Love? Love is…incredibly difficult. I can write ten thousand words and paint a million pictures, but that could never capture what love really is. Love isn’t its own entity. It can’t exist just by itself. Love is a parasite. It can only live on in people, places, sounds, smells, and anything else you can imagine. The very essence of love cannot be contained in only four letters, yet we continue to downplay its power.

Love isn’t only happiness and tranquility, romance and adventure. It’s fear. Love is anger, and frustration. It’s exhaustion, and passion and ecstasy. Love is like stepping into the intersection of a wildfire and a hurricane. But just like being tossed out into an element that you can’t control, Love is terrifying. Because just like an unpredictable storm- it can’t be controlled. We take comfort in power, people are at rest when they control all the variables. That’s why love is risky. It’s a gamble, and you can’t always win. But unlike gambling, Love isn’t definite in whether you’ve won or lost. Losing love is like winning the lottery, and being hit by a bus on your way home. It’s like winning a game of Russian Roulette, and dying of an aneurysm two hours later.

Love is the most beautiful, intense thing that we as human beings can experience. However, it’s also one of the most cruel and ruthless elements in our world. Not only romance, but love in all respects. We have to face the terrifying reality that it will not last forever, no matter how perfect it is. So please, for the love of God, when you find your love, whether it’s in a rescue dog, visiting your parents, or waking up next to someone to call your own; cherish it. Don’t take it for granted. Because all too soon, it will be gone. And you’ll have so much love left over, and nothing to give it to.

Don’t waste one of the most rare, and purest elements that exists on this planet.

—  rise-aqainst 
You told me you wanted me and I didn’t feel it in my bones and that’s when it should’ve stopped. Because I didn’t want to be wanted, I wanted to be loved, and hugged, and kissed, and held. And I thought it was the same back then. I should’ve stopped seeing you, should’ve untangled our fingers, should’ve stopped breathing the same air, should’ve stopped listening to the beat of your heart, thinking it beat for me. Because a month later, you said you couldn’t do this anymore. And what you meant to say was “I don’t want you anymore”. I should’ve realised sooner that love was just a word with four letters to you, four letters strung together that had lost their meaning a long time ago. I would’ve been sad for you, if I hadn’t been this busy being sad for myself. I’m so sorry you can’t let yourself fall in love. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be what you wanted in the end.
—  I’m so sorry you’re too scared to give your heart away
Fave Kylo Ren x Reader Fics (in no order)

1. Abtruseness by dilatory: Just really good writing and characterization, it’s HILARIOUS and sassy and fun.

2. Such Kylo Trash by ElmiDol: I LOVE KYLO JERKING OFF and there’s so much of it in this fic. And the progression of the relationship is really well done in this fic, too. The reader is an interesting, different character.

3. Love is a Four Letter Word by Korpuskat aka @satans-codpiece: This is just amazing writing and amazing smut wrapped into one long delicious package and I love it.

4. Safe. by Fidele: Everytime I read this fic I get furious I am not this talented and creative. The characterization of Kylo is FLAWLESS, the writing is just… god. Like I said, it’s so good it pisses me off. It’s a one-shot that has changed my life.

5. kiss land by @kurochrome: Another person with irritatingly fantastic writing, all of their Kylo one-shots are good but this is the first one I read and it’s my fave.

6. Not a Ghost by Fluorescentx: This fic is short but sweet–the writing is clean and quick–they keep you interested and the relationship between Kylo and the reader is SO CLEAR. I love it. Another fic that changed my life

7. Punishment by @fuckingkyloren: I’m convinced this person is the only person who should be allowed to write sub!Kylo. I FUCKING LOVE THIS FIC. I’ve read it probably 50 times.

* ( ; verse names masterlist of ideas !

out of personal necessity, i’ve decided to randomly collect a ton of possible verse names for future ships of mine. most of these are from random songs by various artists, but some might be popular phrases/quotes or products of my imagination, and they are in alpahbetic order. feel free to take whichever your want, but please like/reblog if you found this helpful. there are currently 123 names on this list. 

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You never really understand the concept of love until it’s placed in your hands for you to care for. To nurture. Not until it smacks you in the face and leaves you starstruck, do you realize how powerful it really is, and only then does it become something more than a four-lettered word. And when you finally pick yourself up off the ground from the fall, you’ll realize that the fall wasn’t so bad after all. From that moment on, you’ll notice that colors are brighter, and music is softer, and life just makes a little more sense. You’ll realize that your heart does beat for a reason, and that reason is love… Love is the only thing that can make you feel whole and empty at the same time. You feel empty because you’ve given your heart to someone, but at the same time, whole because someone has given you theirs to fill the space. And yes, you can choose to run from it, because it can get scary at times, but when you get where you’re going, it might not be where you want to go after all. And when you decide to turn around, love might not still be there waiting. So when it does knock you off your feet, catch your breath, wipe the dirt off your shoes, and run with it. Because it’s the scariest, the worst, the best, and the most amazing thing you’ll ever feel in your entire life.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes
Home has never been four walls filled with furniture for me. It’s a familiar place where I can lay my head at night. Home is in your arms tonight.
—  Home is where the heart is, and my heart is always with you.

And I know it’s just a word,
and actions speak louder than any string of letters,
but god, how I would have loved to hear that single syllable on your lips.
How I would have loved to hear you give words meaning.
—  H.L. // four letter word

I say ‘I love you’, and I do. But what is ‘love’? It’s just a word. An intangible, one-thousand-year-old, four-lettered symbol. A symbol used in billions of different situations by billions of different people, and even apes (the few who know sign language, anyway). A sweet nothing, whispered across centuries.

Is love just a biological bubbling? An evolutionary device tailored to ensure the continuation of the species? Or is it a marketing tool - fodder for blockbusters and pop songs? The commodification of love has us judging our relationships against onscreen romances and earworm chord progressions. But it must be more than that.

Maybe love is defined by its sheer undefinability. Or maybe love is divinity, connection, concordia. Or a leap across an abyss. Or the poetry of parallel bodies. Or someone who jostles you out of the fog, who attunes you to the present moment, who unmasks you. Whatever ‘love’ is, it’ll exist long after us. When we floated the Voyager probe out into the eternity of space, hoping to contact extraterrestrial life, aboard it was a recording of author Ann Druyan’s brainwaves as she thought about, among other things, what it is to fall in love. Well, whatever it is, I feel it for you.


Benedict Smith, Letter #4

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