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me: okay just the one stevonnie that an anon belatedly requested just one more
me: alright li s te n,,,,,,, one mo r

stevonnie challenge / part 1 / part 2

all i want is more appreciation for wylan van eck bc that boy is a gift to this universe and he is not ever acknowledged enough for that

he deserves the world and more and he deserves his gay ass makeshift family and his boyfriend and his dad can go die in a hole bc if he ever touches my precious genius artistic demolition expert smol gay son again i will chop every single one of his fingers off, put them in a stew, and make him eat it

this has been a psa

one of the things i love the most in the Aqour Lives is how they’re slightly off from being unison? idk i find it endearing? like, it makes it feel much more realistic since they’re just beginning and haven’t had the time to practice enough so they can dance in perfect sync with each other

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30 and 31 with Laf please? HAPPY ENDONG I BEG YOU.-Alph

30. “It’s not what it looks like…”
31. “You lied to me.”

~~~(sorry fam but this is going to be pretty short)(i apologize)

It was no secret that Lafayette loved dogs. In fact he loved them a little too much. He had a bad habit of picking up random dogs off of the streets.

All of the sudden you got a text from Alex. 

Alex: Laf picked something off the street again just fyi

You groaned, and called Laf.

“Did you pick up another dog off the street?”you asked him before he could even say hi.

“Noofcoursenotwhatareyoutalkingabout?” He told you quickly.

“I’m coming home.” you told him, hanging up your phone.

As soon as you walked in the door you saw about ten dogs all over your apartment. 

“It’s not what it looks like…” Lafayette said quickly. 

“You lied to me.” you said, looking him dead in the eye. 

He hung his head in shame. You groaned again.

“You dog loving idiot.”

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