Love them too much


“Let’s go out to the island for the whole day. Just the three of us!”

“Sure. Beats trying to catch up on three years of school work. We can race around the island again. Maybe Sora will finally win and he can share a pa- mmpth!”


Seventeen is coming back on September 10th…and iKON is debuting on September 15th

shit why yall do this to my multifandomed heart i can’t handle these feelings

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My boyfriend broke up with me when i came out.... i don't know what to do...

You know what you do?

You find someone who loves you for who you are. You find someone who loves everything about you, every last detail.

You find someone who sees how beautiful you are and wakes up every morning thinking “Damn, I can’t believe I’m dating someone as perfect as them!”

You find someone who understands just how lucky they are to be with you, and lets you know everyday how much you mean to them.

Someone who doesn’t care that you’re asexual, because they love you too damn much to let that stop them from being with you. Because it’s worth making some sacrifices to be with you.

Because guess what? That’s what you deserve. Nothing less than that.

You’re perfect and I’m confident that things will get better for you, my lovely ace.

Stay strong.

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What are your favorite Taylor music videos?

WILDEST DREAMS IS SO PERFECT I THINK THAT IS MY FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO THE SCENERY IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND THE ANIMALS AND HER HAIR I just love how she’s going all out with the music videos this era. Her previous music videos were amazing, but look at blank space, bad blood and wildest dreams the production and effects in them is so amazing I CAN’T BELIEVE IT she really wants to make the best videos for us and it makes me so happy because I love music videos.

I also love mean because I love how she showed the bullied characters and then after the bridge they start to stand up for themselves.. also her hair at the end of the video looked so much like her hair at the end of wildest dreams!!!!

love story will always be one of my favorites too, and fifteen because I love how she experimented and made a video almost entirely using a green screen and just adding effects to it… I love the story of us too because I love the whole school setting. :)

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Scolia for the second one! \o/

Yeah yeah I know what you meant ;-)

  • when I started shipping it if I did: that was literally the moment when he turned her back from coyote to human - she was naked, cute and scared and he was Scott, so… you know
  • my thoughts: are that they’d be perfect for each other and their relationship would be balanced.
  • what makes me happy about them: everything! Okay, I’m just so into how loyal are they’re to each other
  • what makes me sad about them: that they’ll never get a chance
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: what fanfics (there is like five and I wrote two of them…)
  • things I look for in fanfic:  to actually exist (I think I have wrong ship for this meme)
  • who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: lmao, Stiles - both of them
  • my happily ever after for them: living somewhere near forest, the alpha couple, often visited by their friends and just living in peace after what they been through
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: they’re switching, but Malia is usually big spoon protective of her Alpha/boyfriend
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: tbh, I really think they’re really sporty? they go for a run, maybe some hiking, have a picknick and just chill

I just want to meet someone on tumblr who ships Gwen and Arthur as hard as I do. 

Like how 





these two 



I just started season 4 and I can’t handle them and how beautiful their love is… It’s too much for my little heart 

Thank you so much Topp Blogg for tagging me! This looks interesting. :D

1.List your favorite members from each other the following groups. Leave is blank if you don’t have one.

U Kiss: Dongho (from current members - Soohyun)

JYJ: Jaejoong

TVXQ: Yunho

2pm: Jun.K

Beast: Kikwang and Doojoon

4minute: Hyuna

Bigbang: Daesung and Taeyang

CNBLUE: Jonghyun

Mblaq: Thunder (from current members - Mir)

Seventeen: Jeonghan and Hansol

f(x): Amber

apink: Eunji and Naeun

AOA: Jimin

SNSD: Seohyun

Miss A: Jia

2ne1: Dara and CL

Winner: Seungyoon, Mino and Taehyun

Brown Eyed Girls: Gain

Wonder Girls: -

FTisland: Seunghyun

After School: UEE

T-ara: -

Teen Top: L.Joe

Boyfriend: Jeongmin and Hyunseong

Super Junior: Yesung

SHINee: Onew, Jonghyun and Taemin

Uniq: -

EXO: Chanyeol, D.O and Kai

BTS: Oh, I can’t decide, I just love them too much to choose! All 7! :D

Sistar: Hyorin

Girls Day: Minah

VIXX: All of them! :D

Mamamoo: Moonbyul and Solar

Block B: Zico and P.O

BtoB: Minhyuk, Changsub, Ilhoon and Sungjae

BAP: Yongguk and Daehyun

EXID: Hani and LE

C-Clown: Rome

Speed: -

Sonamoo: -

Topp Dogg: Yano

The Ark: Minju

B1A4: CNU and Baro

iKON: B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan and Junhoe

CLC: -

Hello Venus: -

Kara: Hara

Spica: -

Infinite: It’s my favourite group, listening them and being an crazy fangirl since their debut, so it’s been 5 years - still can’t decide which is my favourite! What the…? :D

Monsta X: I.M

Got7: JB

2. Favorite boy groups?: Infinite, VIXX, BTS, Winner, iKON, Beast

3. Favorite girl groups?: 2NE1, f(x), 4minute, Sistar, Kara, Girls Day

4. Favorite Soloists?: Ailee, Lee Hi, Se7en, Roy Kim, Jay Park, K.Will

5. Favorite songs right now?: Hyuna - 잘나가서 그래; VIXX LR - Beautiful Liar; Rap Monster - Do You; Black Nut, Microdot, Basick - My Zone; Big Bang - 쩔어; Infinite - Bad

6. Favorite kpop song ever?: Infinite - Be Mine

7. First kpop love (group and solo)?: U-Kiss and Ailee

8. First variety show: Running Man

9. Favorite variety show: Weekly Idol

10. Any dance you can do from an mv?: I’m not sure if I still remeber it for 100% but some years ago I knew the dance of Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over”

11. Songs you listen to everyday?: Don’t have particular songs I listen to everyday.

12: Any friends into kpop?: Yes, I’m lucky that my best friends are into kpop too. ^_^

13. Current favorite mv?: Epik High - Born Hater

14. Which groups do you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your kpop time?: Infinite, BTS, 2NE1

15. I tag sweetlikesugaaaaa namtaeyunn allkpopfunny kpopyousofunny


B.A.P and their adventures in the water ♥

you know what i want to see more of. TALLER FEMALE CHARACTERS. female characters who are above 5′5″. as much as i love height differences in ships & seeing little babs, i’m irritated that it’s EXTREMELY rare for me to see a female character over 5′5″.


i hate the idea that we are shrinking females to fit into this idea of femininity we have. because females are of all shapes & sizes, neither one is more feminine than the other. & it would be really awesome to see some females that are taller. okay? ok.