i could drown / at the sadness / in your eyes / the sky is hung up / a perfect marriage / of blackness / and diamond lights / faces that appear / in the shower curtain / at 7:35 a.m. / I’m gonna be late / to work / over thinking that this could be / some sort of cosmic sign / but my lips / land on yours / plush strawberry pillars of youth / all we are is a dream / of a man who created us / in His image / a billion lives he lived / but / what does any of this / have to do with you? /

The tears that fall
from your dark eyes
form diamonds
that I cut from the sky
and you think you
aren’t beautiful
but even the sun has to hide

I see things
that aren’t there
thinking I might have been
the reason that you cry
and a piece of my soul dies
thinking I might have been the reason
for the sadness you wear in your
beautiful eyes

when my lips
land on your strawberry
sideways fallen pillars
that used to hold up
that palace of your smile
i hope love is enough
to make you feel like a Queen

if we are made
in the image of the heavens
you must have been the poster child
because you are
what I think of when I see diamonds
in the sky

your tears fell
with mascara
into a pool of blackness
your sleepy smile
when ‘i’ll be back
in a little while’
is the moon coming out
to shine for the night
making all those tears you cried
harden into diamonds
and my love for you
is the night sky.

—  Letter for my Queen CXVIII. (A Queen in the Sky with Diamonds.)
I can see myself loving you for the rest of my life, and it scares me because you could either be a blessing or a lesson.

-but I’m hoping that you are a blessing. Please be my blessing.


I think that if we had met under the right circumstances, we would’ve been perfect for each other. But life doesn’t work that way, and I’m always a little too late.

-We could’ve written a love story for the ages.


It was never just because she was pretty, it was so much more than that. It’s the way her heart beat for everyone, even the people who hurt her. It’s the way she had her secrets and you just wanted to know them all. It’s the way her mind is an adventure I can’t get enough of. It’s the way she makes me want to be a better person. It’s the way her smile could light up a room. And her eyes, oh, her eyes.
—  IG: @rachelmburgess
The worst part is, I miss you and I can’t even tell you or do anything about it.

-And all I want to do…. Is to stop missing you.