álmaim [ˈaːlmɑim] – my dreams
almáim [ˈɑlmaːim] – my apples
almaim [ˈɑlmɑim] – my litters

álom [ˈaːlom] – dream
alom [ˈɑlom] – litter; bed of straw (for animals)
alma [ˈɑlmɑ]
1) apple
2) his/her/its litter

a macska alma [ˈɑ mɑtʃkɑ ɑlmɑ] – the cat’s litter
macskaalom [ˈmɑtʃkɑɑlom] – cat litter

the signs as voltron conspiracy theories

aries: keith is part galra

taurus: alfor was the former yellow paladin

gemini: lance will die but his brain will be uploaded into the blue lion

cancer: the blue glowy mask guy from the s2 trailer is matt holt

leo: thace is keith’s dad

virgo: allura was the former blue paladin

libra: shiro has some kind of microchip that allows the galra to track/control him

scorpio: thace is alfor in disguise (couldn’t find a link to this one but i’ve seen it, lol)

sagittarius: the garrison works for the galra (also couldn’t find a link for this one––the garrison is probably covering it up)

capricorn: haggar is allura’s mom

aquarius: the linda holt conspiracy

pisces: shiro will die (and/or get captured again) and allura will become the black paladin