 3
Art 2 
Ap Lang
Ap U.S. history
Ap human geography That's my schedule

That sound terrible, is this your senior year?

I’ve got Discovering Engineering (eng 100), General Psychology (psyc 100), Technical writing online (engl 230), and whatever math class that I get into tomorrow. What sucks tho is that I have the first two classes on tuesdays and thursdays meaning I have to be at the college all day those days. ugh 

(I apologize in advance for tags, they are long)

I was tagged by fleshbutt-apocalypse Danke mein Fruend :33

Name: Alannah
Eye color: brown
Hair color: dirty blond
Height: 5'10
Clothing Style: mostly black, gothy, metal, t-shirts, steampunk

Fears: tbh idk but I have this weird fear open doors and I guess never meeting that “special” someone
Guilty Pleasure: idk

Your first thoughts waking up: “ what time is it”, “ dammit I was having a good dream”
What do you think about before bed: literally everything

Single or group dates: depends on the situation but usually single
Beauty or brains: f uck both
Dogs or cats: CATS >^.^<

Lie: only when I feel necessary
Believe in yourself: mostly
Believe in love: yass
Want someone: hell yes

Been on stage: yeah
Changed who you were to fit in: did when I was younger, but now I do whatever the hell I want

Fav colors: blue, purple, black
Fav animal: felines
Fav movie: Hotel Transylvania
Fav Game: videogame? Idk the Infamous series is cool

Day your next birthday will be: March 24 2016
How old will you be: 18
Does age matter: kind of, I don’t want to date someone younger than me right now and my older age limit is 5 yrs

I tag: darbyharper killingthespring manskligtavskrade trickymb xshamansbluesx have a good day my lovelies