Love does not have to be with another person. And it does not have to be beautiful. You can love that leather jacket hanging in your closet that your aunt bought you for your 14th birthday. You can love the summer breeze and the subtle smell of flowers it brings when it pushes your hair back. You can love the feel of the soft cotton of your favorite tshirt. You can love the way lights reflect off of almost everything. And you can love that boy in math class and never talk to him. Because love is never the same for anyone. The girl in chemistry class loves her boyfriend like the sea loves the soft rolling waves. Your mom loves you the way the world loves the universe. Love can be messy and it can be hard but it’s original and unique to each person. And that is what makes love beautiful.
—  harry17blaxk 
The Mighty Queer Beloved

Light a candle, shout their names, party in their spirit, and celebrate their lives,

Celebrate the queer folk who came before, who’s blood sweat and tears got us where we are. Mourn those who died for their beliefs, their identity, their love, and their perfectly beautiful selves. 

Light a candle for your queer ancestors, Who are not bound to you by blood but by spirit. The very modern day saints and heroes who names ring out in our communities. Who inspired hope, and fought for our generation.

May they never be forgotten may their sacrifices be remembered, and may thir names for ever been celebrated. 

All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:18-19

From the Letter From God Series

Brightshine Thoughts

The Good

  • Honestly we are so spoiled for black and gold this festival and I’m loving every second of it. Thank you, staff, for embracing this as Light’s new aesthetic and catering specifically to me. 
  • The Spirit of Light is amazing. I thought we were getting more humanoid impy/spritey things from the name and preview and that would have been cool because I’ve been loving those BUT IT GOT EVEN BETTER. I love the mask and the concept and the flowy art and the colors and that beautiful gradient. I hope every flight’s spirit is based on a different animal, that would be so cool. 
  • I love almost every skin. I think they really hit it out of the park this year with the selections. 
  • I was especially hoping Solar Protection and Forgotten Child would win, and they did!
  • I really like the changes to Joxar’s box to make the recolors more accessible, especially being able to brew a prismatic coin. (And thank you staff for not making the prismatic coin recipe include grey or copper materials, now if you could juuuust replace the green ones with a different color it would be perfect.)

The Salt

  • Lightly Seasoned: The Dawn Chaser skin looks really weirdly familiar to me. I could have sworn we have almost this exact concept in existence already, maybe on another breed or something? Does anyone else know what skin I’m talking about or am I just imagining it?
  • Lightly Seasoned: I’m a little disappointed that we got a full set of sprite recolors right off the bat, but only 6 apparel recolors. The selection of items offered seems weirdly random to me, since it’s a mix of apparel from the first festival cycle and the second festival cycle, and I can’t figure out the logic behind the choices. I wish they’d tell us why these particular six were selected as the first apparel recolors out of the gate. It would make more sense to me if they started with all the first cycle apparel items and worked their way towards the newest ones.   
  • Just a Dash: I’ve basically given up on ever being able to profit from any past festival items ever again. But what the hell, the economy’s already borked, and I love the recolors, so I might as well keep on not being able to make money but with more cool things. I for one welcome our new accent making overlords, who will continue to be the only people on the site who can make money because they will continue to be the only people on the site selling items which are in high demand and limited supply. 
  • Already Horses Are Gathering To Lick This Post: Another FUCKING year of vistas as the 3rd item, HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH? We had our year of vistas and it was plenty of vistas and now we don’t need any more vistas. I want my apparel back. What about those elemental collars or banners, huh.
  • Dead Sea Levels of Salinity:

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I really love @danandphilexe @spicydanhowell @mostlyphil @fairy-light-phantasy @illuminati-dan @gleephil @griffphandor @wholewheathowell @philoquence @total-phan-trash @heccphil @emotionanalphil

@danandphilexe @spicydanhowell @mostlyphil @fairy-light-phantasy @illuminati-dan @gleephil @griffphandor @wholewheathowell (i rlly laughed at wholewheathowell i fuckin lov that url) @philoquence @total-phan-trash @heccphil @emotionanalphil !!!

OSRR: 1049

so after a full and productive day yesterday, i went to church today and i actually felt something for the first time in months. like, it’s been so long since i felt inspiration to do good things while at church, that i totally forgot it was a thing. usually it’s been anxiety and self-loathing that i’ve been feeling, so this, feeling welcome and loved and open to light and knowledge, was so unexpected that it made my day. it was really wonderful.

Jinsoul - “Singing in the Rain” Lyrics (Kor/Rom/Eng)


점점 더 깊어지는 밤의 노래는
나도 멈출 수 없어 Out of Control
어디부터가 시작인지 모른대도
밤을 물들여 Yeah

소리를 따라 따라 달려가는 너와 나 (뒤따라가)
깊이 깊이 깊어져 가는 비밀 (빠져들어)
비에 젖어 젖어 가는 공기에 (짙어져 가)
Hey 짙어져 가 너와 나의 모든 게 다

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