I love the moments where I’m brushing my teeth in the mirror and I can see your reflection through it while you stand there talking to me in your boxers somehow distinguishing my slurred words as the brush runs through my teeth. Somehow moments like that light up my day when I see us together so vulnerable to one another.
—  A 60 day love letter

You’re gonna regret it.

That’s what people say when others get tattoos or gambles or buys a car worth more than their paycheck. No one says it about love. No one says it about people. No one said it about you.

But in retrospect, I dearly wish that someone had said it. You’re gonna regret it. You’re gonna regret it. You’re gonna regret it.

And they were right. I regret it. I regret you.

—  Regrets || -J.Kim.
Nothing is more exciting than tasting something for the first time. It’s raw and freeing. Like a breathe of fresh air after you’ve been drowning. You’re not sure how you would feel about it but you go for it anyways. From the first gulp, you’re intrigued. The sensation travels throughout your whole body, flooding the nerves in your brain, and along the tips of your toes. The feeling runs like a river deep inside of you until you can’t contain yourself anymore. You want more. You take another piece and suddenly, you’re addicted.
—  How falling in love feels

She wanted her hair to look like
Elsa from “frozen”
It was the first day of classes
At her new school
She wanted to make an impression

To me, she looked perfect
The way she is
Every morning I would say
“Good morning, beautiful”
But every time I do
She would do this frown
To show her disapproval
I would point her to the mirror
But all she saw was a beast

she comes home
From her first day of school
Her hair was tangled
Her knees are scraped
And her lip dawned a scar
Crying, she runs to me
With a the faintest whimper
“daddy, I told you so”

I sat her down as tears
Fell down my eyes and told her

“You are not what they think,
Your heart has ever been so full
Of joy that none can touch
Without your consent
You are made beautiful

And you can move mountains
Your hands are made to love
And you are already loved
So much and nothing
can ever change that
You will always
be a princess to me
But you have to be
A queen to yourself

It starts when you let it go"

Again towards the mirror
I point and told her
That in her rugged wounds
I still see beauty
Beauty than no one
can possess but her

I wanted her to see the sun
In her own eyes because it’s what
Makes me wake up every morning
I wanted her to know
That the way she looked
Was her heart on display
And that’s all that ever mattered

I told her she is beautiful
And I will tell her again and again
Because I love her so much

She is young and has a lot to learn
But she will grow up to be strong
It starts now
I know in my heart she will be
A queen of her own and in time
She will believe it too
And when that day comes
She will never again
Have to look in the mirror

She will already know

—  Mirror, mirror (you will always be a princess to me) // Pablo Verzosa
We loved with fire, and passion, like a falling star. It took the moment we hit the earth in that blinding, blazing crash and our love dashed against the rocks, for us to see that we burn to brightly for each other. We each deserve someone who will enhance our light. You see, that’s why the sun lights the day and the moon brightens the night, for if they bared their souls at the same time, they would blind us all.
—  A.O.A.M | Blinding
it seems that sometimes, no matter what you do or how hard you try you will never be good enough for someone. you can love them so much that you’re practically drowning them with affection but they will push you away like you are gravity and they can’t be centered. you can be the calmest of seas but they will be the rough current and the vicarious undertow. you can be the clearest of skies and they will be the sunshower that peaks out of nowhere–beautiful, yes, but it still ruins your plans. and it simply comes down to this: it won’t work. it won’t ever work. simply because it is not supposed to work. you are the lightning and they are the thunder. they work together but it is deadly.
—  you weren’t meant to be and that’s okay
It Has Come To This

She fears it’s
Nearly platonic
In the way that she
Speaks my name
In the night
Where we
Visit our bedrooms
And scavenge
The moon
In our thoughts

And stars
With our eyes
For a feeling

For a hint
Or glimmer
That’s real -

Of a faraway purpose
That’s desperate
And virgin
Like the time
We had known

And frequent
As the touch
We’d been missing

And fire
From the light
We had breached

By the torch
Of our gaze
In that basement
And the wielding
Of hearts
Like a match

As we swaddled
Our lies
In that fabric
And burned them
To find
What is real

In the shadow
Of loss
That you saved me

In the vestige
Of shrouds
Where you hid

And the lifting of veils
Just as willing
By the reason
And change
In your voice

To call me
As whole
In this “friendship”

To wither me
To its bone

And create me
In its instant

And write me
A life
With its prose.

How you ventured
And dared
To begin with

How I wandered
From lust
Into you

And bargained
This share
Of my feeling
For a poem
With meaning
That’s passed

In the blind
Of suspension

And hanging
In limbo
From time.

- J. Pigno

They tell me that I have an issue.
I can’t respond to a lover telling me that he loves me,
Without either grimacing, laughing uncontrollably, or not reacting.
I’m an ice queen, they say.
“She’s got intimacy problems.
Enjoys the mind-fuck game as much as a good fuck.”

It’s not that I don’t believe in love.
I’ve been on this earth long enough to contemplate—
Is love an illusion, or the air we breathe?
I’m an optimist, a dreamer, a romantic.
So why can’t I say the three words,
When I feel it pulsing through my blood?
Why can’t I breathe in the hushed whisper,
Almost like a daydream
(almost like a nightmare)
When a boy leans in (my heart races)
And says the words I’ll never say without discomfort?

Because love is something so profound and so untainted to me.
I can’t say the words because it weighs so heavily,
But flickers so daintily in the light.
Love isn’t describable, it can’t be communicated,
And I can’t express it in words.
I’ll never find the right words—
The right language—
To convey what it means to love for me.
I’m an optimist, a dreamer, a romantic.

“To be beside you is to be breathe easy.”
Sometimes I have a hard time breathing next to him,
And I can prove that with the gasping kisses we have
When we’re tousled drunk in his bedsheets.
“Your smile is like sunlight.”
Sometimes his smile is like moonlight,
Because it gives me direction and faith when the sky is dark,
And the night is cold.
“You’re my soulmate.”
I have nothing to say but that my soul is intact—
It is not a half to match,
But I will yearn to be by his side forever—
Every day, every second—
Even when I say I don’t
(because we all know that I can be dishonest with my feelings; beware)

Maybe I have an issue.
Maybe I’m too scared to let him love me.
Maybe I’m too scared to love someone.
But I know what love is,
I know what love feels like,
I’m just trying to find the right words to give the three words life.

—  rather than a cliched phrase that’s overused… (Claire V)
My love,
don’t worry,
my heart is
not possessive,
nor is it vindictive,
nor is it competitive.
It merely exists
to always be there for you,
whether you need it or not,
it is built to care for you.
forced to be passive,
it will always emit the
serene glow of
the moon.
Carrying the message
in a soft spoken
‘My love is true.’
—  Message from the moon, by M.A. Tempels © 2015
It hurts so much knowing I’m not good enough for you. That’s it. Knowing that you loved me, but not enough. You wanted me, but not enough. You needed me, but not enough. It hurts because it’s not enough. Because it was almost amazing. And you discovered every part of me and then decided you wanted to see more, something different. That’s what hurts.
—  Sarah el