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Hello! Can I request a headcanon where MC composed a secret love poem for the lords and how they would react when they found out? Have a nice day!

you have a nice day too, anon :D

MC writing a love poem to the lords

  • Nobunaga will make her read it out loud. Slowly. There will be a lot of self-satisfied smirking.
  • Mitsuhide has a special diary about her that he writes in everyday. One love poem is nothing in comparison on the scale of embarrassment. Still, he is extremely touched and appreciative. They trade poems semi-regularly after that.
  • Who is more embarrassed, Yukimura or her? The world may never know.
  • Saizo already knew from the start. Nothing is a secret to him. He thinks it’s cute and a little amusing.
  • Masamune is so surprised that he swallows his tea wrongly and starts coughing like crazy. They’re both mortified.
  • Kojuro thinks it’s incredibly charming and suggests that they should read poetry together. He has some ideas about what she would enjoy.
  • Inuchiyo splutters. There is a lot of angry blushing and cursing and internal screaming because how is she so cute goddammit
  • Hideyoshi comes up with a poem for her on the spot because he’s as smooth as silk. Aha!
  • Ieyasu blushes and refuses to look her in the eye. She persists and presses him about it until he snaps and is like fine, if you’re so proud of it, then you can write me ten more. By tomorrow. (but he’s still blushing)
  • Mitsunari shows appreciation because he’s not a savage and she has clearly made an effort and that is worth something. Also, it’s cute and he’s flustered. He silences his inner literary critic.
  • Kenshin beams in pride and whips out a sheaf of poems dedicated to her. Checkmate.
  • Shingen is very pleased. He thinks it’s adorable. Not embarrassed at all. Asks if she would like a poem in return.
Hey guys

I honestly love dom and kat and find them cute but remember that they aren’t together and that kat is actually in a relationship. I do not say this as hate (I mean who hates in this fandom) I say it in love for our cast and I really don’t want them to become alienated with us. Let’s keep this at a civil sense. You can ship them but don’t Harass them (I don’t think anyone has but this is to make sure I doesn’t happen)

Guys I'm over it...

I am at a loss for words. The events over this last weekend brought to light a realization I think I needed to see. While, yes, things were said that could be construed as hurtful to some, the reaction to such words has just blown me away. They have made me realize that the SuperGirl fandom has way more issues than we previously thought (seriously?? Wanting to recast the ENTIRE show because they said something that YOU interpreted as hurtful?!). From that, I’ve realized that all I want to do anymore is just watch the show. I used to come on Tumblr to look at funny gifs, read amazing fan fics and debate over fan theories but, all this mess is just not good for my health anymore. I can’t take the negativity nor the darkness in which this fandom is headed to. Yes, I will still love and support the cast of Supergirl, but only by watching the show. I will check tumblr every once in a while but I am not going to try and be an active on this site like I used to.

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Just found your podcast and I'm confused! It seems you hate the show and only love O'Brien and Sterek which I don't think was ever a legitimate ship. Also find the presuming of everyone's thoughts ala Comic-Con recap a bit strange. Seem really adamant that O'Brien only wants to do movies, which I don't get because all the movies he's in are really forgettable. I love this cast and even though the show peaked in S3, I still enjoy it. Just don't get the seemingly force watching?!

Not sure why you bothered asking just to passive aggressively throw barbs. If you don’t get it that’s your business. Feel free to mind that and I’ll mind mine. 

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Loving that Flash and Legends cast have been posting pics after- comic con together, yet you see nothing with SG cast. Maybe it's just coincidence. but after Keiynan's story after that happened, I have a feeling. And I hope I'm right.

might just be the fact supergirl sucks at promo lbr

Nightmare Love



Dear Blue.

My love, I cherish every moment that I have with you. I never thought in a thousand millennia that I would find myself in your tender arms.

Your love keeps me going through the toughest of nights, you’ve made me feel so many wonderful new things. Each and every new experience is a blessing because of you.

My love, I am grateful to have you in my life. Your smiles brings light to my dark world, your beautiful lilac eyes bring me joy and your kisses send shivers up my spine.

Without you, my love, I would be lost. I would still rule over this house like I always do but if you were not there by my side, it would not be the same. I would feel incomplete, that is how much I love you.

Blue, my beautiful mouse, if you see this letter then just know this. I will always love you, my heart belongs to you. I will kill anyone who tries to hurt you and I will give you comfort when you need it.

I love you, so very much. Thank you for being in my life and I hope that no matter what, we are always together.

Yours always,
Nightmare x

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OK OK HEAR ME OUT- wouldn't Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery make a pretty awesome Simon and Baz?? Ok bye

they don´t look like I imagine them at allll, sorry, haha! :DD I´m guessing Charlie Heaton is supposed to be Baz and Joe Keery is Simon? Charlie is definitely too white for my tastes and Joe looks like the “my daddy is a lawyer”-type. Not saying that that´s how he really is, I really liked his performance in Stranger Things, but the Simon in my head looks COMPLETELY different :DD But you´re obviously allowed to imagine them however you want dear! I love hearing casting suggestions like this so thank you so much! :D <3