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My Pokémon Moon Team

I’m doing a rotation of 12 Pokémon for my first run of Moon. I assume the Exp. Share will be the same as it was in XY, so keeping 12 Pokémon evenly leveled shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

I separated them into a main team and a backup squad. Just in case anyone doesn’t want stuff spoiled, I’ll hide them behind this curtain:

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Am I the only one bothered by the writing on the cake Hagrid gave Harry in PS? Seriously? I mean, Hagrid might have spilled secrets like damn but he wasn’t stupid. He might have been a little bad at telling how dangerous magical creatures actually are but that’s because he loves them too much, and to him they aren’t really dangerous. But he wasn’t stupid. He was only kicked out of Hogwarts because of Aragorn. Nothing says he was a bad student. No, no, no. Do the guys behind that consider Hagrid stupid? That bothers me a lot. Thats some shitty mockery. Who considered Hagrid stupid? Let me see. Malfoy’s gang. Rita Skeeter. Umbridge. Who judged him based on nothing. He might have been a little careless, and a bit tactless when it came to some stuff, but Hagrid was never stupid. He’s know how to write “Happy Birthday Harry”, even if the cake wasn’t very tasty.


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I remembered to do this at a very nice time (coincidentally) 21:10 on 21st Oct <3 I love love love those pics of Namjoon that the fansite Love you too much put them together like that.
Hollywood Undead is my 8 year obsession and I can never get tired of their music, my fave albums are Notes from the Underground and Swan Songs. Day of the Dead and American Tragedy are, of course, really good too.

I’m glad I still save this selfie bc I think I looked ridiculously good in it like I still cannot believe that’s me… so don’t think I look like this all the time (i wish i would tho) ;;; It was a one time miracle…

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but it ok if you don’t do it ;;

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Hey! I'm the anon that's going to see them in November! Trust me when I say that I will tell them you said "HI!" I love you too much to not at least do this for you!! 💚💚💚 I WILL DO IT....DON'T REJECT THIS FROM ME!!! I WANNA DO IT AND I'LL DO IT REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU SAY!! (Fight me) jk jk Don't. I'm sensitive. 😅 But anyways us Canadian people gotta stick together!! 🇨🇦And don't worry! I'll tell you ALL OF THE GOOD DETAILS AFTERWARDS! 😏

OMG ANON ARE YOU FOR REAL NOW ASDFGHJKL 🙊🙊🙊 That dedication you have for me got me like 😢 You’re going to tell them I said hi ? 😱😱😱 I really mean it , please enjoy your time with got7 because it’s a rare opportunity that us Canadian fans get 😫😫😫 You’re so sweet and so kind 😣😣😣 Wheere can i find you? LIKE your message is making me want to hug you cause you’re so kind to me despite you knowing how creepy I can get lolll 😂😂😂 Enjoy your time and omg I live to hear about your interaction with GOT7 ❤❤❤DO NOT LEAVE ANY DETAIL LIKE BRUH. I NEED TO KNOW WHO I WILL SHIP YOU WITH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (OKAY I’m being extreme again lol sorry)

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“Despite the many critiques of modern “materialism,” we believe in nothing of the sort. The modern world holds to a false sentimentality. It is insufficiently materialist. Classical Christianity is the true materialism, revealing a dignity of the created order that never enters the sentiments of the modern mind. Our modern sin and failure is not found in loving material things too much – rather, we love them too little and in the wrong manner. We love our ideas about things and how we feel about things. Nothing is therefore loved for itself, but only for the sentiments that arise from its misuse.”

— Fr. Stephen Freeman


I just really like the idea of sans easing Toriel’s ‘first day teacher’ jitters. :)