“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”

When George first screamed at his beloved wife Denise until he was red in the face, he never apologized. Eventually Denise learned to scream back.

When Denise’s palm left a plum coloured mark on her darling son Billy’s face, she never apologized. She handed him a bag of frozen peas and told him to tell his teacher he got hurt at baseball.

When Billy’s best girl got smart with him, he left a series of dark fingerprints on her left arm. They never talked about it ever again and they got married after high school.

Years after Billy’s beautiful little girl Sarah went to the hospital with a broken wrist from a bike accident that never really happened, she sat in a therapist’s office and unconsciously ran her fingers over the long-healed break.

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”, she hollowly recited, and the therapist listened.

When Sarah went home to her son Jack and snapped at him when he asked for chicken nuggets too many times, she apologized and sat him down. Sarah told him about George and Denise and Billy and his best girl and all about what love is really about.

She told him that real love means saying thank you and I’m sorry. She told him about being vulnerable and honest and kind and gentle, and then they toasted the future with a bowl of chicken nuggets.

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“I’m so… so sorry, Happy.”

“For what?  You didn’t do anything.  I’m just not pregnant, that’s all.”

It had taken some doing, but Toby managed to talk Happy into going home with him.  He thanked his lucky stars that Walter’s citizenship came through.  This evening was going to be painful enough without the added awkwardness of spending it in Walter’s loft - with Walter in the next room, pretending to sleep.  

Instead, they were seated together on Toby’s old couch, sharing a couple of beers.  Happy made a point of stressing that she was allowed to drink beer now.  Salt in the wound.  

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“Love Story” theme song.

"Love means never having to say you're sorry."

“Probably because love is sincerely given. It’s because you know each other’s sincerity, so you don’t need to say sorry.”

Of course, in relationships, it’s a given that there will be fights and misunderstandings. From a certain drama series, it talks about love not having to say sorry. When you really love a person, everything you feel for that person is sincere. So once those misunderstandings would arise, you know that your partner is sincere just by looking into their eyes. No need for those “I’m sorry.” :)