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I thoroughly enjoyed your new fic, tysm! Such a sweet, satisfying epilogue, too, I am very happy where you took this story. :) I have a question: do you think irl Wirrow and Dan have/used to initially have similar type of connection as described in the fic? That they "get" each other on some level?

Thank you!!

I would guess they do just by virtue of having been friends for so many years, yeah. :) But mostly I just wanted to write an angle of that foursome that doesn’t seem to be explored much, and make sure the story itself skewed away from seeming like it was a story about romantic love curing everything. 

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Why do you love your god?

How could i not love a Lord who said if i walk to Him, He would run to me. Who showers me with affection while He is Self-Sufficient, rich beyond need, and i stand in need of Him. Whose doors are always wide open, He holds out His Hand to accept the repentance of the one who sinned by day, and He holds out His Hand during the day to accept the repentance of the one who sinned at night.

Why would my heart not overflow with love for Him?

“We need a cure for autism!”

Well you will never get it, no matter your stance on the subject. Autism is likely genetic and studies show that by six months of age there are already detectable changes in the brain that predict an autism diagnosis later in life. So even though we don’t know what autism is, it’s definitely something you’re born with and it is impossible to change that after the baby is born. Nothing will ever turn an autistic person who is alive into an allistic person. You can’t rewrite their entire brain anatomy.

So why do Autism Speaks talk of “the cure”? What they mean by cure is prenatal screening that will allow parents to abort fetuses with certain traits or genes. It means stopping autistic people from being born. It means getting rid of us even before a fetus develops a brain. It means that from their point of view not ever being alive (so essentially death) is better than existence as an autistic person.

That’s what you are saying when you’re advocating for a cure. “I wish you were never born”. “I wish your parents would have aborted you before you developed into a person”. “I think your existence is worse than death”. “I think you would be better off dead”. That is your message. That is your opinion.

Think about that next time you talk about a cure for autism.

It’s so important to see that being with Killian Jones wasn’t this magical ‘fix-it’ for Emma Swan. That his love wasn’t this huge magical cure for her issues (just like Emma’s love wasn’t a magical cure for his). Because it’s never that easy. Nobody is a cure for emotional ailments. And I’m happy the show is showing this. That Emma’s lifetime worth of trauma and emotional baggage didn’t just evaporate because Killian Jones came into her life (and vice versa). 

“How much do you love yourself? Because if you understand the value of self-love. You would never be friends with those type of people. Most of the people around here are running around empty. They have no sense of self. No sense of self-love. When I say self-love its nothing to do with celebrities, money, materialistic things and all of the things that your negative mind will probably go to. It’s nothing to do with looks, nothing to do with cars or any superficial things that one would asume could make you love yourself even more. It’s a matter of knowing your value. It’s a matter of you saying I don’t have to be around these people in these types of environments or situations in order for me to finally see the value in myself. I love me independently of how you love me. I believe in me. I know my self worth. I know clearly that I’m a child of the universe and the universe has a purpose and if it didn’t I wouldn’t be here anymore. I am here. And I have a purpose. Everyday I am a work in progress. Self-love is the cure to self-hate.”

self love - motivational video, HESMotivation

Ableist hostility disguised as friendliness

Some people relate to people with disabilities in a dangerous and confusing way. They see themselves as helpers, and at first they seem to really like the person. Then the helper suddenly become aggressively hostile, and angry about the disabled person’s limitations or personality (even though they have not changed in any significant way since they started spending time together). Often, this is because the helper expected their wonderful attention to erase all of the person’s limitations, and they get angry when it doesn’t.

The logic works something like this:

  • The helper thinks that they’re looking past the disability and seeing the “real person” underneath.
  • They expect that their kindness  will allow the “real person” to emerge from the shell of disability.
  • They really like “real person” they think they are seeing, and they’re excited about their future plans for when that person emerges.
  • But the “real person” is actually figment of their imagination.

