Made up my mind to make a new start, going To California with an aching in my heart.
Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.
—  Going to California // Led Zepplin
Ficlet Series: Wicked Witch of the West (Sociopath Bonnie AU/Bonkai role reversal) #3

(These are based on efush123’s BonKai role reversals part 1 and part 2)

Ficlet #3


Elena came to slowly, sound filtering in like a radio station being tuned.

“… not stand on the side-lines and cheer. Give me a good bat anyday. Oh, lovely, you’re awake.”

Her eyes opened, blinking to a very strange site: Bonnie Bennett in red and white cheerleading uniform, complete with pom-poms, hovering one foot over the ground and peering into what appeared to be the trophy stand. It was so surprising that it took her a few seconds to realize her own predicament: suspended by chains from the ceiling so high that the tips of her boots barely scraped the floor.

“What are you wearing?” Elena gasped.

Bonnie waved her pom-poms. “You like? It was the only thing I could find, after you burnt my dress.”

Elena smiled nastily.

Bonnie actually smirked back and floated back to the stand she had been inspecting. “No female teams that I can see. Or did y’all suck so much that there’s nothing to show for here?”

“I take it you were a baseball player in your time?” Elena asked drily, eyeing the bat on the floor that always seemed to accompany Bonnie. She tried discreetly to yank down on the chains, and swallowed a scream. Her wrists sizzled where they pulled on the unyielding metal.

“Nothing beats a good hard swing,” Bonnie replied, not even glancing away from the glass. “Or vervained spelled chains for holding a vampire.”

Elena glared.

“You were a cheerleader. Colour me shocked,” Bonnie continued, one hand gesturing at a picture on display and the other touching her chest in mock surprise. “Your football team wasn’t half bad. Mama mia, is that Matt Donovan? Someone clearly never had an awkward teenage phase. Oh and wow,” her voice suddenly softened and both hands came up to touch the glass and a broad smile lit up on her face. “There’s Kai!” She stared silently for some minutes.

“You looked so young. So carefree. So arrogant. Like if nothing bad could ever happen to you.”

Elena snorted. She wished. High school was the start of the horrors in her life. Her parents dying. The Salvatores coming into town. And everything that came after that.

She frowned at her own thoughts.

Bonnie turned from the pictures, the big smile still firmly in place, as she lowered herself to the ground. “So we’ll try boiling your blood again. I think I’ll get it right this time.”

“What?” Elena shouted.

“That’s why you passed out the first time. I mean, after you passed out when I snapped your neck with magic.”

“No. No!”

She might as well have been shouting at deaf ears. Bonnie bent as if she was about to drop a pom-pom then she laughed and raised them up. “No, this is much funner.” She lifted both pom-poms, crossing them over her head, and twirled. “Give me a Phaes” she jumped into a split “-mo-tos” she jumped into a spin “Ul” another split “cu-SO!” and a running cartwheel, landing into a split with both pom-poms pointing at Elena’s direction.

Nothing happened.

Elena just barely held back a scream of hysterical laughter as the thought crossed her head that if you ignored the fact that she was a homicidal sociopath, Bonnie might have made a good cheerleader.

Bonnie sighed, dropping her pom-poms. “Yeah, cheerleading is really not my thing. Phaesmotos ulcuso!” she repeated, her fingers curving in a tight arc at Elena.

This time, Elena wasn’t so lucky. She tried as much as she could not to, but in a few minutes, she was screaming.

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Kid was at the park waiting for Liz and Patti to arrive with the others. He went earlier than the others because a certain person comes through the park at this time of the morning. When the male heard footsteps, he quickly hid behind a tree. It was her. That girl. His face went bright red as he watched her walk past. God she was perfect. That long navy pink hair, those lovely turquoise eyes, her elegant fashion, and her token black and blue stockings. She was an image of beauty alright, (1/2)

and Death the Kid was hopelessly in love with her. (2/2) ((it was too long to fit it all in XP))

Stocking was alone, reading some manga she brought. taking small bites of pieces of candy she won in one of those gaming machines, she was lost in her own thoughts, bored and wanted something more exciting to happen in her life.

“totally boring…”