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So anyway Steve Rogers is a little shit who uses dry humour and wit to the point where you aren’t even aware you’ve been completely and utterly undermined until three hours later when the conversation is replayed in your head and makes you contemplate your Entire Existence because you realise you just got Utterly Fucked Over by Captain America and didn’t even know about it.

1000 Follower Special. 1000 characters (probably) of prompts!

“Wait for me!”

“ I loved her way before you”

“I didn’t realise there would be this much blood!”

“Help them first!”

“It’s just a bullet wound”

“It’s been a bad day”

“I hate you, too”

“We won’t surrender”

“Let me kill it!”


“ I have more weapons”

“ How do we send that in a sealed envelope?”

“Yeah being killed would really mess up my schedule”

“ Oh mortal enemy, I love you!”

“I Just wanted to be normal”

“There’s darkness all around me, it found it’s way inside, too”

“Don’t Do this!”

“I’m not sacrificing him.”

“Don’t move”

“ Could you stop ruining out plans for three seconds”

“Thank you, but also f*** you”

“ Do you know how stessful being leader is?”

“Please stop,”

“I miss them.”

“I’m going to kill someone.”

“ It wasn’t an accident, I swear!”

“Listen to me, I’m smart”

“Four people are dead because of you. That’s three too many”

“Leave my life.”

“Your family…”

“If you do this, you can’t stop.”

“Don’t apologise. I should”

“One word, please!”


lgbt solidarity is this old lesbian not only getting me the $$$ pet/housesitting job w/ her neighbor but also letting me use her own apartment while my gf is here for a week before we go to florida.. thanks cynthia!


It’s rainy? No. It’s sunny. Because the sun Minhyuk is here!!!

This guy is such a positive sweetheart. Everyone needs a Minhyuk in their life! He’s so bright, energetic and funny and his smile is just so pure!

But sometimes his confidence falters–especially when there’s a lot of pressure on him; he is so tough on himself when he’s given the chance to MC! When he messed up that one time and he was so upset :( Poor baby. And sometimes he’s super anxious and worried about if a broadcast is going well. Like when he was sick during the 4th Episode of X-ray and felt bad in case he was jeopardizing the show!

These moments are when I love Minhyuk the most. Because I feel like he worked really hard to become the lovable, bright sun we know today. Wonho said he used to be really shy and he used to mumble a lot but he’s become such a confident and reliable person (and the member that just won’t stop talking hahaha!) So I really look up to and admire him for this.

Of course, I mean reliable in the sense where his presence alone makes the room brighter and warmer! I believe that all the members feel better when they’re around Minhyuk because his personality is just so relaxing and unapologetic. He just does and says what he wants and is having a great time–he eats what he wants as much as he wants, plays video games, is the most tech-savvy member (so relatable keke)! His laid-back personality is really reassuring to Monbebe, too.

He himself is the entertainment.

We all know how wild and silly he is hahaha! That face!

His sister-in-law performance made history. He is a comedic genius.

And then he took it to the next level in season 2 where he tried to con and play the members like a criminal mastermind. When he stole Rice Soup’s onion, I friggin died. And his mastery inspired his partner, Changkyun to betray him in the end. It was just so hilarious and it wouldn’t have been the same without Minhyuk!

I love when he’s the only one on screen and he shares so many things with us! Like just telling us about his red vinegar drink or giving advice about riding airplanes or giving us song suggestions.

I especially love his vlive where he’s sharing all his art with Monbebe! Such a talented sweetie!

This adorable picture of the members as their animals with the hyungs on the outside protecting Monsta X! Aaahh! So cute!

And when he was working so hard on the calligraphy to be the backdrop of his performance!!!

He is such a hard worker like all of Monsta X; they practice and practice–even just for ONE performance! I can only imagine how disappointing it is to accidentally mess up after so much effort was put in!

His voice is super sweet~ and I live for his harmonizing! I personally thought all his performances on No Mercy were on point (even though the judges said his pitch was bad). 

And his voice in his “Bad Girl Good Girl” performance was amazing!!! I loved hearing him sing more lines! Whoo! Go Minhyuk! And those ears are flippin adorable.

When I heard Shine Forever for the first time and heard that line where he sings after Kihyun’s “Shiiine Forevah!” Oh my goodness I was just like “Is that my boy, Minhyuk!? Is that Minhyuk totally owning that line!? Oh my god!!!” I love that part in the song!!! (And the dance!!!)

