Bleh, I didn’t want to pour too much blood sweat and tears into making this (supposed to be) quick thing, but now that it’s done I just keep thinking ‘man, I could have done better.’ BUT aside from that, facial expressions are among my favorite things to draw, so I did enjoy that. In case people missed it, this is how I imagined Hanzo getting the bullet from this thing here. Soooo yeah, have some self-indulgent nonsense. >^>; 

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the netherlands is known for being a accepting country, but still, hate and violence occurs. recently, a gay couple was attacked on the street for holding hands. 

politicians and celebrities are now showing solidarity with the hashtag #allemannenhandinhand (allmenholdinghands). these are just a couple of photo’s. it’s great. (would be nice if they were to actually make laws to prevent this from happening though). i have to add, there are a lot of racists/islamophobes trying to make this about how the islam hates gays because the men who attacked the couple were morrocan. they are gross and you should not listen to gross racists.

D66 politician Alexander Pechtold / PvdA politician Lodewijk Asscher / radio presenters Coen & Sander / Actor Tygo Gernandt

anonymous asked:

May i ask where your icon is from? I really love the colors and would love to see the whole thing * v* (unless its yours and you dont wanna share it, i'll understand!)

It’s from my trash bin.

Some of my procrastination time I spend trying new painting techniques (I hate painting, but I keep insisting on it anyway) somewhere at the beginning of this semester I thought it was a good idea to try to paint digitally the way I do with acrylics, then I shat this:

Not what I would call a complete failure, but I don’t recommend looking at it for too long.