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Admin Alexa! I saw that you like hanahaki fics! Would you mind giving us a list of hanahaki fics, especially any recently made ones?

anonymous asked: Since you love hanahaki disease fics, do you have any recs ??? Thank you <3

anonymous asked: jgksljgkldfg so i saw that admin alexa is a fan of hanahaki fics and I was so excited by that post since those fics are so rare T_T do you guys happen to know of any other hanahaki fics?

ok tbh i only read two (Hanahaki Disease and Lungs Filled Up With Sweetness) because i thought those were the only ones in existence but you have opened my eyes dear anon, and now i have found more to read :’))))

Choking On Love (Lay/Kyungsoo)
Cure Me (You Know I Would Die For It) (Kyungsoo/Jongin)
Hanahaki Byou (花吐き病) (Kyungsoo/Jongin, ongoing)
Hanahaki Disease (Kyungsoo/Jongin)
It’s Not Over (Lay/Baekhyun, Lay/Chen) Admin Niki found this for me <333
Lungs Filled Up With Sweetness (Kyungsoo/Jongin, hai dis is my fav and i cried, screw the alternate ending lmao)
No One Can Know (Xiumin/Luhan)
We’ll Cast Some Light (Kyungsoo/Jongin)

oh ya take a look at dis comic too goddammit mah feelz

and im actually thinking of writing a hanahaki disease fic even though i have that xingdae fic fest deadline beCAUSE I HATE MYSELF

- alexa

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I like Adrien as Christian for maximum angst during the drmatic "THANK YOU FOR CURING ME OF MY RIDICULOUS OBSESSION WITH LOVE" right before come what may. And the marinette/ladybug divide being reflected in satine offstage/satine the showgirl

SEE I LOVE THIS TOO oh my god 

Not foul - {listen} Thomas Barrow deserved better.

Handsome Devil - The Smiths | Decades - Joy Division | Cry for Judas - The Mountain Goats | Protect Me From What I Want - Placebo | I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (cover) - The Raveonettes | Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell | Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons | Soul and Fire - Sebadoh | Someday You Will Be Loved - Death Cab For Cutie | Boys Don’t Cry - The Cure | Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - The Smiths

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Did you invent either a cure for hair loss or a love potion yet because if not what is my tax gold going to

* Literally nobody in the Royal Science division has hair

i want someone who will understand that some days i can go from bursting at the seams from laughter to the awful, heavy quiet in a heartbeat; someone who will understand that for me that is a way of being ok, a way of living, existing. i want someone who will understand that intimacy may not lie in a kiss, but if we hold hands i will tell you secrets, i will unveil my fears. i want someone who will understand why i haven’t weighed myself in 6 years and who won’t see me as broken just because i have scars painted on my skin. i want someone who will understand i make jokes because sometimes i can’t read social cues and i don’t know what to say and yes, i know puns are lame, but sometimes it feels like my life comes down to raising my head above the surface and staying afloat, staying alive. i want someone who will understand that i can love both the cure and spice girls and mock romcoms, but cry at love actually, and why i am still upset that josh and amy didn’t make it on the west wing. i guess what i’m saying is - i want someone who will see my world and be drawn to it - the reality and unreality of it, the abyss and the magic, someone who will want to explore it and learn of it, who will want to paint maps with me and help me find different ways back to myself. someone who will understand that i always need to be my ultimate destination, who I come back to. i want someone who will see me as an equal, a universe in my own right, a person with thoughts and dreams and fears, both frustrating and endearing, capable of love and capable of shutting them out, someone as maddening as they are, someone as worthy of their time and energy as they are of mine.
—  marina v., why are you still single?
Love is the Cure


Right from the moment Sapphire had woken up, she had known something was off. The first thing she had noticed was the tickling feeling in her throat. She’d brushed it off at first, insisting to herself that she was fine, but this was coupled with a noticeable stuffiness in her nose. No… No, she thought. She couldn’t have gotten ill. She hardly ever got ill, and she couldn’t be suffering from anything. That was what she wanted to tell herself, anyway. However, her hand eventually made its way to her forehead and she could feel the abnormal warmth radiating from her.

Shit. She must have caught something from a co-worker or someone else on the way home. Now what was she supposed to do? The blonde thought about her options until she hit upon an idea. …Maybe she could pretend nothing was wrong. The last thing Sapphire wanted was to worry Ruby, after all. She could just get through the day like normal and ignore the obvious sickness. It would be easy.

Well, it should have been easy. Sapphire had barely started to get up from the bed she and Ruby shared before the tickling sensation in her throat got worse. Try as she might, Sapphire couldn’t keep herself from coughing. At the very least, though, she was able to cover her mouth before it got too bad. The coughing fit lasted a few solid moments before finally dying down, and she silently cursed herself. It would be a miracle if Ruby hadn’t heard that. But… Maybe she could still salvage this, she told herself. She hadn’t spoken at all yet, so she couldn’t confirm if her voice sounded any different, so maybe she could pass it off as just a random cough.

Everything seemed okay now, she told herself. Maybe Ruby wouldn’t ask. She could sneak out of the bedroom, get ready for work, and head out without Ruby being any wiser about the situation. That was Sapphire’s hope, anyway. The reality probably would be a lot different from what she was hoping for, though. She had to get moving before she could find out how different it actually would be. So in spite of the aches she felt and the more rational side of her telling her to stay put, Sapphire made her attempt proper at getting out of bed. This would go over fine, she told herself. Ruby wouldn’t notice…