Let me also talk about his modeling skills! So creative, artistic, and beautiful! He totally works his cheekbones and angles! I can tell he always tries new things–new poses and new facial expressions!

Speaking of trying new things, I think it’s amazing how he’s the member that has gone through the most intense hair color changes. And he said it’s just because he wants to try it out. So cute~ and he works every single color, too.

He’s so good at acting!!! His facial expression in these scene–my heart.

His acting in the “All in” music video…

He’s an honest guy that isn’t afraid to be affectionate towards his members via compliments or hugs and touching (especially towards Joohoney~)

Ok, I’ll end it here! As usual, this was super long…But that video Monsta X recently released was so preciously adorable! How they kept hugging him~ and how they brought him a cake! Oh my goodness my heart!!! My precious babies!!!

Happy Birthday, Minhyuk my sunny puppy!!!


Okake quick explanation…

One of my favorite posts made by Nekophy was the one about the stars, how all our art is special in its own unique way, how we share the same passion with other people, how we are NOT ALONE.

This was one of many things that inspired me to start drawing again, so it has always held a special place in my heart.

Fast forward a couple of months and my 10th grade student government group is brainstorming ideas for our grades school banner. We choose the theme “Ignite”. Well, when I thought of “Ignite”, I thought of stars. That made me remember the post Nekophy made about the stars.

After some redesigning, my group turned the stars into fireworks, but they kept the encouraging people.

My drawing (that was based off of Nekophy’s) was then sent to a “professional artist”. I just had another meeting today and our counselor showed us the final result!

Anyway, my point is… Thank you for being such an amazing and kind artist Nekophy. Know that a banner based off of your drawing will be seen by hundreds of students. Stay awesome! ^-^

Picture #1- Art by @nekophy
Picture #2- 1st version scanned/Art by me
Picture #3- Final version/Art by me
Picture #4- Final version scanned/Art by me
Picture #5- Official version/Unknown

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HC that eponine and cosette and enjolras and grantaire go on double dates. and the waiters always assume that eponine and grantaire are together and enjolras and cosette are together and they all kind of laugh and its beautiful and pure and they all become best friends and they buy two houses next to each other and when ep and cosette decide to adopt a kid, enjy and R come over to babysit all the time and the kids love them and nobody dies and its fluff-central :)

oh my god yes! They take ultimate glee in saying “and my girlfriend  will have” and “my boyfriend will have” just to see the waiters’ faces drop in confusion and embarrassment. Enjolras does it for social justice reasons…. Eponine and R just really like fucking with people

Enj and R are the godparents lbr and they spoil the kid rotten . Eponine keeps chastising them but Cosette just shushes her and gives her another cupcake as they watch their kid eat their third chocolate biscuit in an hour.

Thank you for the ask I love receiving them! you are a sweetheart!

Interrupted Birthday [Keith x Reader]

A/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINA (@jxsontxdds)!!!!!!!! I hope you love this little present for you!!! Of course it’s Keef!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! LOVE YOU!!!! ❤️😘🎉🎊🎂🍰

Living in space made some things hard, especially so far away from Earth. One of those things was keeping track of dates back home. If it weren’t for Pidge and the castle’s high tech advancements, it would be a wonder if Keith kept track of dates and times back on Earth. But thankfully, he’s been able too. So he remembered that today is your birthday! Oh how he’d been secretly planning for today. You and Keith have been a thing since he left, or was kicked out, of the Garrison. You kept him somewhat in touch with society after he decided to move into a shack, in the desert, alone. It’s a good thing this boy has you. And he knows it.

That is just one of the reasons he wanted to give you something special for your birthday. He talked to Hunk about helping him make a cake, Pidge about what to get you as a gift since you were good friends with her as well. But Keith isn’t exactly ‘romantic.’ So, he was kind of blind for what to do in that sense. He thought about going to Shiro, but he couldn’t even remember when he last had a date. On Earth before Kerberos he was focused on training and studying and after that they got in to this mess. There was one person he knows has knowledge of the subject, but boy was he dreading going to Lance.

Nonetheless he ended up going to him, and Lance as suspected teased him. Though when Keith was fed up and turned to leave Lance stopped him and gave him some actual advice on what to do. His advice was to have a small picnic in the observatory.

