Let's play Cast Calculus with Boueibu

Been meaning to write this up for a while, and now like magic here it is.

There’s two triangles within the main eight cast members of Boueibu, one consisting of the third years minus Arima and one consisting of the second years. These could be summed up as a conquest club member, a defense club member the ccm has some interest in and a dcm they hate, with the two defense club members being close friends.

The third year triangle, which got the most attention during the show: Kinshiro is upset over his broken friendship with Atsushi and hates En for getting between them.

The second year triangle was explored less, but is definitely also there. Akoya hates Ryuu because of their rivalry over the pretty boy contests (though we don’t know how that started) and seems to have some sort of crush on Io (judging by one brief scene in episode seven and one piece of official art; it’s honestly hard to tell what we’re supposed to make of this).

Throughout the show there’s a string of plots and scenes that mirror each other using these triangles…

Episodes six and eight have similar plots, where a conquest club plot results in one of the defense club pairs falling out, with one of them leaving the group only to come back and rescue the other later… Io saves Ryuu in 6, En saves Atsushi in 8. Both end with the one doing the saving giving the other a hand up, showing that their friendship was repaired.
The defense club members are kind of swapped around in these, but that probably doesn’t really matter.

In episode seven, both sets of characters end up doing the same thing in the same scene. En runs into Kinshiro and knocks him over, and Atsushi offers him a hand up which he refuses. Ryuu runs into Akoya and knocks him over, Io offers him a hand up which he ignores.

This all builds up to the scene in episode 12 that brings Atsushi and Kinshiro back together: Atsushi saves Kinshiro from some falling rubble and offers Kinshiro a hand up… and this time, he accepts.

This leaves us with one take-my-hand attempt that has yet to go though: Io and Akoya. … Okay, I’m totally biased in wanting to see that happen, but c'mon, I just proved it has to, like, mathematically. I predicted the Atsushi and Kinshiro scene, right? I’m totally right, guys.
Though it’s worth noting they don’t have a friendship to repair like the others, at least as far as we know.

More minor things:

- The guys’ blood types follow a similar pattern: Atsushi and Kinshiro are A while En is B; Ryuu and Akoya are B while Io is A. Again the defense club members are swapped around within the triangles compared to the other scenarios.
- There’s a small trend of things featuring the third year triangle later getting an equivalent with the second years- the umbrella posters and the visual novel side-chapters (don’t have links to the first one on hand, but it had Atsushi and En going to a cafe or somewhere and running into Kinshiro).
- The second years all have a fixation on something as their main character trait: Ryuu has girls and dating, Io has money and Akoya has beauty. You could say this applies to some of the other characters, but I feel like it stands out the most on these three.

The two characters left over, Yumoto and Arima, seem to have been intended to be some sort of pair, but since they barely interacted I can’t really say much. Yumoto is the only O blood type in the cast and Arima is the only AB, and their names share a kanji.

So what does any of this mean? I don’t fucking know, go ask Ida.

Calling at fellow swens, OQ and CS that are attending SDCC!!!

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