The disabled person is already real:

  • The helper doesn’t like this already-real disabled person very much
  • The helper ignores most of what the already-real person actually says, does, thinks, and feels.
  • They’re looking past the already-real person, and seeing the ghost of someone they’d like better.

This ends poorly:

  • The already-real person never turns into the ghost the helper is imagining
  • Disability stays important; it doesn’t go away when a helper tries to imagine it out of existence
  • Neither do all of the things the already-real disabled person thinks, feels, believes, and decides
  • They are who they are; the helper’s wishful thinking doesn’t turn them into someone else
  • The helper eventually notices that the already-real person isn’t becoming the ghost that they’ve been imagining
  • When the helper stop imagining the ghost, they notice that the already-real person is constantly doing, saying, feeling, believing, and deciding things that the helper hates
  • Then the helper gets furious and becomes openly hostile

The helper has actually been hostile to the disabled person the whole time

  • They never wanted to spend time around the already-real disabled person; they wanted someone else
  • (They probably didn’t realize this)
  • At first, they tried to make the already-real disabled person go away by imagining that they were someone else
  • (And by being kind to that imaginary person)
  • When they stop believing in the imaginary person, they become openly hostile to the real person

Tl;dr Sometimes ableist hostility doesn’t look like hostility at first. Sometimes people who are unable or unwilling to respect disabled people seem friendly at first. They try to look past disability, and they interact with an imaginary nondisabled person instead of the real disabled person. They’re kind to the person they’re imagining, even though they find the real person completely unacceptable. Eventually they notice the real person and become openly hostile. The disabled person’s behavior has not changed; the ableist’s perception of it has. When someone does this to you, it can be very confusing — you were open about your disability from the beginning, and it seemed like they were ok with that, until they suddenly weren’t. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.

On her worst days I just held her. I know my love won’t cure her depression. But I wanted her to know that she will never fight alone.
—   I Love You Kat // Conee Berdera

7 Signs Your Vibration Is Increasing

1. Clarity - less confusion, more decisions. You are developing a deeper understanding of yourself and what you came here to do - you’re making decisions based on this new understanding and feeling less confused about your direction in life.

2. Sense of purpose - each interaction you have feels significant. You may have been questioning everything during your initial stages of awakening, but now that your vibration is increasing you feel the importance behind each interaction. You are recognising that they were meant to happen and understanding why they are significant for your journey.

3. Perspective - you don’t sweat the small stuff. Vibrating at a higher frequency means that you’re able to put your problems into perspective by being present in the now. You are able to recognise when you are reacting from temporary emotion and instead are able respond from permanent consciousness.

4. Oneness - you feel connected to everything and everyone. You recognise that everyone you meet is a reflection of you and that there is no other - only oneness. This reduces all conflicts you had in your life because you seek to learn from each interaction rather than reacting to the illusion of separation that has caused the conflict.

5. Love - love attracts love. You fill yourself with love by surrounding yourself with the people, places and things you love and invite more of it into your life through this practice. You know that ultimately love is the cure for anything that seems to be distracting you from the now.

6. Peace - both within and without. You notice that you are more at peace with yourself than ever before, you seek to maintain and cultivate this peace by distancing yourself from anything that resembles drama. During this process you attract others who are seeking the same and will begin to inspire them.

7. Acknowledging the ego - living from spirit rather than mind. You are able to notice when your desires are coming from the mind, rather than the spirit - the ego rather than the soul. You understand that worldly desires of flesh and material are insignificant in comparison to the one true desire of the soul - love.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Peace & positive vibes.

Need help raising your vibration? Add me on Skype for a free consultation - spoonofconsciousness.

  • Geralt: *smiles*
  • Yennefer: *internally* Oh my fucking god, you're hot??? I think I love you??? That smile could cure cancer??? You're fucking perfect???
  • Geralt: Hello, Yennefer
  • Yennefer: *internally *Oh my god you're talking to me I love you I love your face I love your voice I don't deserve this gift to humanity you are so cute it hurts my soul ah,,,
  • Yennefer: *externally *Hey fuckface.