Keith had everything set up and ready, he wasn’t even positive if you knew it was your birthday. He was walking up to your door when all his plans got cut off by Allura’s voice blaring over the speakers. “PALADINS! ZARKON IS ATTACKING!” Right then the castle shook from an explosion. Immediately he turned around and ran toward the control room, eventually hearing your footsteps behind him. As soon as he got in the room he went straight to his lion, unable to even say anything to you.

Keith growled to himself as he flew into battle with the other paladins. Taking out a fleet of galra fighters on his own. You could hear him grumbling under his breath the entire time. “Keith, you okay?” Asking through an isolated signal, not wanting the other paladins to realize his more frustrated (than usual) behavior. “I’m fine, just wanted to do something today, because you know it’s a special one.” Your brows furrowed in confusion, “What’s special?” He sighed and let out a small chuckle “I’ll tell you later.” After that the comm switched back to their main comm system.

You just shook your head and went back to helping with the castle’s defenses. After what felt like hours, the paladins had defeated the fleet and returned back to the castle. However it lasted long enough to push Keith’s plans back far enough that it was past your birthday now on Earth. Keith was a bit disappointed that he missed your birthday due to the battle.

You tried to ask him what was wrong, but before he answered he looked over your shoulder to see Pidge tapping her watch and Lance and Hunk shooing him. Pidge mouthed ‘you still have time.’ Getting the message he grabbed your hand and pulled you throughout the castle. Dragging you behind him as he ran. “Keith? Where are we going?” You laughed, he didn’t even wait to get out of his armor.

All of a sudden you were pulled through the doors of the observatory. All the lights were out and the giant window displayed the stars. A small amount of light came from a few small candles placed around a blanket with a picnic basket atop it. A hand shot to cover your mouth. “Keith? What’s all this?” Looking over at him.

He looked at the ground a bit bashfully before taking your hand and pulling you closer to him. “Happy Birthday [F/n].” A large smile pulled at his lips. “My Birthday?” You began to laugh, you didn’t even remember. “How’d you keep track of the days? I didn’t even know.”

He tucked a piece of hair out of your face. “I had help.” You smiled and giggled, before looking around more. “I didn’t realize you were a romantic.” He looked around too and chuckled, “I had some help there to. Do you like it?” Nodding you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love it. Thank you.” He grinned before kissing you sweetly, “Anything for you. Happy Birthday.”
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“We’re straying from our actual discussion” he said, trying to return his face to a more serious expression.

“There is nothing to discuss.”

“I haven’t accepted your offer yet.”

Link blinked at him, incredulous- almost offended even, that Sidon dared to doubt his genius. “You haven’t accepted yet” he breathed.

“Dearest friend” Sidon started, “you always have the sweetest intentions in mind and I appreciate it-”


“–But we both have to agree that despite how intelligent you can be… you are too, very very impulsive.”

At that, Link choked, truly offended this time. “I have impulse control” he defended himself weakly.

“You accidentally triggered your heat some days ago because you got drunk and careless” Sidon argued. The smell that tickled his gills was still there to prove it.

“Yeah well” Link coughed.

“I saw you face a lizalfos with a mop, wearing nothing but your underwear on.”

Link raised a finger at that, to argue. “And I killed it.”

“Link,” Sidon said, trying not to laugh at his friend’s long, butthurt face. “If ten years of friendship had taught me anything, is that I am your impulse control.”

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What are Isak and Even doing right now ?? Love u Ceecee 💚

hi my love!!! ilym!!! and i assume you mean in the tmtts universe??

it’s morning in norway, so isak is very much still asleep because he didn’t get to sleep ‘till about six in the morning – three hours ago – so he’s got some pending texts from even which are all about even’s dreams of rescue dogs going missing and even having to be the one who finds them

and even is making breakfast for him and elias, since yousef’s gone to spend the weekend once again with his family — every time even tries to bring yousef up surreptitiously, elias quickly shuts him down. he doesn’t want to hear it. and he’s sure even doesn’t, either. even clenches his jaw every time and just continues to cook, allowing elias to change the subject.

later, when isak wakes up, even will suggest they go grab some kebabs and go people watching. they do that now – they’ll sit on a bench at a park or something, eating their kebabs, and will try to guess each person/couple/family’s background story. by “guess”, of course, i mean “make up”, and they both try to come up with the most outlandish stories to one-up the other, which only ends up with them doubled over in laughter and earns them concerned looks from the people walking past them