looking for friends and possibly more if that happens. I love outer space, alternative rock, and writing. I’m kinda awkward when you first meet me, but I warm up. I’m just really hoping to meet some cool people.


Sun Ra - Love In Outer Space


Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Love In Outer Space (Alt. Take) - 

Rare Arkestra recording from the late 1960s, made in and around 42nd Street, New York, Planet Earth. Found on the now-out-of-print compilation ‘Out There A Minute’. An alternate take of this song appeared on the 1970 album 'Night of the Purple Moon’.


That feel when Steven Universe touches your heart and makes you cry and you have a heart overflowing with love for the tender-hearted bird mother.


My favorite version of this song…
Sun Ra, Love In Outer Space


A bit of Sun Ra in the morning makes everything good.

(Thanks to @phunkyphreshphoenix)  

Secret Admirer!Youngjae

[Secret Admirer!GOT7 5/7]

  • Awwwwww my precious cinnamon roll as a secret admirer
  • This would be the sweetest thing ever
  • Like how awkward and adorable he would be
  • Expect to be in your feels for this 
  • He would most likely do something secret admirer type thing when he is in school 
  • Sooo off to school you go
  • Honestly Youngjae most likely love and hates school
  • He loves the more creative type subject rather than the more number classes although he does love learning about outer space
  • Is really shy and doesn’t talk much if he doesn’t know people 
  • but he’s friends with like everyone in different groups but a majority of his friends belong to the school music programs.
  • Youngjae most likely won’t start talking to someone new unless
  •  1. that person talks to him first or
  •  2. he sees this person who shares a common interest with him.
  • The start of school is always the worst for him only because people have to talk to each other for the first few weeks of school
  • Likely with you, he saw that you were babbling on about a music video from some group/band
  • Needless to say you two started your friendship with the love of music
  • Your friendship really didn’t become a friendship until the beginning of winter 
  • Only because he was finally comfortable with hanging out/talking to you.
  • You just thought he was weird but he grew on you
  • Plus you had to protect him from anything and everything.
  • One time you decided to go to the park together after class and his idiot self almost fell into the pond that the park had but you grabbed him in time before he fell in.
  • Honestly Youngjae wouldn’t even realize he had feelings for you until someone pointed out how cute you two would be as a couple
  • He literally had to think about for days and would avoid you because he finally came to the conclusion he did like you.
  • He didn’t know if you had feelings so he had to think of a way to tell you or show you.
  • Literally this boy was all sorts of confused but determined as well.
  • Sooo he started out small 
  • Everyday the two of you would walk into class and see a muffin on your desk and a sticky note with a heart drawn on.
  • That went on for two weeks, and it made you happy because it was something to look forward to in the morning but also the muffin was delicious.
  • After two weeks you were still somewhat dense that it was from a secret admirer.
  • So when the muffins stopped you were completely baffled because did they actually mean something.
  • You were getting the picture now.
  • The next week there was a cd waiting on your desk when you entered the class room and well you couldn’t listen to it until you got home.
  • But you wouldn’t be home till later that day because you had plans with Youngjae after school.
  • Being the impatient person you are you needed to hear it now. It didn’t help that written on the cd was “Important Playlist”
  • You ditched you next class and went to the school’s library to hear the cd.
  • When you were listening to it, you were confused by it because all the songs on the cd, was all the songs you and Youngjae would talk about.
  • There was a tap on your shoulder and you turn to your right and see Youngjae just sitting there next you.
  • You just stared at him and gave him your “what?” face
  • that is when he gave you a muffin with a heart drawn on a sticky note.
  • Youngjae confessed after so long
  • “You know Youngjae you could have said ‘Hey Y/N I like your face let’s go out.’ and I would have said yes.”
  • He gave you a dead ass serious look and said “this is the last time I try to be cute with you.”
  • Needless to say he kept being cute with you for a really long time.